Q6a. I Choose To Be A Veggie

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Ask a Question Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  The following is one such question.

Resa’s question was to be answered in two stages. Stage 1: Why are so many starving and suffering from natural disasters; i.e., drought or floods, while I get to eat all I want?

Stage 2: I even choose to be a veggie, and diet to keep my weight in check. It seems unfair.

This, Dear One, will be a difficult answer for you to accept; we know this is true, Dear Heart. Your choice to eat as you do is not to be applauded nor rebuked. We are all consciousness. Hear what we say, Dear Heart. We are all consciousness. Yes, Dear One; you and I and the multitude of beings upon the planet are consciousness.

This is to say, Dear Heart: You are a consciousness having an experience within the Fantasy of Earth. Our dearest is a consciousness having an experience within the Fantasy. Indeed, Dear Heart; all are a consciousness having a fantasy.

We repeat ourselves so that you, Dear Heart, will begin the process of acceptance; acceptance of ‘all’ within the Fantasy being a consciousness who has chosen a particular experience within the Fantasy. This is true for all the Fantasies we have created for our enjoyment; you appreciate. However, for now, it is the Fantasy of Earth of which we speak, Dear Heart.

All that you see are a consciousness; a consciousness who has willingly sought a particular experience. The animals, the trees, the planets, stars, etc., etc., are all consciousnesses that have chosen a particular experience resonating with their desires, fun and boredom solving.

You state, Dear Heart, that you choose to be a ‘veggie’. Indeed, Dear Heart, this is always choice. You choose, because of a set of beliefs, to act in a particular fashion. This is all well and good, Dear Heart; this is always a choice. We have no limitations, as such; though, we do have certain parameters about which we need to abide; else anarchy result. Your question, or statement, does not address that which is incorporate of our parameters. And what are they?

Our aim, over the coming centuries, is to enable all the Fantasy of becoming perfect. We shall not go further into this arena, Dear One; the writings are available for those who choose to read. However, perfection, in the Fantasy of being human, is now and will continue to be one of love and respect for each consciousness within the Fantasy.

We shall get to the chase quickly, Dear Heart. In the coming years there will be those who, as now, choose to be a part of the food chain. At the present moment many choosing this particular experience suffer needlessly. Their participation is not honoured, for the most part, you appreciate, Dear Heart. Their ‘death’ is cold blooded with little to no respect for their sacrifice. This is to change. Man shall indeed find more humane avenues of placing meat upon his table. Yes, Dear One; meat, for those who choose to eat is entirely appropriate; just as not eating meat is entirely appropriate for those who so choose.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart, Many Blessings

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© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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  1. Do I hear/understand correctly?
    To be eaten, vegetable or animal, as part of the food chain, is a choice within the earth fantasy.
    To be a star, a moon or a planet is a choice.
    To be human, flourishing or suffering is a choice.
    Humans are still trying/searching.experimenting to perfect the fantasy.

  2. To be eaten, vegetable or animal, as part of the food chain, is a choice within the earth fantasy.

    Indeed, yes, Dear Heart; this is an experience chosen by many consciousnesses.

    To be a star, a moon or a planet is a choice.

    Once again, Dear One, your summation is correct.

    To be human, flourishing or suffering is a choice./Humans are still trying/searching, experimenting to perfect the fantasy.

    This shall require more information, Dear Heart, than can be inserted into the comment section. We shall, with your approval, endeavour to proffer a more accurate and precise summary of this topic within the larger framework of a post.
    Your choice, Dear Heart.

  3. Like many I was raised in a meat, dairy and eggs consuming family. One day my eyes were open to the cruelty and abuse within these industries and to which I decided I don’t agree with and do not want to support. I gave up meat over 6 months and have been cutting back on dairy and eggs for awhile and have a goal to be vegan (100% plantbased) one day. It is incredibly easy to find meatless, dairy-free & egg-free products to enjoy at home but it can be a great challenge when dining out — but things are getting better. Many restaurants offer veggie burgers, more than ever — along with traditional meatless sides. There are a ton of vegetarian/vegan restaurants, but depending on your area, you may need to travel. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change and is also the leading cause to which world hunger still exists; and whether you choose ‘humanely raised’ or factory farmed, there can and will never be humane slaughter involving death – there is no such thing as humane slaughter. Three times a day we can choose compassion over suffering. There are many reasons to choose meat-free, dairy-free and egg-free, find out what matters to you and help do something about it; help change the world for the better of humanity.

    1. I do appreciate your beliefs and concerns regarding eating meat and the terrible conditions in which the majority of animals are housed; not to mention the inhumane ending of their lives (in general). This is certainly to be abhorred and rejected.
      I do choose to eat meat; and was a vegetarian for approximately 10 years during the 90s and early oos. Since that time I have learned, via my communication with The C.C. (my guidance) that not only animals are souls/consciousnesses, but also every vegetable, fruit, nut; indeed all those morsels of food we place into our bodies is/was a soul/consciousness having an experience ~ just as I am a soul/consciousness having an experience.
      This in no way excuses man’s insensitivities to the conditions in which he treats his animal based food; though it does highlight the importance of finding the means to not only feed ourselves, but also to do it in a fashion that lends respect to all those consciousnesses who have willingly sought the experience of being a part of the ‘food chain’; animal and vegetable alike.
      Thank You for commenting; your participation is welcome. I know many share your concerns.

    1. Indeed, Dear Heart, this is the call of many Light Workers; that all violence cease. And this, Dear One, shall be the case as the Light Workers take up arms to perfect themselves. A daunting, yet doable task, Dear Heart. You are one such one. You shall ‘take up arms’, indeed.
      We salute your progress in the perfection stakes. You have chosen a difficult assignment, Dear Heart; we know this is true. However, it matters little our beliefs and station. What matters is our intention to become ‘all that we can be’; which we see is indeed your goal.
      Many Blessings, Dear One

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