A Statement by The Collective Consciousness

Listen while you read 

Hello Dear Ones,

Our dearest asks that we make a statement regarding the entrance to the rewards of being a Light Worker. We must firstly create a premise from which to begin. It is, Dear Hearts:

We, you and I and all that you see are consciousness. Indeed, Dear Ones, we each are a consciousness having an experience. Some agree, and some do not.

However, Dear Hearts, to benefit, as our dearest Carolyn benefits; i.e., the rewards of ridding oneself of the negatives that are all too common within all; you, Dear Heart, do not need to agree with our premise. Indeed, Dear One, you do not need to agree with the lifestyle your brother, your sister is experiencing in order to benefit from the rewards of ridding yourself of the innate negativities within.

You, Dear Heart, have chosen a particular experience for this particular life time, so to speak. You may be, as our dearest, enjoying the benefits of being clairvoyant. This is true, Dear Heart. You may be experiencing being a southern redneck, as the saying goes, Dear Hearts. We use this vernacular, Dear Ones, so that you will understand our words simply and clearly. Yes, Dear Ones, it matters little your degree of appreciation for our written word. However, Dear Heart, should you work to rid yourself of negativity by allowing ‘calm’ to enter, you will reap the rewards of your work.

Yes, Dear Hearts, you may be a so-called religious individual, you may be a so-called atheist. Yes, Dear Hearts, your interest may be in avenues far removed from the spiritual. However, the premise for the Earth Fantasy is one which is inclusive of all. The farmer, the grocer, the writer, the saint; all fantasies on offer; this is true.

We ask only that you hear the words, and listening carefully you will discover we have no care of your particular resonance of experience. That which counts in the backward aging stakes, and all that this envelopes, is your participation in the removal of all that is negative.

Our dearest is quite happy with our statement. Are you not, dearest?

Yes I am. Thank You very much.

And why has this been of importance to you, dearest?

I’m sure there are those reading now and will read at some future time who may believe they need to agree with the spiritual basis of which we write. I want those, who do not and cannot agree due to their particular role and beliefs; to feel they can engage wholeheartedly. As you have so eloquently said:

Indeed, Dear One, you do not need to agree with the lifestyle your brother, your sister is experiencing in order to benefit from the rewards of ridding yourself of the innate negativities within.

And this includes backwards aging.

Indeed, dearest, we know this is true for you. All, regardless of their religious, political, financial, social, race; in fact, all, dearest, will benefit from the ridding of the innate negativity we accept when we enter the fantasy.

Many blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings.

2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. “A funny thing happened on my way to the office” is the beginning to many old jokes. However, it is no joke how difficult it is to carry around negativity. There is no physical load that can equal the weight of negativity.

    1. Indeed, Dear Heart, indeed.
      Your choice of wording excellently conveys the condition of being within a negative state; heavy, as no physical load can create; the breaking of bones being unlike the breaking of spirit, Dear Heart. For this is what occurs for those carrying the inordinate weight of negativity; their spirit is broken.

      We are pleased to see your face; as our dearest would say, Dear Heart; and rejoice in the progress you make. All that you can be, Dear Heart, is indeed your goal.

    1. Thank You, David; so pleased you think so.
      And we too are pleased, Dear Heart. We have taken note of the changes occurring for you; they hold you in good stead. Do they not?

    1. Thank You, Sharmishtha; though, these were not feelings, so much as, channelings from The Collective Consciousness, brought about by my need to have others appreciate that unity is not dependent upon us all agreeing upon a premise. This cannot occur, for now! However, what is important is that the Light Workers of the World set to the task of ridding ourselves/themselves of negativity. By so doing, we/they will evidence not only backwards aging, but all that goes along with it.

        1. And we say to you, Dear Heart. Thank You for your directness of speech; it is very much appreciated.
          Due to your working commitments there is little by way of fun for you, Dear One. We would suggest that you forego some work in order to improve the fun aspect of life. Yes?
          We would offer our condolences; however, it is best to leave those who choose to be outlanders to deliver themselves. This is not your concern, Dear Heart. Your work is to ensure your life remains steady and consistent. Yes?
          Yes, Dear Heart; we see you ‘taking the lead’ when this is not always necessary.
          Many Blessings, Dear Heart.

      1. right, I sometimes put everything as “feeling”- after all, that is what they are mostly! are not they? love, wisdom, enlightenment… something we feel ….that is why we cant prove it on paper 🙂

    1. Indeed, ’tis true, Dear One; it is indeed a lovely post.
      Our dearest Carolyn has consented to our involvement in the posts which answer our readers questions. Yes indeed, Dear Heart. We shall, with our dearest’s permission, answer when advised by her.
      When, and if, the commenter has not acquired the necessary evolution to partake of such involvement, then, Dear One, we shall leave the answering of comments to her.
      You, no doubt, will realise that we, Dear Heart, know you to be of an ilk to receive this ‘direct communication’, as it were.
      Welcome, Dear Heart; we are pleased to make your acquaintance.
      The C.C. are being quite kind here! It is really a ‘joint’ effort. I receive an understanding as to who is able to accept such communication. Then, and only then do I ‘take a back seat’, as it were; and allow The C.C. to dictate whilst I type. I will add, Falak, that I thoroughly enjoy this communication; it is both revealing and very rewarding for me; and I hope for those to whom The C.C. speak.

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