Meditation – A calmer way

Some days ago I was chatting with a blogger friend when ‘Meditation’ came into our conversation.

I learned to meditate many years ago; I needed to, it probably saved my life…!

Sounds dramatic, I know; however, I really mean this. Had it not been for Meditation I probably wouldn’t have been able to cope with life.

Yes, it was that serious; I had tried to suicide a number of times. Meditation helped me to ‘slow down’, to focus, to feel my body and appreciate that it needed me.

Meditation’s first effect is to allow the mind and body to come to rest; relaxation perhaps!

I didn’t know how to ‘relax’ all those years ago. Sitting quietly wasn’t something I could do; my mind would not allow this.

It did take a lot of practice; just like any new ‘thing’, it took time to stick.

Yet, when it did stick, it felt very good.

I have created a little audio for the blogger friend I was chatting with. If you’d like to listen to it too, please do. It’s the first step toward meditating; you know, slowing down and allowing ourselves to relax…

The audio runs for a little over 5 minutes.  Sit quietly with your eyes gently closing as you allow your breathing to slow down…


  1. I’m the same as you Carolyn. When I discovered the value of meditation it did so much for me. Doctors should prescribe it along with their pills.

    1. Indeed, Yaz; I owe it much..!
      Five minutes to begin, or even just to allow ourselves to ‘stop’ can be the beginning of a much better life; as I know you know all too well…!
      A beginning; just a beginning…!

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with meditation. It too has become so much part my life that I would find it extremely difficult to live without. Enjoyed your audio.

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Don. Even if it only gave one the ability to ‘slow down’ it would be worth the effort. However, those of us who practice know that’s only the beginning…
      Thank You for your comment; it is very much appreciated…!

    1. That is very natural; to resist. Especially a mind so creative, such as yours. It wants to be ‘doing’, not ‘being’… Nothing ‘forced’ though works very well. It is a good thing just to be able to breathe more deeply to begin; not to ask too much of a finely tuned mind such as yours, my dear Resa….. Slowly does it, is the best way… 😉

  3. Great post Carolyn. Thanks for sharing some of your story. I too learned to meditate because I could never shut my mind off, too much troubled past getting into the way of what I hoped would be a bright future. Meditation is amazing and I wouldn’t be without it in my life. Thanks for the audio. 🙂

    1. It is so lovely once we are able to have a greater command over our thought processes; that is for sure.
      Thank You, LuAnn for your comment; it speaks volumes about the benefits. Well done to you.. 🙂

    1. Yes, Daph, I agree… Things are generally easier to do when we have a good reason for doing them; such as looking after ourselves when we are ill. It is so much harder (at least for me) to ‘look after myself’ when things are going well… I guess that’s just a part of human nature… 😉
      As you say though; it is worth it!

  4. It’s hard to believe that you were once so stressed. You are so together…well by your writing it would seem. So very happy that you are still with us. The world would be missing a lovely soul if you weren’t.

    1. Yes, Kim; it’s hard for me to think of myself in this way now too. However, I really was in a terrible way for many years; depression, anxiety, agoraphobic. Ug, horrible…!
      Learning to meditate was the beginning of a brand new life for me. Naturally a lot of ‘stuff’ had to be worked through; however, it’s all been worth it..! Today I do love life, and I do have so much to be grateful for… Bless your little heart, girl; you’re a survivor too…! 😉

  5. I just listened to the audio though I’ve already read this article. Sometimes I find it difficult to relax too..Glad to hear you have come a long way since those episodes..Happy that you have discovered yourself with time and age..

    1. Relaxation was impossible back then.
      I’ve just listened to the audio myself. Funny, yet I don’t listen as though it is me talking, and I’ve deepened my breath and I feel more relaxed too…
      I’m having a little laugh at myself as I write, too…. 🙂
      Yes, time (if we use it wisely) can be a great healer… 🙂

  6. I tried to meditate so many times, so I could ground myself. I have had similar problems as yours and being a Reiki 3 it really did make me more sensitive than before. My mind runs a thousand miles a minute, for the life of me I cannot make it still! (and it has been 2 years)
    I shall try this though! ^_^

    1. Your breathing is the problem..! I do hope you don’t mind me saying this..! You tend to breathe rather shallowly; at the top of your chest, so to speak. Were you to allow your breath to go further down into your chest, it will strike a few ’emotional’ walls that will need your attention; however, it is those ‘walls’ that are preventing your entry into meditating..! 🙂

      1. Oh I have no doubt you are right. There are way to many emotions that need to be taken care
        Thanks for your input! 🙂

    1. Most of us have a ‘back-story’… Mine may be a little more colourful than some; however, it was a long time ago and (thank goodness) much water has gone under that bridge. 😉

      1. Good riposte – yes, most of us do..except me of course, I’m far too naive and innocent!
        You wrote a great post there. Where is Freshly Pressed when you need them!?

  7. Love the audio. I’ve been casually interested in meditation for several years, but it’s only been in the last couple years that I’ve learned a little bit more about mindfulness practice and the benefits associated with it. Like you say, it is a practice, and it’s something which takes some getting used to.

    1. To be sure, Smak… it does take a little while to become ‘natural’ to us. Though, as they say ‘nothing good comes easy’..!
      Don’t know who ‘they’ are, and I wish this wasn’t true; however, it seems to apply to most things…!

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