Grizzly Bear Reflection

Grizzly Bear     (Listen while you read)

GrizzlyBear400Scott_E_Readshutterstock_80256091Take life less seriously. Lighten up; lighten your load.

(Yes, sometimes we can do this to ourselves – burden ourselves with worry.

The Grizzly Bear personality has a tendency to allow worry to consume him.

He/she lives in a world full of promise, and yet he/she will see the down to everything.

We are all aware of personalities such as this.

They can be in the most wonderful atmosphere (well, at least to others) and yet they will find a fault to talk about. Yes they do.

They will go on and on about the little things, mostly; and we all know that it can be the little things that can get us down.

Oh yes, my friends; the little things in life can sometimes bring us down with a thump. And this is the case for the Grizzly Bear personality. He/she can be found feeling anxious over a spilt cup of milk whilst Mount Vesuvius is exploding.

Which event means more to the Grizzly Bear personality?

You guessed it! The spilt milk will have a much more devastating effect upon this personality. His/her whole world can be falling around them, and yet it will be the spilt milk that will weigh heavily upon their shoulders.

What can be done for this personality type, you ask?

Nothing. No, nothing. It is best to allow this personality type to be as they are. We mustn’t try to change them. No, dear ones, this will only lead to resentment, and a closing off of communication. This it will; have no doubt. No, the best way to tackle such a personality is not to judge. That’s right. Not to judge is the best method to alleviate this personality’s woes.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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    1. I totally understand; I’ve had to manage this personality too…. Can be tedious! Negativity plus, so to speak! 😦
      Still, as the reflection advises; best to let them be who they are and try to be as ‘unaffected’ as poss…. and ‘out of their company’ as much as poss to retain one’s sanity….. Hmmmmm, simple but, not so easy…! 😉
      I have always found that if I refrain from an inner dialogue of ‘judgement’ of their behaviour this helps me to remain ‘objective’ and more able to manage the situation.. 🙂

      1. Ugh, if there’s one thing I loathe – it’s that negativity.

        Carolyn, love your words as usual. Love how you read. 🙂

        1. Thank You Noeleen, you are too, too sweet…
          And, so sorry for the late response. We are just home from a Queensland comp, and I wasn’t inspired to even take a peek at WP; had all my attention on dancing.. 😉

  1. Carolyn, you are so very right. When I get in the right mind set, I can actually feel fondness towards the person and say a silent prayer so that their lives may be just a bit better. They also are our teachers as well. They can mirror our thoughts or provide us with the “best” worst example of behavior. Nice post.

    1. That’s definitely the next step in the process.
      I agree Amy; we can then have compassion for them, which benefits everyone.
      However; getting to that point, at first, can be a little difficult. Perhaps a ‘two-step’ forward; ‘one-step’ back process, with the (long-term) objective of getting ourselves comfortable and objective within. From that inner stance we can then see the other with a more understanding viewpoint! However; we mustn’t fool ourselves – difficult personalities require a lot of hard ‘inner’ work upon ourselves if we are going to be able to get to the point of objectivity and ‘no-judgement’…!
      Once again – simple, however; not easy..!! 😉
      Thank You so much for your comment, I’m so pleased to have you visit.. 🙂

    1. Great point Kim. And this is exactly what this personality is doing… the best that they can. This is how they release their inner tensions. When we can understand this we tend, then, not to take their actions personally – which leads to viewing them more ‘objectively’ and with understanding…!
      Yes, the bear is a beautiful creature, I agree…

  2. Thoughtful, evocative comments on viewing our life. I listened over and over again, for the sheer, simple pleasure of listening to your voice. There is simply nothing quite so wonderful as being read to. Virginia

  3. Thanks for this. I have a good friend, who obsesses about small things all of the time, usually about something someone said or didn’t do and often wants my take on these small slights and problems. I realized that she was doing this, because these were areas of life she could manage and feel she had some control over. Her son has very serious genetic health issues and will always have.(He inherited this bad gene from her, which doesn’t affect her health, only his.) She rarely mentions his health or what his future is likely to be, and I know she doesn’t want me to ask about them, either. Anyone who doesn’t know her well would never suspect this burden she carries.

    1. The Grizzly Bear personality doesn’t exactly apply to my friend above, because she isn’t living in the best situation even though to outsiders it seems that she is. I do know other people who have very wonderful lives and few physical or financial worries, but they are always complaining. Nothing is ever quite right. Perhaps they don’t want to be seen as bragging but are going too far in the other direction?

      1. I know of a woman (similar to your friend). She is always ‘second guessing’ what others think of her and worrying over the small things. For her it is a cover-up for feelings of inadequacy; she is totally dependent upon others for her self-esteem. Naturally she remains ‘without command’ of herself because of this constant need of approval. Perhaps your friend has a similar need….
        We have been to a dance comp over the Easter break, Catherine; please excuse my late response…

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