This is me… & Dance 2011

Hi, I have been inspired to add a picture of myself.

The pic I’ve chosen captures me doing one of the things I love to do in the physical sense; dance, dance and dance. This allows me to express myself in a way that brings me great joy. I love the music, the movement, the clothes, the atmosphere, the people, and the comradery; in fact ‘everything’ that is ballroom dance.


Carolyn & Keith Competing 2011
Christmas Ball 2011 – Dancing Australian New Vogue Style


    1. As I mentioned elsewhere the dresses are soooooo gorgeous and the men, too, look so dapper in their tails… It’s wonderful in that it gives us women an excuse to ‘dress up’ and feeeeeeeellllllll like princesses. And I think that the men also like ‘dressing up’ too; I know that Keith does..!

    1. We have quite a ‘heavy’ schedule… We probably spend ‘many’ hours practicing (either in our own practice times; twice weekly and in one or two ‘socials’ each week). Then there’s a lesson every week and comps ’bout monthly starting March thru December. Wow; that’s a lot! When on paper/computer it seems like such a lot however, when you ‘love’ something; what’s time!!! 😉

    1. Thank You…. This is my favourite dress…. and he is my favourite man….
      We both love to compete; in fact Keith has just emailed me to report that he has made the necessary arrangements for the first ‘big’ comp in Queensland in early April…!
      No-one could accuse him of lack of enthusiasm…..!!! 😉

  1. The dress is beautiful! I can see why it is your favorite! Gorgeous! Oh, April isn’t that far away! Hmmm…I bet it is hard to get pics of yourselves when competing, isn’t it? 😦 I’d love to see them! When you compete do you compete in all types of ballroom dancing or do they have you do a particular dance?

    1. At the ‘larger’ comps (like the one in April that we’ll be doing) there are ‘professional photographers’ taking pics. Generally, of the many that they take, one or two are ‘good enough’ for us to buy as a memento of the day’s comp. I say ‘one or two’ are ‘good enough’ not due to the expertise or lack of expertise of the photographer but because ‘as we get older’ with double chins and rolls ‘showing up’ on hips and other strange places, the photographer’s job becomes harder and harder… lol.. 😉 I’ll look for a few of the more ‘flattering ones’ and place them on this page…. (they are ‘hard to find’). 😉

      As for the ‘types’ of dance we do. We compete in the ‘Standard’ section which consists for us of Waltz; Tango; Slowfox; Quickstep, and at some comps my fav the Viennese Waltz. All of these are done in ‘one go’ so to speak. The music lasts for only 1min 20secs per dance (unless a judge (of which there are 9 at large comps) asks for more time. So each dance is performed one after the other.

      We also compete in the New Vogue Style (I remember suggesting a Google search on youtube under ‘Dancesport New Vogue’). Again there are (in our level) 4 dances to be performed (in the heats) with 5 dances being performed in the finals…. We luv it so… 😉

    1. I didn’t think that I’d be doing something so wonderful either…. As one gets older it’s generally the case that we ‘slow down’…. However, I’ve never been ‘so busy’ (in all regards) in all of my life…. I am tired (most times) but ‘happily tired’…. You know the feelin’.. 😉

  2. I would love to see more photos! I think you look wonderful! I saw no rolls or anything that would take away from the photos at all! You do yourself an injustice! I’m telling you!

    You know, I am not sure I have ever seen the Viennese Waltz. I have the others. Not that one. Gonna look on YouTube and see what it looks like.

    Wow, only 1 min, 20 secs? Not even a whole song! I guess you get use to it tho?

    You did suggest the Vogue dancing, I forgot! 😦 Going now. Rectify that very quickly!

    1. Thank you (I picked that photo very well then, didn’t I)… Yes only 1min 20sec in the Standard/Modern style (it should be 1min 30sec according to a new rule instigated in 2011 however, not many comps adhere to that due to the large number of events; we’d be there all day and night if they did). 😦

      In the New Vogue style (as you saw in the vid) the dances are a ‘sequence’ dance. Generally there are 2 sequences performed for most of them (there are 16 competition New Vogue dances in all.) In level 1 competition 1 dance is performed. In level 2 – 2 are performed and on up to Level 5 where 4 dances are performed in the heats with 5 dances performed in the finals. Phew… hope that’s not too much info…. 😉

    1. Remember me saying that there are 5 levels…. well we reached level 5 last year 2011 in this style ‘New Vogue’. In 2008 (we began competition) we were elevated to level 2 by the end of the year (level 1 being the beginning level). This is just to give a little ‘background’…
      The couple highlighted in this vid (Darryl and Natalie) are ‘Professional’ dancers with many many years of experience. We absolutely adore their dancing and love to watch them (in this vid they are competiting in the Professional events; especially for the Professionals). They also do ‘floorshows’ which can be entrancing too. So yes it is very elegant and smooth however, we have a long way to go to get any where near their ability; and unfortunately we don’t have the ‘time’ left in our bodies to achieve that level of expertise… We don’t mind though; we just love doing it… 😉

    1. This is probably my current favourite in the Standard/Modern type of dancing…. I feel a great sense of ‘freedom’ doing this dance….. 😉 Wow, I do love to dance… 😉

      1. Nothing wrong with loving what you do! Preferred. Heheheheh I can see why you would feel a sense of freedom with this dance. It seems to be a very energetic dance too. Why have comps eliminated it? It is such a pretty dance. 😦

        1. It is still danced at some comps for our age group (50yrs and over) however, in the main, it has been eliminated due to the reluctance of the competitors… We were speaking with one official in Queensland last year regarding this and he told us that many did not want it due to the energy needed to perform! (We were flabbergasted that the competitors could hold this much sway!) He asked us to remind him and he would include it in 2013. (Great!)

    1. Thanks so much… Yes, the dresses are gorgeous, and I really enjoy ‘dressing up’…. 😉

      I’ve just been visiting your blog. Wow, you are one prolific blogger; so much to see; so many things upon which to comment…. Good luck with that youngest; it’s a difficult time in life!!! I’ve always said though; if they have your principles in life as a foundation, they always have that to return to if they decide to venture in a different direction for a while… Thanks so much for visiting… 🙂
      PS: I luvvvvv your avatar pic… your username and your blog name… all very sweet… 😉

  3. I had forgotten you said there are 5 levels! Congrats on making it to level 5 in 2011! That is great!

    Professional dancers? They get paid to dance? How? Sorry, ignorant in this area. I mean, where do they dance professionally?

    1. Thank you, we were shocked because we had just been elevated to Level 4 then went to a Championship Comp (where, if you win) you are automatically elevated to the next level…Ahhhhh, we thought; we’re not ready… 😉 However, at the end of the year we went to Melbourne in the state of Victoria for the major Comp of the year… we came 16th out of 44 in the New Vogue discipline – so we did okay…! 😉

      Professionals are those who have gone from the amateur ranks into teaching (which takes about 10yrs to acquire full accreditation with exams both practical and theoretical). Many of them travel the world competing, doing floor shows and of course, teaching. The very best are engaged to perform at the major Championships (of which there are only a handful here in Oz). They are a real ‘treat’ for dancers to watch… fabulous examples to strive for…! 🙂

    1. For our Level (5)
      New Vogue Heats = 4
      New Vogue Finals = 5
      For our Level (4)
      Standard/Ballroom Heats = 4
      Standard/Ballroom Finals = 4

      The number of events you dance is dependent upon the number of couples (generally 8 or 9 in one heat; except Championships where there can be up to 15 couples on the floor). In small comps there may only be enough couples to dance a heat then a final. At larger comps there could be the heat then a semi-final and then the final. At very large events you may dance a heat, then the second round onto a semi-final then onto the final….

      The judges are pretty fantastic… they look for certain qualities (each is different). One may have a preference for ‘technique’ or ‘style’ or ‘quality of movement across the floor’ etc., however, the better dancers ‘generally’ progress through the heats and on into the finals. Yes, 10secs can make a difference!! 😉 Sometimes the music finishes and it will be announced that more judging time is required. This is generally only 10 to 20secs. It’s all very exciting… 😉

  4. 16 out of 44 is not bad, not bad at all! I think it is great. You must have been thrilled to make it to the next level! 🙂

    Ah…I thought teaching might have something to being a professional. Wasn’t sure. Are you aspiring to that level?

    Oh, I totally spaced on the dancers actually having to be judged. 😦 I guess that takes time too, eh? They must be very practiced at judging, I cannot imagine judging someone in, what to me, seems like so little time!!! I’d have to mull over every single move and step! It must take practice too. Is a judge also a professional? Or is it a step above?

    1. Yep; we were thrilled and also ‘scared witless’… 😉 After competing in a few events at that level though, we’re becoming more comfortable…. 😉 It sure does place more emphasis on practise though… Not that we mind; we just love to dance… 😉

      Sort of: In order to teach we’d need to go for our Level 1 Accreditation. That means sitting a theory exam plus doing a practical/oral exam. I’d like to be able to teach; that’s for sure… Not sure though at this point if its appropriate for us…. time will tell… 😉 I may be clairvoyant however, (as my guidance tells me) there has to be ‘some’ surprises in life… (I tell them I’d rather know; they just laugh)… 😉

      Most judges are teachers. To be accredited to judge you do similar exams as the teaching exams… Because most judges (probably 99%) are teachers, teaching dancing day in day out, they understand at a glance when a figure is being danced correctly. Add to that their years (10 at the least) to make it to the top of judging (those judges judge the top levels of competition) then you can see that they know their stuff… 😉

      1. We just came across this vid on Youtube of us in the semi-final of the Masters 2 (over 50yrs) New Vogue Competition last Oct 2011. We were soooo pleased to make the semi (first time & we were a little overawed) in the Open Level (Level 5). We enter second last (I’m wearing the gold dress). The fabulous couple entering last have been the New Vogue Champs in all major comps for ’bout the last 3 years…. They are the couple to watch; I know we do… They’re the nicest people as well… Last year at the last big comp for the year they invited us to brunch with them.. which, of course, we accepted. They are the nicest people; in fact we know most of the couples on the floor as really sweet people.. We are sooooo lucky to be in their company… Please enjoy our Australian New Vogue … 😉

  5. This is wonderful! How did you find it? You must have been surprised? You had to have been ecstatic to make the semi-finals too! That alone would be thrilling I would think. 😉 Did the both of you enjoy yourselves? Did you win? I hope so! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, either way. Most important! 🙂

    1. We occasionally take a look because we know that others sometimes post vids, and there it was… Yes, we were ecstatic; we’d just (the previous comp) been elevated to Level 5. To make it through to the semi’s was incredible. The couple in front of us won; in fact, they have been the champs of this level now for ’bout 3 years; they are just wonderful…! They went on to win the final…. Was WONDERFUL day….!! 😉

      1. How wonderful! You are lucky you took a look and found it. 🙂 Are there more videos of the two of you out there? As for the couple who have been the champs for three years running, it is YOUR turn! 🙂 Heheheheh

        1. Yes, really lucky! After the Queensland Comp in April there will be bound to be more being posted; I’ll take a look then to see what’s what…. 😉 In the meantime though, that couple who have been the champs for 3 years are getting better and better. There are also ’bout 15 couples vying for their place before we even get a shoe in… lol…. 🙂 It’s just wonderful being able to compete at that level for us….. 😉 🙂 🙂 😉

  6. You look so pretty out there ! I love dancing too ! Have always just thought about joining a dance class. But, that never happened. I will try to do so sooner !

    And, your comments are very encouraging. Thank you so much !

    1. It’s never too late (as you can see) and there are so many forms of dance. I had always wanted to do ballroom style. As a child one of the young girls in our street went to ballroom dance lessons every Saturday. I remember being so in awe of the beautiful dresses that her mum would make for her. Now, all these many years later, here am I doing it myself and able to wear the lovely dresses and such… It really has been a dream come true… And it tells you that although we may have to wait a long time; dreams really can come true… 😉

  7. Firstly, I shed a tear to see you in your element that is dancing 🙂 I love the feathers flowing from the arms and hooooooooow do you remember all the different steps and not fall over each other !!!! The floor is one of the nicest I have seen . . . living your dream . . .go girl !!!

    1. Sometimes I feel like shedding a tear too; it makes me so happy…!!!

      They’re not actually feathers; although they do appear to be. They are actually made from the same fabric as the skirt; I’ts like a chiffon; very filmy and light.

      It has taken a long time to learn the dances (’bout 5 years). There are 16 competition new vogue dances. We don’t have to do them all; only a pre-determined 4 in the heats and rounds and 5 in the finals. 😉

      The floor is a good one. It’s a moveable floor which is assembled for that particular comp (the Sth Pacific Championships). It’s held in the entertainment centre at Darling Harbour (a great venue with fabulous sites of Sydney Harbour; as you would know…).

      You’re right; it’s a dream come true… 😉

  8. WOW! You’re so gorgeous! When you said in your message that it’s already morning in OZ and you’re “off to dance”, I got curious and here I saw the pics and the video… you’re just amazing! I love to dance too, especially ballroom dancing, tango is my favorite… I miss it!
    But lately I go rock and roll dancing with Vincent, he’s good in it, he loves rock n roll…I love it too,but its so fast, I gasp my breath, hehehehe
    But you and your partner are wonderful and graceful as you dance together… Good luck to you both on March… I can’t wait to see some of your shots an videos after…
    Hugs 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday dance!

    1. Thank You Dolly…. 🙂 you are tooo sweet. In fact, we both thank you. We are presently driving home from Queensland (approx. an eleven hour trip by car) and I have just read your comment to K. He is driving and smiled a beautiful smile… 🙂
      Ballroom is my favourite too, and tango is so passionate and full of energy… 🙂
      Enjoy your dancing with Vincent… it is a wonderful thing to do especially with the one you love… awwww… 😉

  9. I am sure you will make the cut! Positive. I hope there are some videos with the two of you in them, I look forward to watching. You look so beautiful when dancing. That type of dancing is from another world and era, glad it is still out there.

    1. I will tell the judges that you have said this… 😉 I’m sure that they will listen to you… 😉
      Yes, the New Vogue style is beautiful. When I was a youngster I remember watching the old movies in which were portrayed the Victorian era type of dancing; the woman wearing their beautiful gowns; the men resplendent in their waist jackets and tights; all very romantic.. 😉 I would think how wonderful it must have been to dress so beautifully, and I loved the dancing… So here, it would seem, I have come ‘full circle’… and I really love it as much as I thought I would… 🙂

  10. Yes, make sure you tell them I said so! LOL I insist, actually.
    It is very romantic, isn’t it? I always felt the same way when I saw the balls and such on television. Yes, you have come full circle, nice isn’t it? 🙂

    1. Sure is..! (I’ve just seen this comment; sorryyy…)
      Yes, it is great to have come ‘full circle’…! I go all dreamy eyed when I think ’bout dancing… Our next comp is in a couple of weeks and we are no where near prepared… been soooo busy with life lately; no time for spending on a lot of practice……
      Ah well, what will be will be…… 😉

  11. Oh! You are simply magic Carolyn! I love your blog page and everything you write about! When I read your “About” page, I was in pure delight! A ballroom dancer! And a blogger too! Believe it or not, I’m listening to various Waltz music on YouTube right now, songs I grew up listening to. How I wish I could ballroom dance! Do you have videos of you dancing it? Do tell all, I am all ears and eager to learn or get any advice before taking ballroom classes myself. 🙂

    1. The Viennese Waltz (featured in the video) is a most beautiful rhythm and dance; we love it..!
      I don’t really have any suggestions except; do it…. If you love music, then Ballroom Dancing is just the thing for you.
      No, we haven’t any videos doing Ballroom (Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Fox & Quickstep). However, last year we were elevated to the highest level in our age bracket for ‘New Vogue Dancing’, which is purely an Australian created style. If you scroll up to the video above, it showcases our first success getting to the South Pacific Championship semi-finals in the New Vogue style (we were ‘tickled pink’ but obviously very ‘green’). We enter 2nd last; I’m wearing the little gold dress pictured above. The couple who enter last were the reigning champions (a lovely couple who have been sidelined this year due to injury, sadly).
      I am listening to the beautiful music whilst I type… It is so uplifting..! 🙂

    1. I’m all of 5′ 2″ or 157 cm; add 3″ heels and I’m a respectable 5′ 5″: Not too statuesque really… however, good photography always helps…! 😉
      But hey; not complaining; and Thank You, Noeleen. It always does a girl good to get a compliment or two… 🙂

    1. Congratulations to you; I’m loving your blog, and your messages…!
      Thank You for this ‘award return’… hahah….
      Although we ‘don’t give’ in order to ‘receive’, your gift is treasured… 🙂

    1. So sorry, Matt… I’ve been ‘snowed-under’ the past couple of weeks with little time for any WP enjoyment… I’ll have to send you my apologies at this stage, and return to my over extended life in other realms… Have fun…! 🙂

  12. Hello Carolyn,
    Stumbled across your site while visiting another friend’s blog and was curious. Serendipity can lead to really nice surprises. Watched the video and saw your pics which are super. I started ballroom at the tender age of 10 at my grandmother’s insistance and have enjoyed it at a casual level ever since, not that I don’t enjoy swing, rock, and latin dancing, I just prefer ballroom. If I had to pick favorites they would be waltz, rhumba, and swing – all fun. Best of luck to you in your competitions. From your blog, it’s obvious that you love dance and, like you, I feel it’s one of the most freeing things in the world to be lost in the music and the dance.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Glad you popped over and Thank You for your sweet comments.
      Dancing is certainly a love, and a great way to get some really good exercise. 😉
      I too love the waltz, rhumba and swing; but then, I’m a push over for most dance styles… I just love to dance, period… 🙂

    1. Okay, LuAnn…. Where’s the pen…!?! 😉
      I’m really not the extrovert I may appear to be… It is ‘my love’ for the dance that gets me up and moving…. 😉

    1. Thank You, Ajay…
      I certainly agree with the ‘ecstatic’ part… 😉
      I am in ‘another world’ when I’m dancing… One of the greatest joys I have is to move to the beautiful music of the strict ballroom tempo of the slow-fox, the waltz, etc….
      Yes, Ajay; there is a particular peace and a wonder that beautiful music can bestow….!

  13. Wow, you look great, Carolyn, and I just LOVED the video of all of you dancing (I saw you posted it for someone above). And you’re wearing a gold dress! It was a lovely thing to see you dance.

    1. Thank You, Yaz….
      The video is our Australian ‘New Vogue’ dancing… We had (for the first time) reached the semi-finals, and were so proud of ourselves… So sweet is that gold dress; I love it…! 🙂

  14. Beautiful writing talent, graceful dancing – glad to come across your blog. And may I welcome you to visit my travel & lifestyle blog. Thanks and stay bless with happiness.

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