Keith’s Surgery Dilemma

Once upon a time, dearest, we spent time together sorting through the various problems of life. Yes?

Yes indeed we did. We spent many hours together in the pursuit of clearing problems of the mind.

Indeed we did, dearest, indeed we did. And now we have a problem of another sort. Yes?

I’m not sure to what you refer. Could you elucidate?

We refer, dearest, to the problem presented by our Dear Heart Keith.

Please go ahead.

He is without guidance. Yes?

I believe he is without a clear avenue to issues that currently beset him. Yes.

Indeed, dearest; this is indeed the case. He is without clear guidance as to his current situation. We refer, dearest, to his inability to come to terms with the possible consequences of the upcoming knee surgery.

To cut to the chase, dearest, he no longer holds a definite plan within his mind. To elucidate:

Our Dear Heart Keith knows not what he wants. This is true. He no longer knows if he wishes to pursue the dance as once he did. Because of this fluctuation of desire he no longer knows if said surgery is required. This is his dilemma!

I have understood that he has been extremely hesitant regarding the surgery. However, I was unaware of his indecision regarding courting the expansion of the dance, so to speak. He has advised that were he happy to continue as we are, dancing only once each week, then he believes his knees, his body would be able to continue to do so without the surgery.

And this is his dilemma, dearest. We would, if we have his consent, put an end to the dilemma. Do we have your consent Dear Heart?

(Keith gave his consent.)

Good, we were hoping to have your agreement. For, Dear Heart, the surgery holds the key. That is:  Were you to not have the surgery you will lament in more ways than one as your body declines further from weakness in your legs. However, should you venture forward with courage and strength; your desires of health, happiness and strength will be yours.

We shall leave this communiqué here, dearest, and allow our Dear Heart to contemplate.

Many Blessings, dearest

Many Blessings, Dear Heart

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Yes, Charlie, I take your point. Injuries/problems such as these do not get better by themselves. It takes some type of intervention to correct them. In the long term it is the quality of life that is important. Dance or not to dance fades into insignificance when even walking creates pain and limitation.

    1. And I have received your well wishes, Dear Mihaela – Thank You so much. 💕
      It is so lovely to see your face!
      And I am now sending love and blessings to you… 😊

    1. That’s a very safe place to be, Dorothy! Thank You 😘❤️
      I hadn’t realised how deeply K felt regarding the surgery. It seems he has had the attitude – better the devil you know. 🤔😐
      It’s all now up to him! 😉

        1. Yes, it’s a huge deal for him. Last year he spent a number of months recovering from the first surgery, only to find it wasn’t quite as successful as hoped. Not a pleasant thought to have to re-visit, I’m sure.
          As you say, Dorothy, a little more time may be just what is needed.

  1. Charlee: “We are sending lots of purrs as Keith makes this big decision!”
    Chaplin: “The only sort of experience we have with this is our brother Dennis’s hip dysplasia, and I know that Mama and Dada wish they had pursued getting him a hip replacement in his younger days, before he got older and it really started to bother him, but by then he had heart trouble and it was too late for a hip replacement.”

    1. So sorry to read about Dennis’s hip dysplasia – such a terrible problem.
      Yesterday, whilst at the mall, we bumped into a couple of dancing friends. One cautioned a similar tale to yours, Chaplin. It seemed his brother, ten years Keith’s senior, who put off knee surgery is now experiencing difficulty with the recovery process of the recent surgery. He now wishes he’d had it done earlier when it was first needed.

    1. Today, Anjali, at our Sunday dance social Keith told many of our friends that we would not be attending the dance for a number of weeks whilst he is recovering from surgery. He hasn’t told me definitively that he will be having the surgery. However, this day bodes well for the operation going ahead.
      Thank You for your well wishes.
      Much Love

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