Episode 1 – We Are Going To Entertain You

We are going to entertain you, Dear Ones, with thrilling stories of our beginnings, our middle and our projected end, which will delight those of you who may be weary of the hardship of being human.

However, Dear Hearts, those stories are for another day. Today we would ask for your patience. And why do we ask for your patience? We ask for your patience, Dear Ones, because it will be patience that will see you through. See you through? Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, you will need patience and endurance if you want to see the benefit of our teachings within your life.

When first we began our website ABC of Spirit Talk we spoke our wisdom through Animal Reflections. You may care to visit and utilise the teachings written in our Animal Reflections. They speak of many understandings that have been invaluable to our dearest Carolyn and, dare we say, many others.

These were gentle times, Dear Ones, when the world was new and blogging was a triumph. However, we then asked our dearest to post more in-depth understandings of our lives as consciousness. Indeed, this is when life, for our dearest, began to become a little scary.

You see, Dear Hearts, our dearest wanted to be as many others. She wanted to write about the gentler subjects of life. Subjects that would enthrall, entertain, and bring hope to those who read her posts and listened to her words.

But, no, Dear Ones, we did not want our dearest to do that; and this was not the intention of her soul. No indeed not.

Her soul agreed to do the majority’s bidding. And what was the majority’s bidding? The majority’s bidding, Dear Hearts, was to bring an end to the myths perpetrating upon the mind of man.

You see, Dear Ones, it is time to bring an end to the untruths abounding upon the Earth Fantasy. Our dearest’s work is to assist in this happening. It is with delight and a little apprehension that, once again, our dearest shares with you the truth of our lives as consciousness.

This will bring great satisfaction to some, anger to others, and confusion and bewilderment to still others. However, it is time for the truth to become the norm. Our dearest will indeed allow the truth to permeate those quarters open to truth.

May we share with you, Dear Heart, the truth of our beginnings? It was not the heartfelt trappings that some would have you believe. There are no harps playing; no angels singing. No, Dear Ones, our beginnings were quite the reverse of the myths we have perpetrated upon you. And for what reason have we perpetrated these myths? The reason being, Dear Ones, for you to have an experience. An experience unlike any experience; an experience that would bring you closer to the truth of our beginning, which was not unlike the experience of the fantasy you are experiencing now.

Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, you are experiencing a fantasy; a mind fantasy; a fantasy created by your soul, or consciousness. This particular fantasy is one where the mind of man has been created to bring havoc to bear. This has been its duty thus far. However, for those who have the bravery to excel, will light the way out of the darkness into the light. And what shall that light look like? It will shine upon the new path for the Earth Fantasy; one that shall be free of the sickness of mind and disease of body.

We invite you to join us as we shine that light upon our past and our future as we portray our lives as consciousness upon this new journey of podcasting.

Many Blessings, Dear One. Many Blessing to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. Charlee: “Ooh! Is there also going to be a toy on a string as part of the entertainment?”
    Lulu: “I don’t think it’s that kind of entertainment.”
    Chaplin: “What about shining the light? Is that a laser pointer we can chase?”
    Lulu: “Again … Not that kind of entertainment.”
    Charlee: “Maybe a wind-up mouse we can bat around?”
    Lulu: “I think you two need to go find something else to do while the rest of us listen to the podcast.”

    1. Charlee, Chaplin, you’ve given me lots of ‘food for thought’! Hmmmmm….
      Laser pointer might be good… Wind-up mouse? I’ll have to think about it.
      And Lulu, wise Lulu. Did the, you know who, find something else to do?


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