Copenhagen Reflection

Copenhagen   (Listen while you read)

There’s a bright light; a jewel in the sea; an extravagance of thought, of culture, of delight. Indeed, my friends, the beauty of the sea, indeed. We speak of, no less; the magnificence of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen400katatonia82ShutterstockMay we invite you, dear hearts, to partake of its majesty, its variance of thought, of play. Indeed, my dear friends. Delights unknown, pleasures abounding for the intrepid traveller.

May we warn you, dear friends, this city is not for the feint hearted, indeed not. It will take your breath away. Indeed it will.

Are you ready to be amazed? Are you ready to relieve your tiredness? Are you ready to engage in breathless wonder at the sight, the sounds of delight? If so, my dear ones, you are ready to enjoy Copenhagen.

The traveller, however, must be warned; one may find one’s self in Copenhagen. The mystery is this:

Should one take it upon oneself to go without warning, one may evince a tale of woe. Indeed, my dear friends. For you see, dear ones, there is a mystery to be found amongst the ruins of Copenhagen. Are you ready to be surprised, dear hearts? If so, dear ones, read on:

Once, many eons ago, Copenhagen was renowned as a place of terror and woe. Indeed, dear hearts, this is so. And why was it known as a place of terror and woe? We shall tell you:

It was known as a place of terror and woe for there were those amongst its natives who forewent the propriety of courtesy, friendship and love. Indeed this is so. This lack caused death and destruction to be its guide. Indeed, it did, dear hearts.

Today can be evidenced the remnants of this bloodthirstiness. Indeed it can, my dear friends. Look for these remnants of old, and you will be amazed, for Copenhagen has now changed. Indeed it has. It has changed from bloodthirstiness to brilliance. Would this be the case for all cities of the Earth. Indeed, my friends.

We are pleased to proclaim Copenhagen as a frontier of the new. And what is the new? We shall tell you:

The new, dear hearts, are those energies of love and renewal. Indeed, this is true, my friends. The new is that moment of calm and reflection. Indeed it is true, my friends. The new has begun in many cities of the world. Indeed it has, my friends.

Won’t you join with us in the new? Won’t you join in the revolution of love?

Indeed, we welcome you. We welcome you to the new.

Copenhagen is a leader for the new revolution. Our dear Carolyn will visit this city of old in the coming year. Indeed she will.

Copenhagen; the jewel of the sea, indeed.

Carolyn Page

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    1. Yes, Sara, me too. I’ll be visiting Copenhagen during next year, 2015. What a lovely holiday to look forward to. I shall, hopefully have lots of interesting things to write about. 😀

  1. Of course I’ll join in the new revolution of love! I’m ready to load my bandolier with hugs and kisses.
    What a great post, Carolyn. I think you are going to have the best time in Copenhagen. How exciting! 😀 xoxo

    1. Out with the old, Resa, and in with the new, indeed.
      Our ammunition is much more vibrant and alive. Hugs and kisses versus death and destruction; no comparison, my dear sweet one. I can see us now marching along with our hugs and kisses filled bandoliers. Oh, how splendid we look.. 😀
      (Only you, my gorgeous Resa, could be so creatively flamboyant as to picture hugs and kisses filled bandoliers. What a treasure you are.

      1. I am a love child who can love better, always. As a human, I fail at times, but I am never mean. ❤
        Now that you mention it, we do look quite fab in kiss and hug filled bandoliers.
        You and I are Hugaveras, lovanistas or Kisscentrals of the movement.
        _Resa xoxoxoxo

        1. I’m with you; you have me laughing out loud.
          (The initials were not enough.. 😀 )
          With you to the end; oh, Hugavere, Lovanista, Kisscentral exponent of luvvvv…
          xoxoxo 😀

    1. Kim, I am looking forward to this trip so much. I adore my own country, Australia. I have so much love for it, it’s like a friend. However, I will be so pleased to feel the energies of Copenhagen. When I attune to it, I feel a lot of maturity and calm. Yes, it will be wonderful to go there and experience the energy in person, so to speak. I’m also sure there will be some mystery unfolding for me too. I’ll have to be patient and expect some surprises, for sure.

      1. I’m really happy for you. My cousin is in New Zealand. Her husband’s job sent them there for 8 months to a year. I would love to come to Australia or New Zealand. Two hurdles I am afraid to fly and the thought of 10 hours in the air. Shivers! I wouldn’t have a drug to keep me sleeping that long. Second money of course. So through you and all my friends on line I live virtually. So be sure to share lots. 🙂

        1. I know how you feel about the flying time, Kim. Anywhere to/from Australia (or New Zealand) is a longgggg way. And yes, I’m sure there’ll be lots of sharing to come. Have a good one, my dear sweet friend. 🙂

  2. Ah, it’s a place of brightness for me since I can’t think of Copenhagen without thinking of our dear Hans Christian Anderson.

    A lovely post, Carolyn. Enjoy your visit.

    1. Thank You, Jamie. My first thought was of Hans Christian Anderson and his incredible writings. Talk about a bright light; one can’t help but admire.

      The museum (honouring him) and childhood home are cemented in the plans, to be sure.

  3. It’s a lovely city, for sure, Carolyn. I’ve visited a few times, latest in summer 2005. You’ll have a wonderful trip! And I can’t wait for you to tell us about the energies you find and the surprises you encounter! Hugs

    1. Thank You so much, Helen. I’m so looking forward to this trip.
      I know there’s a surprise or two waiting for me; I can feel it in my bones. Hahaaa…
      I feel like a toddler looking longingly at a lollipop… 😀
      By the way – Love your new avatar..

      1. I’m sure your bones are right. You’ll have so much fun!! I changed my avatar because it got too dusty at the pyramids…too many sand storms 🙂

  4. So happy that you are going to Copenhagen. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences and hopefully see some photos, too. My first visit there was just this last summer, and I wish I could have visited there much longer. It’s a beautiful modern city rooted in beautiful, old buildings.

    1. Yes, Catherine, it looks delightful, I’m really looking forward to visiting.
      In fact, it was just after reading your post regarding Copenhagen I was inspired with the news of a visit. I’ve never entertained Copenhagen as a holiday destination; yet now, after investigating its shores, and hearing from so many about their love for it, it has become a wonderful thought sitting patiently in my mind. 😉

  5. I look forward very much to seeing your blog posts when you visit this wonderful city Carolyn~Your description above is brilliant~ 🙂 I am following you here all the way~

    1. Thank You, John; we’ll all enjoy the trip, I’m sure!
      I’m finding more and more wonderful opportunities of interest to capture my imagination. Hopefully, images will be the means by which we can all enjoy it together. There appears to be so many delights. 😉

    1. Thank You, Kamila…
      I’ve yet to post about my trip. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance soon. I absolutely loved Copenhagen, and would return there at the drop of a hat, so to speak.. 🙂

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