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Ermilia’s Picture it & write  (Sunday 28 April 2013)

Once again, here is my offering to ‘Picture it & write’ hosted by Ermilia (Ermisenda and Eliabeth) who invite others to join them by writing a fictional story or poem to accompany an image presented on their blog.



He needed to say farewell, but was this the right way to do it?

She had promised so much. She said she adored him.

This had taken its toll; he didn’t know what it was to be loved. It had scared him; it had turned his life upside-down.

He had taken her at face value; what a fool he had been.

He thought long and hard as he vacantly looked into the blue sky. What would it matter if he was not here? What difference would it make if he no longer lived? Who would care? Who would worry? What would it matter?


A deep breath engulfed his lungs.

He may care; if he accepted he’d been duped. Surely this had happened to many. Surely this was an obstacle that many must endure. Surely no-one ‘gets it easy’ in the name of love.

Surely; surely he could go on.

Could he?

Carolyn Page


  1. I agree wtih, Joe. The way you communicated the conflict was great. Especially finishing with the question, could he? Even at the end, he hasn’t quite decided. Great work! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write, Carolyn. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

    1. Yes, it is sad… I have been there; indeed, many have ‘been there’ and, unfortunately many will continue to ‘be there’… Sad, as you say, Yaz…
      However, it’s good to see you, sweet one… 😉

  2. Ending ones life is refusing the journey. However, who says that death is not a journey itself?

    Either way, it made me think about all kinds of possibilities. 🙂

    1. Very sad, Dace. Having been in a position of wanting to end my life (and, indeed trying to do so) I appreciate the utter despair one experiences at such moments. Unfortunately, when in such a position one is beyond seeing ‘reason’, at least, I was. Who is to say, who can judge, how can anyone understand lest they be in the other’s shoes…? It is an exceedingly cruel aspect of life that anyone should find themselves in such a position….

      Suffice to say; I am so very pleased I survived. And very grateful to now be experiencing such joy and meaning to life… Sweet, sweet life… 😉

      1. yes, I have also been there and I know how it feels. I am just pointing out that either that way or this way – it’s still a journey one will take. No judgement at all… 🙂

        1. Oh, Dace, I understood you weren’t making a judgment; I know you better than that..! Perhaps I should have commented more directly upon your suggestion of – “who says that death is not a journey itself?” – an intriguing thought. I have some pretty definite thoughts about our ‘journey’, (both here and once we end this experience) making my ability to engage in ‘possibilities’ seem somewhat insincere, which is why I skimmed over it…. My apologies, I should have been more forthcoming; you deserve much better… 😉

  3. I just finished a raw love story where the two main characters very accidentally “met” one another while they were both trying to commit suicide by drowning in the ocean.
    Sometimes it really just is too much, and you can’t see the reason for carrying one. Lately, I think of those options more often than at any time previously – it happens.

    1. Yes, Ghia, I understand. Sometimes it seems that way, indeed…!
      Fortunately ‘everything’ passes. It happens that some things though, can take a while to change…. Here’s hoping this state changes soon…!

  4. I too love the way this one left off! The conflict was perfectly portrayed. Inner struggles and conversations we all have at one point or another. A lovely piece!

    1. Thank You, Marisa. Yes, unfortunately life for us humans can be, at times, quite confusing and demanding. I doubt that anyone has avoided those “inner struggles and conversations”.. (Well said…) 😉

  5. Carolyn, did he go on, or did he succumb, or are you leaving that up to me. I really enjoy these pieces you write with the image – great stuff. Thank you.

    1. I find I do that with most things… I think it stems from that part of me that doesn’t like to be told what to do, and how to think… haha… I prefer to ‘make up my own mind’…
      Hence; will he, won’t he… Your choice.. 🙂
      (Though, secretly I do hope he finds the strength to overcome.) 😉

  6. i think it’s brilliant that you finished this piece with that question..
    Could he?
    i’d like to say yes, but it’s not for me to say 🙂

    1. Nor me, kz…. Though I’m sure we both hope he realises that life will throw many a curve ball in his direction. The trick is to learn how to dodge them, and grow stronger by the experience… 😉

  7. Loved the short piece. Reading it with and without taking the image of the man in water into account gives two entirely different impressions of this piece.

  8. Hi Carolyn,
    Such a sad state of affairs, and how we do feel exactly like that when we are dumped. When we are young, we dn’t know that the pain will eventually subside.

    BTW, awards are still out there. When you next visit my site check out http://wp.me/p2jC53-1lj for your blog. This is my way of saying that you are a special blogging friend. Feel free to do with it what you will – no rush – no pressure. The world won’t collapse if you do nothing, nor will I. I just wanted to say, “Thanks for being a good friend.” 🙂 Marsha 🙂

    1. Ain’t that the truth…! 😉
      Indeed, everything eventually passes however, like you said, Marcia; in the moment all we can think of is the pain…!

      Thank You for the tag – I don’t know how I missed it…! 😉

    1. Indeed, Padmini, that’s generally the way…
      One experience leads to the next, hopefully leaving us more wise and able to attract ‘better’ into our lives… 😉
      Nicely said….

  9. Touching story! Deception has ruined the lives of many. If only emotions could be turned off and on like a switch, so that reason would play it’s role, many people would have realised their state before it had gone late. Lovely post!

    1. So true, indeed..!
      The emotions can cripple reason; to be sure. I strive to be ‘objective’ in all things however, those emotional feelings can sneak into any and all situations. A great comment.. 😉

      1. Thanks for appreciating my comment with such uplifting words, it was quite thoughtful of you. Your kind heart inspires me.
        Keep up the good work! 🙂

  10. Isn’t it terrible? Love even comes with a disclaimer anymore and we still feel like all is lost when it fails. It’s like, dang! Knew I should have bought that extended warranty!

    1. Indeed, Anne, indeed…! 😉
      I shall take this opportunity to say a very big Thank You; I’ve enjoyed our connection enormously. My guidance have asked that I say farewell to WP, with little appreciation of what I shall be doing from now, or what (if anything) I shall be doing on WP in the future; except that my blog (and its contents) will remain… However, I do appreciate that whatever comes will be good and right for me and everyone.
      So, please accept my thanks for being such a great girl, and a valued part of my WP experience – and you know I believe you are one heck of a writer….!

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