Bilby Reflection

Bilby   (Listen while you read)

What’s up doc!  Times a wastin’; time to get movin’. Yeah you. It’s you I’m talkin’ to.

Is it time to start a new project? Is it time to re-think a situation?


There a many questions for you at this point in time.

Do you need to start a new practise like Tai-Chi or Qigung (Chee-gung)? Do you need to face the fact that you’re wasting your precious time doing not so interesting things?

Yes, my friend; there comes a time in everyone’s life when a need for self-evaluation is an important issue. This time is now, my friend, for you. Does this ‘ring any bells’ for you this day? Does this have any meaning for your life? 

You will know if it does. There will be a ‘gnawing’ feeling in your belly. That’s right, isn’t it? When things have meaning for us we know it; even though we may try to ignore it, there it sits in our bellies gnawing away at our conscience….

And so, my dear friend, let us hope that we can understand why our bellies are uncomfortable. Let us hope that we can listen to that gnawing feeling in its persistence. Oh yes; let us hear what our bodies are telling us. Let us understand that our bodies are talking every minute of every day.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Susan Flashman/


    1. This little fellow is only found in Oz and is about the size of a rabbit when fully grown. Unfortunately, like so many critters today, they are endangered by habitat loss and, for the Bilby, the likes of feral cats pose a great threat to them. They also have to compete for food with the introduced rabbit and other animals in an ever decreasing land area… Breeding them in captivity and re-introducing them into their native areas has increased their numbers and continues to have some success…. here’s hoping… 😉

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