Animal Reflections

GrizzlyBear400Scott_E_Readshutterstock_80256091Animals reflect our behaviour.

Yes, animals; our cousins, so to speak.

What shall we say about animals?

We can say loved ones; babes in the woods.

We can say; those who abide with us.

We can say; won’t anybody take care of us?

We can say; hello, what ya doin?

We can say; it’s lonely here in this world.

We can say; why doesn’t anybody pay us any attention?

We can say just about anything and it would be true.

No-one, no, no-one truly understands the animal kingdom.

No, dear heart, this be true.

The little one (Carolyn) thinks me harsh for saying this. However, dear ones, it be true, indeed. There are very few who even come close to understanding our furry friends; our friends of the oceans, of the land, of the sky, of the many and varied abodes in which they dwell. For you see, dear ones, man has been so caught up in himself, yes himself, that he only barely has any energy for others; including the animal kingdom.

Be this as it may, dear heart, we shall endeavour to proffer understandings which, to this date, have been veiled to those upon the earth plane. An exciting happening, dear one, indeed.

First – First to be given information otherwise withheld, indeed.

Where to begin?

Firstly we must have a premise upon which to work. Yes, firstly we must have a premise.

Our premise is that those little creatures which we see running about the planet, or soaring in the skies above, or swimming to their heart’s content in the seas (or just about anywhere else one can imagine) are our cousins. You think not, dear heart? You think that man is so worthy, so wonderful, that he and he alone has a brain, has a heart, has the capacity to love?

No, dear heart. Man is not alone, and man does not contain the only brain on the planet, and he does not alone love. No, dear heart; man alone does not love. All creatures love, dear one.

Did we say ‘love’, dear one? Indeed we did. Love is not something only for humans, dear one. Do you think that only humans love? No, dear one, naturally you be aware that not only humans love, but all creatures love.

How do they love, dear one? They love by their very existence. That’s how. Yes, that’s how. They be spirit, dear one, yes spirit. Just as you and I are spirit, so too are our furry friends, our slimy friends, our hot friends, our cold friends.

Indeed, dear one;  all love, or at least they have the capacity to love. As we have previously noted. Love is an energy manipulated within the physical being to produce good feelings. (This we put simply, dear one, for the sake of expedience.) Love is an energy, like all others, dear one, which is manipulated within the physical body of all; man, beast, creature, rock, water.

Now you’re getting a little strange, says our dear one (Carolyn). She thinks that I have gone too far. Why, dear one? Cannot the brain compute? Does this stretch the mind, dear one, to think of all things as being capable of love? Yes?


Well we have a way to go before this understanding shall take root. However, dear one, take root it will; for truth is truth is truth is truth. The truth shall prevail, dear heart.

All things are capable of being manipulated with the energy of love, dear one. Sounds funny; however, it is true.

And so it is with great pleasure that we open the way for others who shall be given similar understandings to permeate this level of being. You shall see, more and more, dear one, the understandings of truth filtering through the mist and arriving on your computer screen and various other means of communicating to the peoples of earth, indeed.

However, dear one, for our purpose we shall begin this new experience here and now. Indeed we shall. Let us begin.

Love, dear one, is a four letter word, indeed.

Love, dear one, is a four letter word. One of many, dear heart. One of many.

We see this four lettered word bandied about like some little piece of trash, dear one. It is not taken seriously, as indeed it should (and it must) if it is to be seen in the clear light of day for the beauteous energies inherent within its fold. Surely, dear one, you have understanding of that which we speak. Yes?


Indeed, dear ones, this little word ‘love’ is bandied about, sullied, decried, spoilt and trashed.

We would ask that those of you who have ears to hear, and eyes to see, begin to understand that ‘love’ is given.

It is a reward for right action by those whose love is true. Not for the fainthearted, dear ones, no.

We see many disrespecting ‘love’, abusing its special power, and to them we say:

Beware, dear one, all has a way of returning. That which we project, we must attract. And in time, dear one, your lack of respect shall return to bite you, so to speak.

Love is not given only to the human, no dear ones; it is spread far and wide. As we have said; ‘love’ is not only for humans, dear one. Oh no, not only for humans. It be for all creatures. Humans, animals, water, rock, indeed all material used by spirit to manifest upon earth is infused (or has the potential to be infused) with the quality of love.

Not all are given love ad hock, dear ones. No, there must be a reason for the entity to receive any substance which will change its metabolism. Not willy nilly is any substance changed within an entity, dear ones, no. There is always a reason.

And what are some of the reasons, dear ones, for changing the substance of an entity? Many and varied, dear one, many and varied.

An example, for instance. We fall in love, so to speak. What occurs?

One: The individual is reassigned, so to speak. He/she is given a metabolic substance which has the capacity to change the brain waves within the individual’s brain. Yes, this be so. They are given a substance which will change the way they think.

With this change come good feelings, particularly in relation to the individual for whom they ‘feel’ certain emotional cooings.

Oh yes, this substance, administered by those in spirit to the individual concerned, makes him/her go all gooey when he thinks about the object of his so called ‘new feelings’, indeed; administered by those in spirit whose duty it is to allow their ‘charge’ in the flesh to have an experience which, otherwise, they could not experience. No, dear ones, it takes the quality called ‘love’ to allow an individual to experience a set of circumstances which otherwise could not occur.

Get it? Yes, dear ones, this be so. Simple indeed. We, those of us in spirit administer certain substances to the individual’s metabolism in order to achieve an effect which you call ‘love’. Once administered, the individual must react to this changed state with good feeling towards the one in question. Simple, yet not so simple.

Firstly he/she must agree to this changed state. How? By wishing for something more. Something other than he/she has. Why? In order for change to occur, dear ones, in order for change to occur.

The C.C. (The Collective Consciousness)

© ABC of Spirit Talk – Carolyn Page

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