Light Workers/Sacrificial Lambs?


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Our dearest is experiencing life in differing ways to yesterdays. Indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest is regretting having remained in many ways of the past. We shall explain:

As a Light Worker of the Light there are many and intriguing ways to deal with life. Firstly, the Light Worker has a built-in mechanism of Love. Yes, this is true, Dear Friends. Light Workers are born, so to speak, with this built-in ability to Love. This is not always the case for those of the Negative. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; those of the Negative are not always able to love. This, our dearest, finds unusual, indeed.

“Yes, dearest, those Light Workers of the Negative (those two billion of the Negative) are not always capable of Love. And why is this?”

This is so, because, Dear Ones; this is the agreement of the two billion Light Workers of the Negative. They agree to this state of being before entering the Fantasy; yes indeed.

Our dearest has found, over the past few weeks, those of the Negative are rather dull. Yes indeed; they are not the sharpest tool in the box; as the saying goes.

This has quite surprised our dearest. And why has this surprised?

It has surprised our dearest because this was quite a surprising revelation. And how did this revelation come to be?

It came to be, Dear Ones, because of a suggestion from us, The Collective Consciousness. Yes, indeed, we asked our dearest to remain quiet. That is, Dear Ones; we asked our dearest to remain tight lipped in many situations where once she offered advice. A simple statement, Dear Hearts:

How can we know the inner workings of those near and dear if we constantly put words into their mouths? We cannot. No, Dear Ones; those near and dear to us, should they be Light Workers of the Negative, will remain in control should we fall into the trap of offering ourselves for sacrifice.

(For those who would like further information in this regard we invite you to read our further posting.)

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk /  Light Workers of the World

Positive + Negative = Evolution


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Our dearest has asked for an understanding of those who are playing the role of one of the two billion perfected souls/consciousnesses within the negative. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; our dearest wishes for more appreciation of the ‘mind set’, as she has spoken, of those consciousnesses helping the two billion Light Workers of the Light to achieve perfection.

Indeed, Dear Ones; there be four billion Light Workers (approximately, you appreciate) upon Earth within the Fantasy:

  • Two billion upon Earth, within the Fantasy, being Light Workers whose purpose is to achieve perfection;
  • whilst two billion Light Workers act for the negative, you appreciate.

Without this teamwork, perfection cannot be obtained. Indeed, Dear Hearts; your greatest friends in the perfection stakes are those acting within the so-called negative. They be your loved one, Dear One, one closest to you in the Earthly sense. Your brother, sister, mother, father, indeed, your friend, your closest companion could be a Light Worker of the Negative. Their purpose is to pose as your greatest challenge to overcome the negatives within the world and yourself, Dear Friend.

Think well of these individuals who have chosen to be the catalysts for the evolving condition of the Fantasy. Without them all would be lost, so to speak. Without them there could not be an evolving condition toward perfection whilst in the flesh.

Do we make ourselves clear, dearest?

Indeed we do.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk /  Light Workers of the World

A Statement by The Collective Consciousness

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Hello Dear Ones,

Our dearest asks that we make a statement regarding the entrance to the rewards of being a Light Worker. We must firstly create a premise from which to begin. It is, Dear Hearts:

We, you and I and all that you see are consciousness. Indeed, Dear Ones, we each are a consciousness having an experience. Some agree, and some do not.

However, Dear Hearts, to benefit, as our dearest Carolyn benefits; i.e., the rewards of ridding oneself of the negatives that are all too common within all; you, Dear Heart, do not need to agree with our premise. Indeed, Dear One, you do not need to agree with the lifestyle your brother, your sister is experiencing in order to benefit from the rewards of ridding yourself of the innate negativities within.

You, Dear Heart, have chosen a particular experience for this particular life time, so to speak. You may be, as our dearest, enjoying the benefits of being clairvoyant. This is true, Dear Heart. You may be experiencing being a southern redneck, as the saying goes, Dear Hearts. We use this vernacular, Dear Ones, so that you will understand our words simply and clearly. Yes, Dear Ones, it matters little your degree of appreciation for our written word. However, Dear Heart, should you work to rid yourself of negativity by allowing ‘calm’ to enter, you will reap the rewards of your work.

Yes, Dear Hearts, you may be a so-called religious individual, you may be a so-called atheist. Yes, Dear Hearts, your interest may be in avenues far removed from the spiritual. However, the premise for the Earth Fantasy is one which is inclusive of all. The farmer, the grocer, the writer, the saint; all fantasies on offer; this is true.

We ask only that you hear the words, and listening carefully you will discover we have no care of your particular resonance of experience. That which counts in the backward aging stakes, and all that this envelopes, is your participation in the removal of all that is negative.

Our dearest is quite happy with our statement. Are you not, dearest?

Yes I am. Thank You very much.

And why has this been of importance to you, dearest?

I’m sure there are those reading now and will read at some future time who may believe they need to agree with the spiritual basis of which we write. I want those, who do not and cannot agree due to their particular role and beliefs; to feel they can engage wholeheartedly. As you have so eloquently said:

Indeed, Dear One, you do not need to agree with the lifestyle your brother, your sister is experiencing in order to benefit from the rewards of ridding yourself of the innate negativities within.

And this includes backwards aging.

Indeed, dearest, we know this is true for you. All, regardless of their religious, political, financial, social, race; in fact, all, dearest, will benefit from the ridding of the innate negativity we accept when we enter the fantasy.

Many blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings.

2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

Are You a Light Worker?

Are You a Light Worker? (Listen while you read)

We are writing this because we feel many do not appreciate what a Light Worker is.

Firstly: A Light Worker is one who feels an enormous pull toward right. That is, Dear Hearts; doing that which is right.

This applies, not only to their own world and perspectives; but also to the world in general. You see, Dear Ones; the Light Worker has a mission. This can only be achieved by those who fear the worst being done. Sounds confusing? Yes, it is a little confusing. However, Dear Hearts, be that as it may we can only speak truth; even when confusion reigns.

Our dearest, Carolyn, has great insight into the hearts and minds of Light Workers. Hers has been a tale of a Light Worker constrained ad infinitum. By this we mean, Dear Hearts; Carolyn has not been able to achieve very much by way of her mission until now.

Yes, Dear Hearts; now is the season for our dearest to respond to the undertaking she agreed upon before embarking upon the Earth Fantasy.

And this we say to you, Dear Light Worker:

Your quest, for many, will have its beginnings now. You may feel overwhelmed; you may feel undeserving of such a title. However, no matter your internal conversation you will not be able to refuse the promptings of your soul. Be it now; or be it in some future time your soul will begin its work. And what is your soul’s work?

This is an easy question to answer, Dear Ones. Your soul’s work is to enlist your help. Indeed this is true, Dear Ones. Your soul’s intent is to assist you in your quest of perfecting yourself.

As a Light Worker your consciousness, or soul, is perfect. However, Dear Heart, to bring peace and calm to the Earth Fantasy there is a need for the Light Workers of the World to attain perfection. And what is perfection?

That is right, dear friends; perfection is a state of being devoid of fear.

Many now are understanding. It is not a matter of perfecting the world. It is a matter of perfecting one’s self. As in spirit, so in human form.

We would delight in you reading our free books (below) in which is given our beginning, our middle and our agreed upon end for the Earth Fantasy. This information will awaken the truth within you. This may take some time, or, for some, will be an instant appreciation of their mission.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts

Welcome to our series of Free Books.


ABC of Spirit Talk 1. In The Beginning

3in1 160x240completeWe are pleased to announce the first of many books detailing our lives as consciousnesses.

Yes, Dear Ones, read on for the beginning of our tale.

We hope you find yourself within its pages.




ABC of Spirit Talk 2. We Who Have Nothing

WeWhoHaveNothing160x240ThesecondWhere shall we begin, dearest? Shall we begin by telling our readers a little about ourselves? Indeed, we believe this is a fine place to start. For those who have not read our first book, In The Beginning, we shall speak briefly of ourselves. Indeed we shall, dear hearts.

We are consciousness, Dear Hearts. That’s right. We are a consciousness. We, and you, and all you see, Dear Ones, are a consciousness, to be sure.


ABC of Spirit Talk 3. Our Time Has Come

ABC160x240ourtimehascomeGreenBorder1Our time has come for yet another book, dearest, indeed. And what shall we talk about? Ah, yes; we can talk about our lives as (so-called) spirit. Yes?

Yes, I’m sure our readers would enjoy that.

And you, Dear Heart; would you enjoy talking about our lives as consciousnesses?

I would indeed. Yes, I’d love that topic to be discussed.

Indeed, dearest. On we go:


Carolyn & The Collective Consciousness

©2017  Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

Her Time to Shine

Her Time to Shine

It has been a long journey for our dearest; a lifetime, in fact.

Now is her time to shine, Dear Ones. Yes, our dearest Carolyn is now engaging upon yet another chapter; a chapter that shall promise much love; not only for our dearest, but also for those who seek her company.

We are pleased to present the first of many world trips ensuring all Light Workers have the opportunity to speak with and/or see our dearest.

The purpose of this, our first journey, is to enlighten our dearest to the multitude of Light Workers seeking advice. This advice shall be forthcoming through our dearest as she allows the understanding to be given to each individual who desires to know their role and the intricate personal happenings that may be troublesome. Yes, Dear Ones; we can now give to you the knowledge that shall hold you in good stead as you journey on towards Love and Perfection. Avail yourself of our dearest as she intentionally allows her life journey to unfold.

Carolyn’s Travel Itinerary:

In the coming month of June 2017 Carolyn will be visiting, with her life partner Keith, the island of the UK. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, her first overseas journey will be London to York and the North York Moors. She will be there for approximately 12 days whereupon she will make herself available to all Light Workers who appreciate a need for advice. This she will, Dear Ones. Know that her services are free to all Light Workers, yes indeed.

Hurry along, Dear Hearts; make your arrangements to see our dearest by contacting her through our Contact Page; she will delight in meeting with you.

Her itinerary is as follows:

June 16 – 25 ~ York & the North York Moors

June 26 – 28 ~ London

June 29 – July 3 ~ Tokyo


Many Blessings, Dear Ones.

© The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page 2017

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 

We Have Something Nice To Say!

Well, well, well; so you’d like for us to have something nice to say. Yes?


So be it, dearest. This we will.

To begin: For all those open to this suggestion we invite you to read on, as we have something nice to say!

The world is changing, dear friends; this it is. All around the globe there are a good deal of problems. Yes, I believe we can all agree upon that. However, Dear Ones, for those within the Light Worker brigade those problems will not touch your sphere of life, unless you allow it to be so. This is right, Dear Ones. Unless you deliberately place yourself in harms way, harm cannot touch you. This is a guarantee.

This is as it is planned and is spoken of within our published book ‘Bringing of Light’.

(For those who prefer to hold their reading matter it is also available in Softcover from many on-line bookstores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble ~ ISBN:  978-1366482761 )

Within its pages, Dear Hearts, are answers to many questions you may not have yet asked. We jest, Dear Ones. We jest, and yet we do not. The Light Workers of the World have questions within, Dear Ones. These questions will reveal themselves as you read the answers. Sounds funny; yes we know; this is indeed true. However, until you read the answers, the questions lie dormant within.

Avail yourself of the answers; they are safe within your mind, for now. You will be surprised, and some will be enthralled. We await your pleasure, dear Light Workers of the World.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones.

© The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page 2017

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 

Bringing of Light


Bringing of Light  (Listen while you read) 

The third in our series of Paperbacks ‘Bringing of Light’ will be available early 2017, Dear Ones.

In the meantime we have for you our second Paperback ~


almost now ready to hit the on-line bookstores.

changespaperback150       ebookchangesdigital942578859150x225

Get ready, Dear Ones; we know those of you who delight in truth will guard this knowledge with eager anticipation.

For, Dear Hearts, we herald the advent of more knowledge of who you are and what you are doing here upon the Earth Fantasy.

Yes, Dear Ones, do not allow yourself to forego the knowledge that shall take you one step closer to Love and Perfection. Indeed, Dear Ones, Love and Perfection await you as you take within the knowledge of this age.

And what, Dear Hearts, is the knowledge of this age? We shall tell you:

The knowledge to which we refer is the knowledge of our beginnings, our middle, and our end. Yes, Dear Ones, you are the beginning, the middle and the end. Without you, Dear Heart, we would not be here. That is right, Dear One. Without you there would be no ‘now’.

Steel yourself for more knowledge; knowledge that shall invest within you the absolute. And what is the absolute?

The absolute is all there is. Yes, that is right, Dear Heart. Steel yourself for all that is to become second nature to your otherwise limited knowledge.

With knowledge comes power. The power of absolute calm, lack of fear, and a joy far beyond your wildest imaginings.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World