Queen Conch Reflection – A Guest Post by Resa McConaghy

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Our Dear Resa of:

Art Gowns.comGraffiti Lux & Murals – Queen’s End & Author of ‘Nine Black Lives’ has offered the following reflection – one very close to her heart.

The Queen Conch Reflection

I am the Queen Conch, and I am very loved. So many have loved me over the centuries, that I am now, endangered.


Humans have adorned themselves with my pearls, with cameos & wedding bracelets made of me. I’ve been used as a trumpet to announce funerals, dawns and festivals, as building material, as a jagged razor addition to the top of walls to protect homes.


I have come to speak up before it’s too late, before I’m loved to death, all used up.

I say, it is now your time to listen. With an ear to me, many hear the ocean, some hear divine words. With an ear to your own heart, to your soul you will find direction, answers and more. Perhaps you will hear the Light? Perhaps I won’t have to be loved to death; just loved?

It’s time to listen!




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Dear Kitty offered an article with video (see the comment section below). I feel inspired to add the video here for those who would like to learn more about the current conservation efforts – Florida Keys – Queen Conch Transplant Part 1 – WATERWAYS

(The video covers both the Queen Conch – first 16 mins, and the remainder – the Gulf Pipefish.)


A Guest Post by Resa McConaghy

Whale Reflection (General)  (Listen while you read) 

rg13250Introduction:  Our Dear Resa of :

Art Gowns.com / Graffiti Lux & Murals.com and Queen’s End.com has honoured ABC of Spirit Talk with a Reflection of those wonderful sea creatures: The Whale


We hear your voice, Dear Heart, and rejoice with your newfound creativity. May your voice carry ever wider, the message of Love and Perfection.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart


Whale Reflection (General)

We are the largest. We are the greatest. Can you hear our whale song? We are singing, as we vanish.

We Love You!

Howdy! Always good to sea you. I’m having a whale of a time, and hope you are, too.

I know, I kid you as I spout off, but what’s a whale to do? I’m just trying to keep up a sense of humour in these difficult times.

Understand, no matter how large you are, and perhaps you are the biggest of all, have the most money, and even power; you are vulnerable.

Just look at me! Am I not massive? Yet, I hide beneath the deep, hoping to avoid the unhealthy trappings of coming up for air.

Unfortunately, we must all breathe. Every one of us will come up for air at some point. Great caution is advised!

My family, once a very large family, is quite small now. You see, although we mean no harm, even love with all our hearts, we are not always loved back. Worse, there are those that want to harm us.

We seek love, but love does not seek us. We find peace and security when and where we can. Until I find all that, and while I dodge danger, I’m having the very best time available to me.

Sea you later!


Please note: It has been Resa’s request that I, Carolyn, voice the Reflection. Delighted to..

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