In The Beginning – An Excerpt

Our dearest will be posting excerpts from our free books, Dear Hearts. You may find, when taking the information within, how synergistically the writings coincide with life on Earth in 'this' time! We determined; that is, many of us determined we could only survive by becoming united. It became most obvious to us, Dear Heart, …

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An Invitation to Read Our Free Books

Hello, my name is Carolyn Page. I am the Earth Medium representing The Collective Consciousness. We wish to explain a number of happenings beginning with our collective desire to change the Earth Fantasy from one of misery and pain to one of Love and Perfection. Within our free books are the beginning, middle and projected end of …

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Blaming Others is Unnecessary – an excerpt from ‘Tomorrow’s End’.

It is something that each of us has done, and/or continue to do. Is it not? Yes, this is the case for all. We neither want to take responsibility, nor allow others the right to their opinion. A sad state of affairs, though true for most. And what does this lead to? It leads, Dear …

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Meet Carolyn Page author of Tomorrow’s End


Sharmishtha Basu is a poet and artist extraordinaire. Agnishatdal and Agnijaat are her two Ezine children created over the past months. Do visit her blog for more information.

Thank You, Trisha, for the opportunity to showcase ‘Tomorrow’s End’. My love and honour to you always. ❤ xoxoxo

Indie Adda


tomorrow's end

SB @ Indie Adda: Tell us something about yourself. Who are you really? The more you tell the happier we will be.

Carolyn Page: Australian born, I have always felt somewhat different. It wasn’t until my early thirties I understood why.

During a rather distressing time in my life spirit made themselves known to me. Since that time I have come to know them as The Collective Consciousness. This relationship is highlighted, primarily in my blog ‘Light Workers of the World’.

To say my life has been eventful would be true. Not in the usual sense, but as a clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient, who has been waiting (all her life) for that which is happening now; it has been a life of long waiting, endurance, and, above all else, patience.

I now know I am just beginning the adventure for which I have been born. It fills me with enormous…

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