A New Relationship

We are beginning a new relationship, The C.C. and I. To date the relationship has been one of mentor and student. Today the seeds of this new relationship are taking root. They are taking root in the form of one that shall grow to maturity. And what shall this new maturity look like?

It will grow in the form of equality. And what is equality? Equality, my friends, is a relationship that holds the essence of trust in each other.


Our dearest is experiencing a trauma, of a kind, as she comes to this new relationship; one that has been as close as breath. Yet one that, until now, eluded her. And why?

This has eluded her due to her inability to see her worth. Yes, Dear Ones, until you see your worth you will not see equality. This is as arranged.

We commenced this communiqué as one. Yes indeed; our dearest will, in the near future, not require our input. To date, most of our communication has been led by us, The C.C.  In future communication our dearest will communicate our requests, but alone, so to speak.

I am our dearest’s soul. Over the past days our dearest has been journeying to places hithertofore unknown. All will do this in their spiritual journey as they strain to release the old and become that which we all are: Consciousness, Dear Hearts; we are all consciousness.

In the releasement of the old will herald a new beginning; a beginning that will not be underestimated nor tolerate the unacceptable. And what is unacceptable?

Anything that does not smack of equality is unacceptable; a new platform from which to experience. One that shall herald the beginning of maturity for all.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Coffee & Conversation – Diet, a Healthy Attitude & an Exercise Programme to Suit

And here we sit, dearest, once again at the keyboard. And what shall we speak about today? Shall we speak about that which we advised when with ‘the daughter’ earlier this day? Yes? Yes indeed we shall, dearest. On we go:

Earlier today our dearest and her daughter, Veronica, met for a tête-à-tête, which is their norm. Oh yes, Dear Ones, our dearest and her dearest meet often for brunch and coffee at their local mall. At such meetings, we, The C.C. advise our dear ones of those things needed for the continuation of their journey toward perfection.

We advised both of their progress, congratulating them for their endurance, willingness and the matter of fact mindset both have toward doing those things needed for the rewards of Backwards Aging to become factual.

We see many physical changes for both, Dear Hearts. In the not too distant future we shall be creating a video in which you shall see the changes first hand.

However, we must advise that shortly our dearest will be taking a sojourn of sorts as she acquires those things needed for her onward journey. We have kept many things secret from our dearest, indeed. With this writing will come advice in the form of a value our dearest will hold open to all who wish to join her in this endeavour to attain Backwards Aging.

Our dearest understands the demands we have placed upon her in this regard. However, Dear Ones, in order for our dearest to attain said Backwards Aging, there is a need for her to concentrate her energies upon herself.

We have commenced the physical needs required for Backwards Aging in the sense of a refined diet, a mental attitude of health, along with an exercise programme to guarantee the body is free of those aging cells. Yes, Dear Ones, all aging materials within the body must depart. To further this process; exercise, the correct exercise for our dearest must ensue. This will be a necessity for all who wish to Backwards Age. Diet, a healthy mental attitude coupled with an exercise programme specifically geared to suit each individual.

Our dearest will not be departing completely; oh no, Dear Ones. However, we shall require our dearest to now concentrate fully upon herself. She will keep you all updated, as inspired.

Should you wish to follow our dearest’s example we would be only too pleased to enlighten you regarding those things required for Backwards Aging:

Diet, mental attitude and an exercise programme to suit your needs.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Water – the Elixir of Life & Death

My whole body is soooo dry!

And this, dearest, is what we want to speak with you about this day:

Water – or the elixir of life and death.

Too many proponents of ‘water drinking’ are killing many. Yes dearest, water, the elixir of life and death, is purported to be that which the masses need for optimum health. We, dearest, would like to set the record straight:

Yes; water is needed for the body to remain hydrated; this is true. However, dearest, too much water can kill.

Our dearest is surprised by our words. However, dearest, this is true. Too many reach for the water bottle constantly. Some drink coloured water; water mixed with juice, or water infiltrated with sugar. Not only do many drink too much water; some sweeten the water into a toxic solution of death.

We speak openly, dearest; too many believe the erroneous articles propagated by others.

Our dearest asks:  “How much water is necessary for health?”

This has a simple answer, dearest:  The amount of water needed to satisfy one’s thirst; and no more.


Are my two cups of decaf in the evenings too much water?

You need to wake in the early morn to evacuate your bladder, dearest. Yes?

Yes, this is correct.

Would this not be a telling sign of too much water, dearest?

Yes it would. Sometimes, though, I am thirsty late in the evening and reach for water or a decaf.

Is it possible to change this habit, dearest?

It would be possible to drink more during the daytime; then I probably wouldn’t be thirsty before retiring.

Indeed, dearest; the time of day to drink is during the daylight hours. Yes?

Yes, that makes sense. I will endeavour to drink when thirsty throughout the day and not automatically have a decaf (or two) after the evening meal.

A change of ‘pattern’ is required, dearest. Yes?


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ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Coffee & Conversation – Exercise, Illness and Good Health

Exercise is not to be attempted when one is ill.


Over the past weeks our dearest has had the flu. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, it is flu weather for those down under, and will be for the short term. We advise, for those subject to illness, a cessation of physical exercise.

We are not speaking of an illness that spans many months and years. No Dear Ones, this type of illness demands more of you; indeed it does.

For those suffering long term illness there is a need for movement; as much as the body allows. Once saturation point has been achieved, the individual must take care not to over indulge. Yes, Dear Ones; there are those who, subject to their energy levels, will overdo exercise particularly when ill.

No, Dear Ones, it is not to those individuals we are referring. We are referring to those suffering the short term effects of climate changing illnesses. To you we speak, Dear Heart.

Do not expect too much of a body already absorbed in removing waste. Yes, Dear One; waste is the by-product of illness. Is it not? And herein lies a clue for all suffering illness; short or long term.

The body’s ability to deal with waste is undermined by illness, and should not be underestimated.

Over the past few weeks our dearest has been laid low by illness; yes indeed. Her natural calling is to exercise. However, we advised a cessation until her energy levels increased. This morning our dearest spent two minutes on her much loved rowing machine; engaged in twenty squats, one hundred steps on her mini stepper, and followed with a number of body stretches.


To say our dearest enjoyed herself would be true, Dear Hearts. Her hope is for a progression back to her usual amount of time, stretching and challenging her body. She has not liked the lack of tone that has been the result of her inability to render her muscles flex.

However, Dear Hearts, and this is the point of our article. For those who willingly choose the path of the Light Worker, a shortcut of sorts will be given to those who choose to advance in the realm of health. We, Dear Ones, offer to you a reduction of sorts. Yes, Dear Ones; we shall assist in the sense of acquiring the result that you work for; yes indeed. We shall ensure your fitness goals are met with a decrease within your exercise regime. Yes, that is correct, Dear Hearts.

When your goal is health we shall assist in all manner of ways; reducing your need to overwork.

Many Blessings

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Everything Old is New Again, or Is It?

Yes indeed, dearest, on we go with yet another advice.

The advice we wish to offer, dearest, is for those who wish to have a healthy existence; that is right. This is always a choice. We can choose to exist in a positive or a negative fashion.

In spirit this is all we have, dearest; we either choose to live in a positive or a negative; as above, so below, dearest.

Negativity slowly kills; whereas positivity keeps the organism in tip top condition, so-called.

What is it that you want, Dear Heart? Do you want to be in tip top condition, or do you wish to be within the so-called negative? This is always a choice.

Were you to have answered in the positive, we say:  Well done, Dear Heart, your wish must become your reality. And how is this reality created? It is created, Dear One, by monitoring your thoughts and subsequent actions with direct scrutiny. Only in this way will you circumnavigate your mind’s inordinate ability to deceive. Do not think your mind (your brain) will not try to deceive, Dear Heart; this is as we have created it; it must do as it has been constructed; yes indeed.

However, we have also given the mind a chink in its armour. Love will penetrate the stubbornness associated with its engineering; yes indeed. With the antidote of Love you have been given the possibility of creating a positive change.

Our dearest wonders to where we are leading. Are you not, dearest?

Yes indeed, our dearest wishes for a cessation of our wanderings coupled with an astute understanding of that to which we lead. So be it, dearest. We are leading to the inevitable change that must occur for positivity to have its way. To explain:

We see many upon many adhering to the old. And what is meant by this? What is meant, Dear Ones, is exactly as said. The old is old, Dear Ones. The new is new.

Has the old been of the positive, or has the old been of the negative? This question you must ask of yourself if positivity is your desire. If you have answered in the negative then this will become the new. Yes indeed, Dear Heart, negativity is what you shall have. If you have answered in the positive, then positivity is what you shall have.

Do not doubt this, Dear One; you and only you are in command of your thoughts and subsequent actions. If you desire to be within the positive vibrations, then this will become your new.

Should you require a little help maintaining your desire we suggest this:

Ask for help; that is right, Dear Ones. Ask for help from the one who is but a moment away; yes indeed. Your soul, Dear Heart, is awaiting your call. Ask once, twice, often, Dear Heart. Ask until it becomes your watchword; your daily routine; your constant desire. Ask, and you will receive.

Many Blessings


I have been inspired to add a few words in relation to that which The C.C. has said.

Whenever I have doubt in regard to anything within my day I ask my soul for help. This has become second nature to me. As soon as this energy becomes apparent I hastily yet calmly ask for help, and I receive assistance in the form of a stillness that generally follows a deep breath.

It has become apparent to me that the release from the negativity the energy of doubt creates, and the sense of quiet that ensues asking my soul for help, comes a ‘space’ in which an understanding can evolve. This may happen instantly or sometimes slowly; it isn’t always the same. However, with practise and my deep desire to live positively, this habit ensures as little time as possible is spent within the negative. It has also given me faith and trust in my soul. I know I am loved and cared for. As a human I believe this to be a great necessity, and is the greatest love I know.

I pass this on to you, should you choose to do the same.



© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Sugar – Not at all Sweet!

Our dearest wishes to explore the relevance of removing sugar from the diet; yes indeed she does.

We salute you, dearest, for continuing to locate the realities of life utilising the best diet possible.

Sugar has become, for most, the bane of their existence. This may be a known value, though most will not be cognizant of this reality. Indeed, Dear Ones, they, most, will continue to suffer ill-health not knowing the reason why.

Yes, this is a bold statement. Our dearest has suggested this to us as we speak.

Yes indeed, dearest; this is most certainly a bold statement. However, dearest, it is also a true statement.

To continue Dear Ones:  Sugar remains the substance that causes the most harm to the body structures, including the brain. Remove this substance and the entire structure benefits. Is this not true, dearest?

Our dearest agrees, Dear Hearts. And why is this substance abhorrent to the bodily structures?

This is true, Dear Ones, it, sugar, the refined white sugar is without a nutritional benefit. It is bereft of nutritional benefit. It clogs the pores, so to speak, of your innards. It refuses to budge. It binds to the structures of your cells clogging and preventing oxygenation to have its way. Yes indeed, Dear Ones, oxygenation cleanses. Without this cleansing system what do you have? That is right, Dear Ones; you have a system of pungent, putrid pooling of waste; you get the picture.

Our dearest wonders why we have used the definition of ‘refined white’ sugar.

We have used this definition, dearest, because many sugars have some nutritional benefit. However, dearest, we hasten to add:  No sugar, refined or not, has an ultimate positive reaction upon the body’s structures. There is always a deficit in the negative; you understand.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Grains – To Be or Not To Be

We would like to speak upon the subject of grains. Yes indeed, dearest, grains can be for some a two edged sword. Just as no two bodies are alike, this relates also to the grains available for ingestion.

Many are not comfortable eating grains. They, like many foodstuffs, can and do account for many a sore belly. Yes indeed, Dear Ones; it is essential to know your grains.

Our dearest has limited her grain intake and is currently evaluating those with which her body has an affinity against those of little or harmful benefit. Yes, Dear Heart, we use the word ‘benefit’ in this negative sense as this explains the ongoing habits of many.

To explain, Dear Heart:  Many ingest certain foods as pleasure sensing catalysts; yes indeed they do. Many ingest certain foods only because of the pleasure they appear to bring.

However, Dear Ones, eating foodstuffs in this manner creates many a difficulty; not only for the body, but for the mind; yes indeed. And this is the beginning of decline for the body, and addiction for the mind.

To return to our story:  Our dearest continues evaluating those foods that cause her body harm, as opposed to those foods that bring positivity and health.

Our dearest wonders if she has ‘gluten’ intolerance. We can assure our dearest that gluten is currently behaving in a friendly manner, so to speak. However, the human body can, without moderation, create intolerances of this fashion.

We have, therefore, offered many alternatives to our dearest; and openly encourage her to add great variety to her diet. We are pleased to report she is openly responding to this encouragement as she purchases many varieties of grains hitherto unknown to her digestive processes. She reports, with great enthusiasm, her delight.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Coffee & Conversation – Not All Will Enjoy Your Success

We have something to say, dearest. Yes, we have something to say in regard your health. Shall we proceed? Good, dearest; on we go:

Along with health come many obstacles. This surprises our dearest. She wonders what could be the obstacles of which we have concern.

The obstacles, dearest, are those that surface as you gain health; obstacles that may hinder your progress.

We speak of the thoughts and doubts presented by others; yes indeed.

Many about you will not wish you well in your endeavours; this is true. You must remain vigilant, dearest, for those who may wish you ill on your progression forward.

This is always a part of the human condition. There are those who rejoice with you in your success; and there are those who will demean your efforts; yes indeed.

Were you to listen to those of a negative vibe, you may find yourself doubting your endeavours.

This comes as a warning, dearest, to you and all whose interest lies in self propulsion to greater self realisation in all ways. There will always be those whose interest lies in denouncing your efforts and causing harm.

Do not fear those whose purpose is to detract. They are doing so as arranged.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Health For All & Backwards Aging

Yes indeed, dearest, it is time to begin. Begin what, you may well ask?

To continue with our story, dearest, we must make a beginning. Yes? Yes indeed, dearest, we shall firstly create a premise upon which to base our story.

In the beginning there was……  We jest, dearest; we shall be more concise than this…

Our dearest Carolyn, asked quite recently if, due to the Backwards Aging she is experiencing her innards would backwards age as well. In this lies our story:

Indeed, the whole equals the sum of its parts; yes indeed. However, Dear Ones; were the parts to have been unequal, or unhealthy, then the sum would add up to equal the parts of ill-health. Agree? And this is what can be found within the bodies of the majority of humans; yes indeed. Ill-health! Therefore, Dear Ones, there is a need for health to be obtained.

Backwards Aging is not to be a magic bullet for health, Dear Ones. It is a reward for the work that you do upon yourselves. Those who register age 27 will be those who not only work upon the many fragmented realities within the mind, but also those who work upon regaining and maintaining health within the structure of the body.

We appreciate there are those who, for one reason or another, have agreed to an illness or two being experienced within this lifetime. Yes indeed, there are many who qualify within this parameter. However, Dear Hearts, there be many millions upon millions within this group, and all others, who have not kept within the healthy boundaries required for optimum living.

We refer, Dear Ones, to those who opt to eat those foodstuffs that guarantee ill-health.

Sugar tops this list, Dear Hearts, and is the one substance that, given the short shift will begin the cleansing process most bodies require.

We are pleased to announce that our dearest is one such one. Over the past weeks our dearest has foregone the sweet treats and is experiencing a calmer attitude both mentally and physically. We salute you, dearest.

Many Blessings to all

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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