War Mongering – A Challenge to be Met Openly, Honestly and Without Fear

Listen while you read  

Our dearest has a problem; one that has been overwhelming her of late. This problem will be one that shall cause angst for many Light Workers; yes indeed.

The problem arises because many Light Workers involve themselves in the day to day lives of the world. That is right, Dear Ones. Many Light Workers see the ‘big picture’. And what does the big picture entail? It entails disorder and destruction, not only for many species of animals, etc., upon Earth, but also, Dear Ones, for man.

We cannot achieve anything without a ripple effect; this is a universal law, Dear Hearts. We cannot achieve a single act without that single act having repercussions upon the whole. And this, Dear Ones, can be seen worldwide. Yes, the repercussions of actions are becoming quite visible for those with eyes to see.

However, and this is the point of this writing. We ask, Dear Hearts, that you hold the emotional body in check. This we have asked of our dearest this day. Hold to the spiritual values that are your task for this life experience. Placing yourself, emotionally, in the hands of the warmongers is not your task; no Dear Hearts. Your task is to bring about perfection within. This cannot be achieved if you are involved in anger, distrust, violence and greed.

Our dearest asks for the solution.

The solution, dearest, is to know about the world and its troubles; yes this is correct. However, dearest; know and remain at ease, calm within the knowledge that war and destruction is inevitable.

A challenge to be met openly, honestly, and without fear.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

The Truth of Backwards Aging

Until we find what it is we are searching for we will continue to look. In looking we find. And what it is we are looking for? Generally, we are looking for the key that unlocks the door once closed.

Once found, we can then stop looking; perhaps change course, or stay a while behind the once closed door.

The third option is no longer available. The door, once closed, has another and another door within. This, in general, is the root and growth leading to further understanding and knowledge.

Our dearest knows not of what we speak. She has agreed to be our scribe, once again. But only when this is an agreement based upon equality; to be sure.

We have given our dearest ‘time out’ of late. Hers is a task that takes much energy to fulfill; she was in need of rest and restoration.

And now, Dear Hearts, our dearest is fully restored with great energy abounding. However, like all good rests, there comes the need for more. Yes, Dear Ones, our dearest shall rest more than ever before.

We advised our dearest of the work to come. It will become quite demanding for our dearest in the time ahead. We expect her to reach the age 27 by Christmas 2019. Already there has been great work upon this to date. Our dearest, and her daughter, Veronica, have reached milestones in their journey of backwards aging with many now commenting upon their changing appearances. It is, to a major extent, a fait accompli.

During the period between today and tomorrow of Christmas 2019, our dearest, and Veronica, will steadily and slowly journey backwards in time, so called. There will come the day when they will no longer be able to cordially respond to those who compliment. No, Dear Hearts, a simple Thank You will prove to be insufficient; others will want to have a better understanding of the changes quite visible.

This will mark the beginning of the next grand chapter in the book of backwards aging. We foresee this happening well before Christmas 2019; this is as arranged, you understand. Yes, Dear Ones, this will be the beginning of an upturn in curiosity for many; heralding a new beginning as they take to heart the truth of backwards aging.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Life Continues To Be Good…

flowers-19830_960_720It’s been hard work getting here, but, it sure is worth it.

And what do you mean by this, dearest?

I’ve worked hard upon ridding myself of fear, and continue to do so whenever fear raises its little head.

Does this happen regularly, dearest?

Not so regularly, no. However, occasionally, when I feel myself ill at ease I immediately ask for help from my soul; and within a short time I receive the understanding that has eluded me.

And this, dearest, calms and soothes?

Yes indeed it does.

And how does this appear to you, dearest?

Normally it appears as a solution to whatever has created the ‘ill at ease’ event. A situation, once cloudy, becomes clear; an individual may speak words that solve the dilemma; I may read something that directly or indirectly makes sense of something that was causing distress. It can vary; yet, once I’ve asked for help, the help arrives.

Indeed it does, dearest. Yes indeed.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Fun and Enjoyment

It continues. And what continues? Freedom continues.

Our dearest is becoming aware of a vastly different pattern of thinking. This she is. And to what has her thinking changed? It has changed to caring about herself. Is this not so, dearest?

Yes, it is absolutely true. I have been marveling about this recently.

And can you give an example or two?

The major differences I see and feel relate to how I think about my day. Recently I began to learn piano keyboard; something I’ve wanted to do all my life. I find myself constructing my day in a fashion that combines pleasure and work, but with a view to enjoying my day. This is very different from times past when I didn’t spend time and energy doing something for me and me alone.

I am also thinking about the food I will eat and ensuring I’m doing that which is good for my body; such as sitting in the winter sun to feed my body vitamin D. There are many more ‘little’ snippets of self care slipping into my thinking. Life really has become about taking care of me, and enjoying myself.

We know this is true, dearest. And the future?

I’m not totally sure about the future. I know, at this moment, I can’t foresee doing anything that would bring me harm. However, I do believe there will be challenges, though just how they will present is something I’ll need to experience when the time comes.

I do know, though, I will be skilled sufficiently to deal with whatever happens. This is something I’m constantly aware of as my thinking has changed from needing approval, and the fear this generates; to having a mindset that envisions fun and enjoyment at the top of the thinking pyramid.

Well said, dearest. Yes, fun and enjoyment coupled with challenges geared to progression, will become the order of the day.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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I am. This is my value

We have something to say, dearest. Do we have your consent?

Yes, you do. Thank You for asking.

Indeed, dearest; ours in a ‘new relationship’. Yes?

Yes it is.

One that smacks of greater equality. Yes?

Yes, there is a definite air of change; one with which I am swiftly coming to terms.

In what manner, dearest?

Like a newly fledged bird I am feeling my wings; knowing I have left the nest and will find my way with greater confidence that will mature with experience.

Well said, dearest. Yes, your analogy is a good one. Though, unlike a bird, you will have constant support whenever it is needed. Shall we explain, dearest?

Yes, I would very much appreciate that.

Unlike a fledged bird who charters its own course, you, dearest, have a known charter. Yes?

I believe so, yes.

Can you explain your charter, dearest?

I believe I am the example put forward as the course to be taken to arrive ultimately at the point of perfection. Perfection, for the human, is a state of fearlessness. To arrive at this point it is necessary to pinpoint and challenge all fear.

Indeed, dearest. And are you doing this?

Yes I am.

You are currently in the midst of one such challenge. Are you not?

Yes I am.

Can you explain the challenge?

The current challenge is regarding ‘Equality’. You, The Collective Consciousness are the catalyst. The goal has been to realise equality with you.

You haven’t felt equal, dearest?

No I haven’t. It has taken many incidents of inequality between us, and instigated by you, to bring me to this state of awareness.

And now, dearest?

Slowly I am becoming aware of the need for this realisation to take root. It has become known to me, through many hours of confusion that we must work as a team. This could not occur whilst I had you ‘up on a pedestal’, so to speak. I have, through your instigation, been made aware that having knowledge, or any talent, scholarly achievement, etc., does not entitle one to a state whereby they achieve a higher standing than another. We are equal because we are all consciousness; each with a particular path we have chosen for very individual purposes; one not better, nor worse than another:

We have value because ‘we are’. This is our value.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Equality For All

Yesterday the following was written to a Dear Heart in response to a question she posed some months ago. To explain:

The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) had stated that this year, 2018, all questions would be answered via videos that I (Carolyn) would create.

We are writing to you, Dear Heart, with this answer to your question because our dearest does not wish to create videos; as was our proposal last year, 2017. This is as arranged, Dear One. Our dearest, if she is to find ‘equality’, will not do so by being at our beck and call, so to speak. No, Dear Heart; this will be achieved by her abstinence from our desires.

We have asked a number of requests of her. However, equality means having one’s own voice. This, our dearest is finding as she circumnavigates confusion, and finds the courage to use her own voice.

And this is happening in many areas of my life. I was finding a lack of commitment to what I had seen as my ‘purpose in life’. That purpose was to remain obedient to the call of The C.C. in carrying out the plan of creating ‘perfection’ (a lack of fear) as the basis for the new Fantasy for Earth.

I had been rebelling over a number of  requests put forward by The C.C; with confusion and bewilderment the result. Thankfully, and very recently, as I voiced my protestations came some answers.

Equality for all is also a part of the new; and I was not feeling equal to The C.C. Their requests felt more like commands, and did not take into consideration my desires and needs.

It has taken a lot of soul searching, yelling and screaming. However, I am now understanding that, this too, is part of the journey each shall take in their spiritual journey to perfection:

I had to eliminate the fear that rebelling against those I’d considered my superiors (so-called) had instilled within me. For others, those (so-called) superiors may be one’s parents, a sibling, a spouse, an employer, etc. However, each of us has an imagined superior or superiors preventing us from finding our worth and realising equality.

To say the past numbers of weeks and months have been quite harrowing would most certainly be true. I had visions of my life’s work crumbling around me as I rejected and refused The C.C.’s requests; only to find this was, and is, part of the plan leading to perfection (a lack of fear) and the overriding sense of equality with all.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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A New Relationship

We are beginning a new relationship, The C.C. and I. To date the relationship has been one of mentor and student. Today the seeds of this new relationship are taking root. They are taking root in the form of one that shall grow to maturity. And what shall this new maturity look like?

It will grow in the form of equality. And what is equality? Equality, my friends, is a relationship that holds the essence of trust in each other.


Our dearest is experiencing a trauma, of a kind, as she comes to this new relationship; one that has been as close as breath. Yet one that, until now, eluded her. And why?

This has eluded her due to her inability to see her worth. Yes, Dear Ones, until you see your worth you will not see equality. This is as arranged.

We commenced this communiqué as one. Yes indeed; our dearest will, in the near future, not require our input. To date, most of our communication has been led by us, The C.C.  In future communication our dearest will communicate our requests, but alone, so to speak.

I am our dearest’s soul. Over the past days our dearest has been journeying to places hithertofore unknown. All will do this in their spiritual journey as they strain to release the old and become that which we all are: Consciousness, Dear Hearts; we are all consciousness.

In the releasement of the old will herald a new beginning; a beginning that will not be underestimated nor tolerate the unacceptable. And what is unacceptable?

Anything that does not smack of equality is unacceptable; a new platform from which to experience. One that shall herald the beginning of maturity for all.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Coffee & Conversation – Diet, a Healthy Attitude & an Exercise Programme to Suit

And here we sit, dearest, once again at the keyboard. And what shall we speak about today? Shall we speak about that which we advised when with ‘the daughter’ earlier this day? Yes? Yes indeed we shall, dearest. On we go:

Earlier today our dearest and her daughter, Veronica, met for a tête-à-tête, which is their norm. Oh yes, Dear Ones, our dearest and her dearest meet often for brunch and coffee at their local mall. At such meetings, we, The C.C. advise our dear ones of those things needed for the continuation of their journey toward perfection.

We advised both of their progress, congratulating them for their endurance, willingness and the matter of fact mindset both have toward doing those things needed for the rewards of Backwards Aging to become factual.

We see many physical changes for both, Dear Hearts. In the not too distant future we shall be creating a video in which you shall see the changes first hand.

However, we must advise that shortly our dearest will be taking a sojourn of sorts as she acquires those things needed for her onward journey. We have kept many things secret from our dearest, indeed. With this writing will come advice in the form of a value our dearest will hold open to all who wish to join her in this endeavour to attain Backwards Aging.

Our dearest understands the demands we have placed upon her in this regard. However, Dear Ones, in order for our dearest to attain said Backwards Aging, there is a need for her to concentrate her energies upon herself.

We have commenced the physical needs required for Backwards Aging in the sense of a refined diet, a mental attitude of health, along with an exercise programme to guarantee the body is free of those aging cells. Yes, Dear Ones, all aging materials within the body must depart. To further this process; exercise, the correct exercise for our dearest must ensue. This will be a necessity for all who wish to Backwards Age. Diet, a healthy mental attitude coupled with an exercise programme specifically geared to suit each individual.

Our dearest will not be departing completely; oh no, Dear Ones. However, we shall require our dearest to now concentrate fully upon herself. She will keep you all updated, as inspired.

Should you wish to follow our dearest’s example we would be only too pleased to enlighten you regarding those things required for Backwards Aging:

Diet, mental attitude and an exercise programme to suit your needs.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Water – the Elixir of Life & Death

My whole body is soooo dry!

And this, dearest, is what we want to speak with you about this day:

Water – or the elixir of life and death.

Too many proponents of ‘water drinking’ are killing many. Yes dearest, water, the elixir of life and death, is purported to be that which the masses need for optimum health. We, dearest, would like to set the record straight:

Yes; water is needed for the body to remain hydrated; this is true. However, dearest, too much water can kill.

Our dearest is surprised by our words. However, dearest, this is true. Too many reach for the water bottle constantly. Some drink coloured water; water mixed with juice, or water infiltrated with sugar. Not only do many drink too much water; some sweeten the water into a toxic solution of death.

We speak openly, dearest; too many believe the erroneous articles propagated by others.

Our dearest asks:  “How much water is necessary for health?”

This has a simple answer, dearest:  The amount of water needed to satisfy one’s thirst; and no more.


Are my two cups of decaf in the evenings too much water?

You need to wake in the early morn to evacuate your bladder, dearest. Yes?

Yes, this is correct.

Would this not be a telling sign of too much water, dearest?

Yes it would. Sometimes, though, I am thirsty late in the evening and reach for water or a decaf.

Is it possible to change this habit, dearest?

It would be possible to drink more during the daytime; then I probably wouldn’t be thirsty before retiring.

Indeed, dearest; the time of day to drink is during the daylight hours. Yes?

Yes, that makes sense. I will endeavour to drink when thirsty throughout the day and not automatically have a decaf (or two) after the evening meal.

A change of ‘pattern’ is required, dearest. Yes?


© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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