It’s Just a Pesky Trifle!

Oftentimes, we believe in something untrue; indeed we do. There is only one truth, in everything. However, for the most part many of us rationalise (to our best possible) the answer to that which confuses us. This may be in regard to a million and one things occurring throughout the day.

We may question a greeting:  Was that cynicism we heard, or is he/she a little overwrought? Did that vehicle deliberately cut me off? Is his/her silence, rudeness, or did he/she perhaps not see me?

Oh yes, Dear Hearts, millions upon millions of nuances, good and bad so-called, afflict our day. And what, if anything, should we do about such trifles?

The answer is in the question. Yes, Dear Ones, many millions upon millions of ‘trifles’ such as these will plague us ad-infinitum; should we allow.

The answer lies in not allowing such trifles to assault us. And how, you ask, can this be done?

It is not easy, however, Dear Ones, it is a simple answer. The trick is to learn this quickly and apply it constantly. Yes, Dear Hearts; if we want to be free of confusion, second guessing and manipulation we will work steadily toward that which our dearest has learned.

Distance from the minor trifles will satisfy your desire for peace of mind. Yes, Dear Ones; learn how not to be affected by the trifles that beset you.

Firstly: Desire to be free of those pesky troubles, and free you will become.

Secondly: Be consistent in naming those trifles when they arise. That’s right. Name the trouble! Once named, a pesky troublesome trifle disintegrates into the nothingness from which it came.

And from where did it come?

That’s an easy question to answer:  It came from your mind.

You think not? You think it did not originate in your mind, Dear Heart?

If you answered no; then do tell, Dear One; from where did it come?

We have engineered the mind of man (the brain) to be troublesome, Dear Hearts; yes indeed. In order for perfection to be achieved, the troublesome mind must be understood in order for it to be soothed and calmed.

And what, pray tell, soothes and calms the mind? We shall tell you:

You, Dear Heart:  Yes, you; armed with the knowledge of truth.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

A Good Samaritan?

Indeed, Dear Hearts; we have another tale to tell. We shall be succinct:

Our dearest Carolyn has provided us with fodder for yet more to be encouraged. What we mean by this is, Dear Hearts:  Our dearest has dealt with particular questions that have lain dormant for many years.

Yes, Dear Ones; our dearest has had the illness associated with serving others to her detriment. Indeed this is true.

We have given her the cure over the recent past. And what is the cure?

The cure, Dearest Ones, is to forego the habit of placing others first.

But, we hear you cry. But this is sacrilege. Is it not?

No, Dearest Ones; it is not. Indeed, it is a part of the new energies coming your way. Indeed it is. And what are the new energies?

The new energies, Dear Hearts, are the energies of Love and Perfection. For too long the myths of long standing have laid bare (stripped) and troubled many a traveller. For too long the myths that have propagated pain and illness have kept many a soul in distress. These myths are now to come to an end. We shall expedite this with an unfolding of the new, so to speak.

Many continue to injure themselves with the myths that have been perpetuated relating to good Samaritans, so to speak. Indeed, the Good Samaritan is but a fool who allows the woes of the world to lie upon their shoulders. We speak openly so as the words will be taken to heart.

Yes, Dear Hearts, the Good Samaritan, in any language, is one who readily agrees that his worth is less than others. This is true, Dear Hearts. The Good Samaritan readily agrees that he needs to be doing for others, else he is worthless.

Look deep inside, ye Light Workers, and see if this rings true for you. Whilst there, you may also allow yourself to see how deeply embedded is the need to place others first. This is true for many Light Workers of the Positive; it has been agreed upon before entry into the Earth Fantasy. It has led you a merry dance; to be sure.

Our dearest Carolyn has, over the recent past, come to appreciate this characteristic within and has, with our help, managed to overcome the preponderance to support others to her detriment. This has evidenced freedom for our dearest in a fashion unknown before. She now is experiencing energy of enormous content; energy which, to date, has not been enjoyed.

Will our dearest continue to enjoy her ongoing relationships? Indeed she will. And will our dearest continue to realise greater energy? Indeed she will.

And this is on offer for all Light Workers; including Light Workers of the Negative. They too will, as they are offered less support, find within themselves the means to overcome their torment; providing them with energy that shall support their individual characteristics; characteristics that cannot be supported, nor modified by another.

No, Dear Ones; the only way a Light Worker of the Light, or a Light Worker of the Negative can be supported is from within themselves. Only in this way can change be effective. Hear our words, Dear Ones:  Only you can create change in you. This cannot be created by another.

We shall leave this with you to ponder.

Many Blessings to all

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

A Change to be Replicated

There has been a big change for our dearest; indeed there has. This change will be replicated by many as they take on board the energies applicable to the new. And what is the new?

The new, Dear Hearts, is remaining true to oneself. What does this mean, Dear Ones?

This means, Dear Hearts, never again allowing the desires, wants and energies of others to interfere with what is best, practical and of the highest quality; this it does, Dear Ones.

What this shall mean for those whose demeanour cannot be changed by outside influences is this:

We shall leave this to your imagination, Dear Heart. Suffice to say; calm and resolve will be the essence of those who reach this milestone in the journey toward Love and Perfection.

Many Blessings to All

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

The C.C. has encouraged me to say a few words.

It is hard to put into words; however, I feel a calm I’ve not experienced to date. It is calm mixed with a stillness that, I know, will refuse negativity to be a part of my demeanour. There is a certain ‘steely’ quality about it; one that honours all, including myself.

I know I will never again be able to abuse myself by putting the desires of others before me; whilst always respecting the journey upon which we are all individually travelling.

Suffice to say; it feels extremely strong, objective and, I know, a new beginning upon which to base the next chapter of change toward Love and Perfection.

© 2018 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World


Our Dear Heart, Veronica

Veronica and Michael watching the New Year’s Eve Fireworks

We have a tale to tell, Dear One, it involves our dearest’s daughter; yes indeed it does.

Veronica has been an integral part of that which our dearest, Carolyn, has been invested within:  Namely; creating love and perfection within..

Without our Dear One, Veronica, our dearest would have been bereft of valuable company. This invaluable company given by our Dear Heart, Veronica, has enabled our dearest to achieve in a manner unobtainable alone.

To our Dear Heart, Veronica, we say:

Many blessings are yours, Dear One; with many blessings to follow; indeed.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Get Well Soon/Scientific Evidence Needed

Listen while you read  

Well may you say the earth is round; for, Dear Hearts, the world is round. Our dearest is perplexed. Are you not, dearest?

Yes I am. I know a statement of this kind generally leads to something, though. Pray tell…

Indeed we will dearest. Indeed we will. You have discovered the true state of our Dear Heart Keith’s thinking. Have you not?

In so far as the conversation we had recently?

Indeed, dearest, this is precisely that to which we refer.

Yes, I have discovered his thought processes, which, I must say have surprised me, yet not; if this makes sense? Last evening I asked Keith, point blank, if he thought I was backwards aging. His response, as it has been for some time, was to evade the question. I pushed a little harder. He told me that he thought I was getting better!

To explain to my readers: During 2013 to the end of 2015 I was extremely ill. I’d spent 8 months confined to my bed; the remainder was a very gradual period of learning to walk again, plus very painfully and slowly getting back to normal living. In December 2015 The C.C. advised I would be capable of an overseas holiday, at the end of the month. I doubted this (I was still very weak) but, as always, I trusted. We set sail for Copenhagen and London; a wonderful trip that brought renewed strength and vigour to me.

Since that time I have not wanted to re-engage in the life we’d lived before September 2013, which was competition dancing. I voiced this to Keith, and we opted for some social dancing, as I became capable. And capable I became; however, I’d lost the love of dancing as we’d danced previously.

Now I am realising, all this time later, Keith believes I am ‘still’ recovering. His rationalisation is: I am not dancing because I am not capable of the physical activity needed to pursue the competition field. There is nought I can say to convince him otherwise; so have opted to let him think as he will.

Keith’s final statement last night was to say he believes I look extremely good; however, I still have a way to go before I am back to where I was previous to the illness. I now know this is his way of rationalising. My love for dance was exceedingly strong. Coupled with his need to evade the question of backwards aging, even though I have informed him that he too will age backwards, his Light Worker of the Negative mentality prevents him from accepting or admitting my changing appearance.

And this, dearest, will be the case for many Light Workers of the Negative; some of the Positive Light Workers, and most of those with whom you come into contact. This is why, dearest, there will be need for scientific study of your anatomy. Yes, dearest, we have advised of this previously, and ask that you take this information within so as when the time arrives you shall be prepared. Yes?

Yes, I can see this will be necessary. Thank You.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Q9. Are All Light Workers Clairvoyant?

Are All Light Workers Clairvoyant?

This question was asked by ‘The Daughter’. Yes indeed, our dearest’s daughter has asked this question.

It will take almost an essay to answer this question, Dear Heart; so we shall put it sharply and to the point.

All Light Workers, upon attaining a certain degree of progression to Love and Perfection, will be given the set of skills pertaining to the role they have agreed to play.

Our dearest, for instance, is embarking upon a career that has been sparked by the desire to be independent; yes indeed. This was always going to be the case, Dear Heart; as it will be the case for each Light Worker.

Our dearest would not have considered this as a career, nor as a suitable manner in which to attain independence. And this will also be the case for many Light Workers as they attain a particular development; yes indeed. They will be presented with opportunities; opportunities presented as a matter of course, Dear One.

You, for instance, Dear Heart, are not currently aware of the possibilities that shall be presented to you. You are indeed nearing that level of progression, however, and will find yourself, as our dearest, delving into matters not before entertained. This is pre-ordained, Dear One, and will come matter-of-factly as has been the case for our dearest.

We ask, however, that you not pre-empt this condition; this will only bring angst and bewilderment. Until you are ready, as in a particular frame of mind, any investigation of the future will be not only futile, Dear Heart, but also detrimental.

And this we say to all Light Workers:

Know that the future will hold for you those things agreed upon before entering The Fantasy. And be assured you will acquire the set of skills needed to procure that which is imminent.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart. Once again your question will assist many Light Workers attain a better grasp.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Q8. How Does One Fill One’s Moments?


Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.

  • Our dearest Carolyn has a question, Dear Hearts. It is:

How does one fill one’s moments/days once the mind no longer fills each moment with the thoughts of another?

(After speaking with my beautiful daughter, Veronica, this morning and mentioning that the past few days I have had an enormous amount of energy (which was previously spent occupying my time with the thoughts of another/others) I came to appreciate I needed help.
The C.C. inspired me to offer my question for all to see.)

Yes, indeed, dearest; this will come to pass for all who diligently work towards success. Indeed, this is true, Dear Ones.

We offer this:

As a matter of course, the road will become clear to each and everyone as they turn the corner to success. It is not a matter of finding ‘something to do’; it becomes ‘doing that which you have come to do’.

There is a plan, dearest; yes indeed. The plan will unfold. What is needed is patience. No amount of thinking will bring the plan into being. No, dearest; this is not the case. The plan, which you chose for yourself, will unfold slowly but surely.

A simple answer, dearest; for a simple remedy.

Many Blessings are yours, dearest. Many Blessings will be yours.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

(Should you have a question you’d like us to answer we’d love to hear from you.)

It’s the Little Things


Listen while you read  

“It’s the little things,” our dearest says.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones, it is the little things of life that hold the greatest challenge. And what is meant by this?

What is meant, Dear Hearts, is:

As you go through your day acquiring greater knowledge ~ Oh yes, Dear Hearts; this is what living is all about. You think not? You think that life is not for learning and gaining greater command over yourself? Yes, indeed, Dear Hearts:

Life is for living. If you are living, you are learning. If you are ‘alive’ and not learning; well, Dear One; what can we offer you? That is right, Dear One; we can not offer you very much at all. For this is life, Dear Heart: Constant learning.


Back to the beginning, Dear One. We have now established that life is for living; life is for learning. If we are not learning; we are ‘dead’. And what is ‘dead’? You, Dear Heart; if you are not learning.

It is not book learning we speak of. No, Dear Ones; there is learning that far overrides the knowledge that can be found within books. No, Dear Hearts; it is the raising of your consciousness by gaining command over those things that once baffled you. We shall give some examples:

  1. Command over yourself.
  2. Command over yourself.
  3. Command ~ indeed, Dear Ones; you get the drift.

And this is what is on offer for those who choose to be conscious throughout their day.

Our dearest advises this is somewhat tiresome, at times, and demands a lot of energy on her part. However, the results are spectacular; to use her word!

Yes, Dear Ones; to be conscious of your self is what we are speaking about. Not being conscious of another; no, Dear Ones. This, being conscious of another, demands all your strength, and drains you of the precious energy given for you to enjoy life. When this energy is used, in the mental sense of having another upon your mind, so to speak; you, Dear One, are drained, indeed.

Our dearest, via our advice, has many moments; indeed, hours of being at one within herself. She no longer is drained by having another upon her mind.

And you, Dear Heart? Do you go through your day with another upon your mind? Only you can answer this question. Only you can alleviate this condition. Only you have the power to circumnavigate this erroneous condition. Only you are depleted by allowing another to have such sway upon your thoughts. Only you will benefit to the highest degree when you, willingly, allow such incontrovertible and demanding energies to leave.

We wish you well in your endeavours.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (5) A New Life


Listen while you read 

Here we are again, dearest, at the keyboard, indeed. And what shall we speak about? Oh yes; perhaps we could speak about the new life you will be living. Shall we?

Yes, please do.

Right, dearest, we shall. The new life – this sounds as if there are two lives. Does it not? One before the latest realisation; and one after. And this is true, dearest. The life that lies before you bears little resemblance to that which was before. This is as the result of many changes for you dearest. Yes?

Yes, this is indeed the case.

And what was before? Before the current realisations, your life, dearest, was one of duty, responsibility and honour. However, dearest, these were not duty, responsibility and honouring yourself. No, dearest. These were favours you bestowed upon all and sundry; leaving little appreciation for yourself. Would this be a true statement?

Yes it would. I certainly put everyone before myself. I may not have thought that, at the time; though, it is true. I was living life for others.

Yes indeed, dearest; this we know was true for you. And now?

Now I am finding myself doing things but without the thought of someone else on my mind. I’m now realising that there was very little time, if any, when I didn’t have someone else’s needs or desires on my mind.

Once again, dearest. And now?

I am relaxed. I’m doing things with myself in mind. That is; I’m beginning to appreciate that ‘I’ have a life, and I want to live it. I want now to do those things that I’ve denied myself. I don’t want the desires of others to be those things I do. I would have to say; I’m beginning to see my life as something to be enjoyed and not to be endured; as I have often thought.

It is exciting, dearest?

Yes, it is somewhat exciting. Only yesterday I mentioned to my daughter, Veronica, that I felt like a young schoolgirl about to leave and enter the wider world. I felt excited, a little nervous and a lot naive about many things; one of those things being the unfamiliar feeling of placing myself first.

And are you enjoying yourself?

Yes; though I do know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is still ‘work’ to be done with my partner of the Negative. We, as a team, are changing for the better; however, I believe this will take a little time for it to become the norm for us.

In what sense, dearest?

There is far less meanness and control on his part. However, occasionally he criticises or complains.

And how do you handle this?

You advised for me to use humour, though, you did say that there were varying ways to circumvent these energies. One of the ways you mentioned was to go to the ‘dream’ I now know is to become my future. This most certainly has the effect of transporting me to a place all my own, so to speak. I am quite surprised to find I am totally encapsulated in a very sweet energy; one that seems to obliterate the sense of being in company.

Being in company, dearest?

Yes. When I’ve returned, so to speak, from my reverie I realise I have not been cognisant of being with my partner for that period of time. The mood has changed, during my so-called absence, and it is as if the meanness hadn’t occurred.

You have not been affected, dearest?

Yes, that is precisely the effect.

Good, dearest; this is good. We shall leave this here for now.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World