Another Step to Youth & Vitality

Tomorrow represents another day; another day to improve upon yesterday. And how is this achieved? This is a simple question with a simple answer. To improve upon yesterday there needs to be desire; a desire for something better.

Do you desire something better?

Were you to have answered yes; then ‘better’ is what you shall have; for this is all that is required to have something better.

Yes, Dear Ones; a simple equation indeed. To have something better than yesterday, one needs desire.

When desire has reached its peak, then work is required.

Oh yes, it takes work! Something better is not achieved easily; it requires work. And what type of work, Dear Hearts, is needed?

The type of work that is unpaid, monetarily; but, is repaid one hundred fold.

And what is this work?

The work that goes unseen. The work upon oneself, Dear One; that is right. Work that, if taken seriously, will guarantee your desire for something better.

Yesterday it was revealed to a Dear Heart that your fears, taken one by one, step by slow step, will guarantee your desire; this is so, Dear Ones. When a fear is known, ask us for assistance to remove it. And if your desire is true; it will be removed.

Once removed, vigilance is required to ensure its removal. That is right, Dear Ones. Vigilance is required to ensure the fear does not return. Should it return, ask again and again, if necessary, until it does not return.

This practice will guarantee your desire for something better.

This practice, taken seriously, will also guarantee Backwards Aging.

Yes indeed; Backwards Aging is guaranteed as you practice the removal of fear.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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Life & Entertainment

And on to entertainment. For, Dear Ones; is this not what life is about?

You think not, Dear Hearts? You think that life is not about entertainment?

This is life, in all its wonder – to be entertained…

Were you not to be being entertained by life, Dear Hearts, then you are mistaken. Yes, Dear Hearts, you are mistaken in regard to the meaning of life.

Life is not meant to be a hardship. No, Dear Ones, this is so. It, life, can indeed be a hardship. However, we are here to tell you, from this moment forward, life, should you allow, can be a continuous and glorious rhythm of entertainment.

We have surprised our dearest Carolyn with this statement. Be this as it may; we shall reinforce our statement with another.

Should you choose to live in fear, Dear Ones; then fear will choose to live in you.

Now our dearest Carolyn is appreciating our first statement.

Yes indeed, dearest; were you to be living in fear do you believe you would feel ‘entertained’?

Our dearest does not, Dear Ones; and neither should you.

Ask; this is what we advise you, Dear Heart. Ask for the fear you feel to be removed. Yes, that is right, Dear One. Ask us to remove your fear. And, if your desire is true, we shall assist in the removal of your fear.

Our dearest Carolyn asked this day for another fear to be removed; this she did.

The result, Dear Ones?

The removal of the fear was ‘almost’ instantaneous; indeed.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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