A Surprise For My Birthday!

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As a young girl I believed I would never grow old. At that time, and for many years to come, I believed this to my core. So, when I became very ill during 2013 it didn’t surprise me to find myself dying. In fact, one night when my blood pressure was quite elevated, and my heart rate bumbled along over 140 bpm I said my goodbyes to my beautiful daughter and my life partner; I didn’t expect to last the night!


Indeed, Dear Hearts, our dearest thought she was dying; which would have proved the thoughts of her childhood. However, Dear Ones, this was not to be the case. No, Dear Hearts, our dearest is to live to a very ripe old age, as the saying goes. However, she will not grow old; no indeed.

Today we celebrate our dearest’s 68th birthday; a day of great celebration for, not only our dearest, but for those near and dear. We speak of all Light Workers, Dear Ones. Yes, the Light Workers of the World are those near and dear to our dearest. You think not, Dear Heart? You think our dearest does not hold the Light Workers of the World in great affection?

Indeed, Dear One, you are the reason our dearest is here. You are the reason our dearest has sublimated herself to live without many of the luxuries that could be afforded someone of her intellect, passion and incentive. Yes indeed, Dear One, our dearest allows much of the world to pass her by in order for her mission to be accomplished.

However, as a birthday gift to our dearest we are disclosing, within this writing, a decree. It will become evident to our dearest, as she continues to backward age which, along with youth and the vitality of youth will come wealth of a monetary nature.

We shall not disclose, at this juncture, how this will come about. Suffice to say, Dear Ones, our dearest will utilize the coming wealth to venture out and about; yes indeed. You may see our dearest as she travels the world connecting with you, and many other Light Workers.

We have written elsewhere about her travels to come. This will come to the fore during this year, Dear Hearts. Our dearest has already planned a journey where she visualises meeting with certain figures. Yes, Dear Ones, you may be one.

Many Blessings to you

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

All is Prearranged

Listen while you read  

We have advised our dearest that, in the future, she will know the love and acceptance of family. This came as quite a surprise to our dearest; indeed it did. To explain:

Our dearest has a mission; a mission to be fulfilled within this lifetime, indeed. Her mission is to bring about a beginning; a beginning that shall be told for centuries to come. And what is this beginning?

It is the beginning of love and perfection. Do you not see the beginnings, Dear Ones? Do you not feel a change in your perception? Yes; no? Indeed, Dear Hearts, many are feeling the changes within. This is due to prearrangement.

All is prearranged, Dear Hearts. This is not an easy thing with which to come to terms; no indeed. Humans like to think that all is serendipity; coincidence. Alas, many even believe all is haphazard, as such.

No, Dear Ones; all things, in the scheme of life, are planned to the nth degree.

For those suffering hardship, this is not an easy thing with which to come to terms; no, Dear Ones. Why would we place ourselves in such suffering; we hear you say.

All things are planned; all things have a plan, and all things are relevant in the scheme of your life; per se.

We expect a degree of consternation at the words we speak; yes indeed. We expect some to enquire for more knowledge as we venture forward. We are here to answer your call.

Many Blessings

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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New Information

Listen while you read  

Indeed, dearest, we have new information. Shall we proceed?

Yes, please do.

New information warms the cockles of your heart, dearest?

Yes, the thought of something new does indeed warm the cockles of my heart; as you say. I’m all ears!

How shall we go about this? Shall we begin by telling you of something you already know?

If it acts as a prelude to the new, then yes, this would be appreciated.

Indeed, dearest, it would act as a prelude, so to speak, for the introduction of the new. Right, dearest, on we go:

Many are aware of the life forms currently abiding upon Earth; there be many to be discovered, dearest; however, for the most part they (the current life forms) have been in evidence for many a year. What is not known, dearest, is the life form of the future; a life form unknown before. Yes, Dear Hearts, there is to be a new life form added to The Earth Fantasy. We have spoken of this recently, though, did not specify the form it would take; leaving it to your imaginations to peruse.

Once again, the need for the imagination is needed, Dear Ones. We can advise that the life form to come is neither a land animal nor a water animal; it is both, Dear Hearts.

Our dearest, when advised of the new life form coming for The Fantasy, wondered if the life form may resemble the mermaid/mermen. Is this not so, dearest?

Yes, I did hold that image in my mind, so to speak.

And you are correct, dearest. The new life form for The Earth Fantasy is to be the Merpeople, or Merfolk.

Are they already in existence within The Fantasy?

Not as yet, dearest.

Will they be in evidence within my time within The Fantasy?

Yes indeed, dearest; you will witness Merfolk in time.

Are there any facts about the Merfolk you are able to disclose?

Such as, dearest?

Will they be an amiable combination, or will they cause disruption?

Like all life forms within The Fantasy, they will have their troubles. However, dearest, they will not cause outright disruption for other life forms; though, their entry to The Fantasy will cause many a raised eyebrow.

A raised eyebrow?

Yes, dearest, a raised eyebrow.

In what way?

Many will view them as dangerous, dearest / many will view them as a means to gain financial control. By this we mean:

Man is a carnivorous creature; he takes what he wants without thought for the future. This is as we have engineered him; he does only as we have directed. Greed, control, and the human need for magnanimity thwarts many a good inclination. This will be the case with the introduction of the Merpeople. They will be alien, so to speak, to the ways of men; hence, they will be manipulated by those whose purpose is to do so.

Oh yes, Dear Hearts, it would be unwise to expect man’s nature to change; this will take some good few decades to produce.  In the meantime, disruption will come from the nature of man, and not from other life forms.

We shall leave this here for now…..

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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My Quest

Now is the moment to begin your quest.

And what quest would that be?

The quest of remembering who you are, dearest; the quest of remembering why you are here.

I thought I had remembered who I am and why I am here!

Indeed, to a degree, dearest, you remember who you are and why you are here. However, there is more.


Yes indeed, dearest; there is more. Shall we advise?

Yes please.

Indeed we shall, dearest; yes we shall. Firstly, dearest, you remember who you are. Yes?

Yes, in the sense that I was the one who initially instigated the desire for change here within The Earth Fantasy; taking it from one of remembering the harshness of our earliest beginnings as consciousness (and re-enacting those beginnings of negativity and fear) to one of creating a fantasy based upon love and perfection.

Yes indeed, dearest; this was and is certainly the case. And the quest of remembering why you are here?

I believe, from my example of achieving Love and Perfection – the ridding ourselves of all that is fear based 

and from the obvious rewards achieved – such as backwards aging

will come, for the Light Workers who follow my example, the same rewards. This will have the effect of producing, over the coming few centuries, a resolution of the past negativities, producing the change agreed upon:  Love and Perfection as the basis for The Earth Fantasy.

Hear, hear, dearest. Yes indeed, this will produce, in time, the resolution from the negativity as the basis for The Earth Fantasy, and will be replaced by the agreed upon new fantasy for The Earth Fantasy:  Love and Perfection.

How is this going for you, dearest?

It’s not all clear sailing, so to speak. I have had many moments of doubt and grief. However, lately, due to the inexplicable changes to my appearance (getting younger) I am beginning to feel more and more comfortable with the role I am playing.

Are you saying, dearest, you doubted the validity of our word?

Yes and no. As a human who has been hearing spirit voices now for 30 years, I have had no doubt about the validity of you, my soul, or spirit, so called; this has always been a known value in my life. However, as a human offering a socially new value; i.e., a concept unknown before; this has not been an easy road to travel.

Indeed not, dearest, yes we appreciate your position. We shall leave this here for now, dearest. Yes?

Yes, Thank You; though, you said there was more!

For another day, dearest…

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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A Good Samaritan?

Indeed, Dear Hearts; we have another tale to tell. We shall be succinct:

Our dearest Carolyn has provided us with fodder for yet more to be encouraged. What we mean by this is, Dear Hearts:  Our dearest has dealt with particular questions that have lain dormant for many years.

Yes, Dear Ones; our dearest has had the illness associated with serving others to her detriment. Indeed this is true.

We have given her the cure over the recent past. And what is the cure?

The cure, Dearest Ones, is to forego the habit of placing others first.

But, we hear you cry. But this is sacrilege. Is it not?

No, Dearest Ones; it is not. Indeed, it is a part of the new energies coming your way. Indeed it is. And what are the new energies?

The new energies, Dear Hearts, are the energies of Love and Perfection. For too long the myths of long standing have laid bare (stripped) and troubled many a traveller. For too long the myths that have propagated pain and illness have kept many a soul in distress. These myths are now to come to an end. We shall expedite this with an unfolding of the new, so to speak.

Many continue to injure themselves with the myths that have been perpetuated relating to good Samaritans, so to speak. Indeed, the Good Samaritan is but a fool who allows the woes of the world to lie upon their shoulders. We speak openly so as the words will be taken to heart.

Yes, Dear Hearts, the Good Samaritan, in any language, is one who readily agrees that his worth is less than others. This is true, Dear Hearts. The Good Samaritan readily agrees that he needs to be doing for others, else he is worthless.

Look deep inside, ye Light Workers, and see if this rings true for you. Whilst there, you may also allow yourself to see how deeply embedded is the need to place others first. This is true for many Light Workers of the Positive; it has been agreed upon before entry into the Earth Fantasy. It has led you a merry dance; to be sure.

Our dearest Carolyn has, over the recent past, come to appreciate this characteristic within and has, with our help, managed to overcome the preponderance to support others to her detriment. This has evidenced freedom for our dearest in a fashion unknown before. She now is experiencing energy of enormous content; energy which, to date, has not been enjoyed.

Will our dearest continue to enjoy her ongoing relationships? Indeed she will. And will our dearest continue to realise greater energy? Indeed she will.

And this is on offer for all Light Workers; including Light Workers of the Negative. They too will, as they are offered less support, find within themselves the means to overcome their torment; providing them with energy that shall support their individual characteristics; characteristics that cannot be supported, nor modified by another.

No, Dear Ones; the only way a Light Worker of the Light, or a Light Worker of the Negative can be supported is from within themselves. Only in this way can change be effective. Hear our words, Dear Ones:  Only you can create change in you. This cannot be created by another.

We shall leave this with you to ponder.

Many Blessings to all

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

A Change to be Replicated

There has been a big change for our dearest; indeed there has. This change will be replicated by many as they take on board the energies applicable to the new. And what is the new?

The new, Dear Hearts, is remaining true to oneself. What does this mean, Dear Ones?

This means, Dear Hearts, never again allowing the desires, wants and energies of others to interfere with what is best, practical and of the highest quality; this it does, Dear Ones.

What this shall mean for those whose demeanour cannot be changed by outside influences is this:

We shall leave this to your imagination, Dear Heart. Suffice to say; calm and resolve will be the essence of those who reach this milestone in the journey toward Love and Perfection.

Many Blessings to All

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

The C.C. has encouraged me to say a few words.

It is hard to put into words; however, I feel a calm I’ve not experienced to date. It is calm mixed with a stillness that, I know, will refuse negativity to be a part of my demeanour. There is a certain ‘steely’ quality about it; one that honours all, including myself.

I know I will never again be able to abuse myself by putting the desires of others before me; whilst always respecting the journey upon which we are all individually travelling.

Suffice to say; it feels extremely strong, objective and, I know, a new beginning upon which to base the next chapter of change toward Love and Perfection.

© 2018 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World