Aren’t We Going to Talk About the Backwards Aging So Evident?

Before we begin the main thrust of this post I’ve posted this little video I took with my iphone whilst out for a wonderful walk around my neighbourhood… Oh, how I do love to walk.. xoxoxo

And now on with the post –

Aren’t we going to talk about the backwards aging so evident?

What would you like to say, dearest?

Well, you did say that by this year end I will have attained the age of twenty seven.

And, dearest?

I believe this may be a fait accompli!

Yes, dearest?

Have we not any conversation to be had in this regard?

Yes indeed, dearest, this has been a fait accompli, as you wrote. However, dearest, this is not the end of our tale; indeed not. You have not only been backwards aging, as it were, dearest; you have also been investigating the other prongs, so to speak, of the overall journey. Yes?

If you mean the exercise and dietary concerns as the ‘other prongs’; then yes, indeed I have been very heartily interested in, not only the research but putting these aspects into my life.

Yes indeed, dearest, we know this is true for you. Have you been enjoying the, so called, journey?

Yes I have. Recently I have found a number of pundits excelling in the sphere of whole plant based diets and have put these foods into my life with quite profound results.

And what, dearest, are they?

The results are typically based upon feeling exceedingly satisfied.

Satisfied, dearest?

Yes! I can only say that when I was eating animal foodstuffs I was constantly searching for more! That is to say; I hardly ever felt the sense of contentment that I feel now that I forego all animal based foods. I simply don’t find myself reaching for yet another mouthful. I am satisfied; I am satiated.

Yes indeed, dearest, this is most certainly the case for you, we understand. And would you recommend this to others?

Absolutely yes, I would recommend this to others; though I hasten to add that this has taken some months to achieve. Rome was not built in a day and neither is an attitude or habit changed quickly and without soul searching and a little discomfort.

Discomfort, dearest?

Yes a little discomfort has been mine during the process. It has not been always an easy path to travel. Giving up some ‘comfort’ foods has taken time and the need for patience with myself. However, it has been well worth the effort. I now feel so much more vital and, dare I say, healthy.

Indeed, dearest; we shall leave this here for now and invite our dear hearts to make comment.

Many Blessings

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


        1. Yes we also enjoyed Christmas Day very much with family and extended family. Now that the Grandsons have loved ones of their own it brings a whole new vista of people into our lives. We certainly enjoyed every moment.. Lovely to be communicating with you again! 🙂 🥰

    1. I’d love to tell you that our dancing is going great guns; however, Barbara, we’ve come to a standstill at the moment.
      I was inspired to make a little video yesterday (which I’ve posted next post) where I mentioned that my gorgeous man Keith has been suffering a ‘knee’ injury of old. We can still go for our ‘very long walks’, but dancing (for K) is simply too painful.
      It’s really good to be connecting with you again.
      I hope Santa was good to you and you’re enjoying the festive season.

    1. And I return your sentiments, beautiful Mihaela. May 2020 bring challenges that nurture and strengthen us!

      Yes our neighbourhood is lovely. Very close to home is a ‘reserve’ with a man made lagoon (which I love). It attracts all types of birdlife and is so peaceful with gorgeous trees and shelter for man and wildlife alike. We are very fortunate.

      Your latest video, by the way, is wonderful.

      1. Thank you very much, my dear Carolyn, for your beautiful words and for your encouraging message. I’m very glad that you liked the video. It really means a lot to me.
        I wish you as well a year 2020 filled with joy, beautiful moments and, just as you said, with challenges that make us stronger.

    1. Returning your sentiments, Louise.
      Here’s to a wonderful New Year for us all – interspersed with life affirmation challenges… Hahah…
      😉 😉
      The last thing we need is ‘boredom’! 🙂

    1. “You make me think…. We are what we eat!”
      Yep, I certainly believe that – for either a negative or positive effect!

      However, Resa, I ate animal based products up until very recently and yet I have been gradually experiencing the benefits associated with working upon ridding myself of fear for quite a few years now; including backwards aging.

      The icing on the cake came when I recently went whole plant based food eating. Not only have I retained the relaxation of mind and body that came with the ridding of fear; I also now ‘feel’ even more healthy, light and vital with an extra zing and zest.

      I’ve come across a number of great exponents of healthy eating via the whole plant based foods. I adore Dr Greger (I don’t know if you’ve heard of him). He advocates whole plant based foods based upon scientific research. This appeals/appealed to me because I am a natural sceptic – things need to be proven to me before I can accept/embrace them, so to speak. Here’s a link should you care to take a look.


      1. I will check out the link!
        I adore that you have embraced a plant based diet!
        I think many animals are filled with fear when they are slaughtered. We have factory farms in North America. So gross.
        So, we eat their fear.
        How can one rid oneself completely of fear, if one eats it.
        This was why I embraced a plant based diet. It may not be totally scientific, but has worked for me. I am working on other areas in regards to ridding myself of fear.
        The peace you must feel!

        1. It’s just the way it is… We are slowly ushering in the new fantasy of ‘no harm’.
          Looking about there is still an enormous amount of change to take place. The C.C. have mentioned that this century will continue to be one of violence in all its forms; including against the animal kingdoms. However, Resa, very slowly the Light Workers are doing their work.
          In regard to ‘no harm’ toward those who have agreed to be a part of the food chain, many Light Workers find themselves changing their eating habits (for their own personal reasons/rationalisations).
          It matters little why many are now vegetarian or vegan; they will, when the time is right, make their change to accommodate the new. This is their pathway and it will be done; albeit incredibly slowly over decades.

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