Plastic Reflection – A Guest Post by our own Resa McConaghy

Our Dear Resa of:
Art – Graffiti Lux & Murals – Queen’s End & Author of ‘Nine Black Lives’ has offered the following reflection.

I welcome you to sit back and enjoy Resa’s words of heartfelt passion regarding one of the hardships we have placed upon the Earth and her inhabitants.


Thank you, thank you! I can never thank you enough.

This is not fake appreciation, even though I, myself, am plastic.

You have made sure I am special, so very special.

I used to be buried away, nothing but old dinosaur bones, but now, just look at me! I’m everywhere!

I’m in landfills, where I help retard other more organic garbage from finding its way back to whence it can be helpful, again.

I’m inside the fish you eat, but don’t worry, I’m very filling! 

Many other animals eat me. I’m so popular.

I wrap almost everything on earth, and sometimes, if I’m made right, I can be remade to rewrap. 

Oh, but why bother? You have an endless supply of me. Mother Earth has provided well, in this regard.

Have you seen the sizes of the ocean dumps you’ve helped me create?

I mean, keep this up, and eventually you will be able to walk from San Francisco to Honolulu on me. Ah, we work so well together.

Well, just wanted to stop by and say, “I can never thank you enough.”

A Few Examples


Sea Turtles

Sperm Whales

A female Sperm Whale (10 metres in length) found dead on Grand Isle, Louisiana, last year.
A necropsy revealed that the mammal had trash bags, polypropylene sacks, ropes, net segments and a drum, among other things, in its stomach and intestines.

© 2019 Resa McConaghy

I, Carolyn, found and added this magnificent video one day after posting Resa’s Guest Post. It certainly brightened my spirits. If you are at all interested in this huge problem, viewing the following video will, I’m sure, brighten your spirits enormously.

The ‘Ocean Cleanup’ launched this fantastic operation during September 2018.

The Ocean Cleanup successfully launched its ocean plastic cleanup system on Saturday, Sept. 8 2018 from Alameda, California, and is now on its way to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

55 thoughts on “Plastic Reflection – A Guest Post by our own Resa McConaghy

  1. Dear Carolyn,

    Thank you for posting this unusual reflection! It was swirling around in a voice inside my head, for quite awhile. We, in the earth fantasy, have created an ugly reality. I’m not sure where we go as a people with this. We have become blindly addicted to plastic, and other unhealthy substances.
    Some of us have managed to Reduce plastic’s usage (ie water filters instead of water in plastic bottles) Recycling (but make sure your plastics are washed, free from food and labels – black plastic is not recyclable) Reduce by shopping with reusable totes (sometimes I buy more than I thought & end up with a plastic bag) Reuse plastic containers to freeze and store food, I even wash baggies and reuse them. (yet, one day they hit the recycle bin) or Refuse (do not get take-out food, juices or milk in plastic containers. There are recyclable cellulose products available)
    Nonetheless, The myriad of plastic that flows though my home is astounding, and I am trying.

    You did a fabulous job with the pictures that accompany this reflection. They really drive home the point.
    We eat many horrible things in our not homemade foods. To keep the texture even, breads contain cellulose, and Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Monoglycerides (datem), which is also found in foam mattresses. It is difficult to find information on this just searching online.

    I have a friend who was an “ingredients” salesperson. None of the “ingredients” are food, but they go in most of our food that is pre-prepared. He said bread and baked goods are the worst.
    He did very well financially, but quit his job because of the guilt he endured. He makes his own bread, now.

    We are addicted. Lifestyle is dictating, and the corporations are raking it in.

    Again, thank you for hosting this reflection!

    1. It is my pleasure to host this extremely important message. Thank You Resa for showcasing this immense problem that we, as a whole, and individually need to address.

      Thankfully, Resa, here in Australia the major supermarkets now refuse to bag with plastic. They do still sell them, however, this has resulted in a change in behaviour for the consumer who now uses reusable bags – of all materials including plastic. This has meant a huge reduction in plastic bags making their way to our landfills and oceans.

      A great start; yet, only a start…

      1. It’s so sad watching those cute little sand crabs eating all that plastic. A very good video to . be out there promoting awareness.
        We have reusable bags here, too, and many of us use them. Still, at only 5 cents a bag for plastic, many still use plastic.
        We need a solution to those plastic vacuum formed packages that hang on shelves with everything from batteries, to model airplane parts. My new computer box is made out of heavy cardboard, but inside vacuum formed plastic separates the components. Worse, it’s black plastic, which is not recyclable.

        1. I hear you! We need many solutions, Resa; they do, unfortunately take time. In the meantime many species are harmed; and also die horrific deaths.
          Dear One, we hear you, as our dearest has said. It will take some decades to change the behaviours that bring harm. In the meantime, Dear One, we expect, and it is written, that the Light Workers of the World will affect change within themselves and their immediate environment. Many are currently working diligently to bring about change in a ‘further’ sense. Our dearest has one example, which she will highlight.
          This is so promising for a better future!

          1. It’s a wonder hopeful reality! There are some other projects, by young people who trying to clean the oceans.

            This video is a year old. I have seen more recent ads that say they have cleaned up 2 tons.

            1. Resa, much to my delight, I found another initiative that is underway – The ‘Ocean Cleanup’ – I’ve added the video to the end of the post. It was a delightful find with enormous potential. It should gladden your heart… 🙂
              Yes, there are a million more areas of concern. However, we need to trust that all things will come good, so to speak. It has been written, and so it shall be done – probably not as quickly as we would hope, but, it will be done!

              1. Yes, I checked out both new additional videos. I have seen both before, as I am right into this. Now that efforts are underway, any clean-ups can only be sustained by everyone pitching in with the 4Rs
                Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Refuse.
                The clean up will be an eternal bane, if we just say…”OH, we can just clean it up!”
                Of course the corporations would love that, so they can keep making and marketing plastic.

                So, the cleaner uppers say they are working with recycling partners to make durable, recycled products that people won’t have to throw away. Great!

                Herein lies the newly added 4th R – Refuse. Due to marketing, many items are tossed because a new “style” has come in, something hipper, trendier, as opposed to …they wear out.
                Refuse to be sucked in by trendy marketing!

                I found the “Mermaid” brand tooth brush very interesting. It’s time to make replaceable bristles for tooth brushes.
                TEXTILE POLLUTION is a massive problem!
                I’d love to do a reflection on that in the future!

  2. Unfortunately 😦
    We humans are the most indispensable creatures in the world 😦
    I’m so sorry for our planet, it’s so beautiful, we ruin it and we’re not ashamed at all.
    Many greetings, Balle

  3. Yes, Balle, I agree. Most do turn a blind eye to the waste and degradation we bear upon Earth. However, I do believe it is incumbent upon us ‘individually’ to do as best we can in our own lives.

    The ‘domino effect’ is having its way. More and more of us are becoming consciously aware of the ‘small’ things we can do to affect change in our behaviour. And it is this that will ultimately create change.
    Many Blessings to you.

    1. Christy, I have just discovered this video and its potential to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage patch, which is now twice the size of Texas…
      What a fantastic enterprise!
      Christy, I’ve also added another video to the end of Resa’s Post that speaks upon this subject. It is a little longer (by half) however, it gives an enormous amount of valuable information.
      I must say I have been delighted with my research. I had no idea this incredible and practical initiative was underway. Hoorah!

      1. Oh wow that ocean cleanup project you mention and the video tells me that attention and resources is going to a worthy cause – which isn’t always the case! Excellent to hear this good news on the environmental front, Carolyn! Thanks for the updates xo

  4. There was recently a massive project in Manila Bay to clean up years worth of rubbish and it looks beautiful now. A real team effort shows what can be done with government help and volunteers.

    Resa as usual is razor sharp in her insights.

    1. Yes indeed, Ste J – Resa is ‘on the money’. There are indeed many small and harmful behaviours that most of us indulge in without conscious thought as to their consequences to our health and the health of Earth. To say nothing of the larger manufacturing concerns churning out harmful products (and their packaging content) that will, in time, need to be addressed in order to enhance more healthful states of living.

      To my delight, as I’ve been researching this issue, I have come across many initiatives in regard ‘cleaning up’… I have added a video to the end of Resa’s post. It speaks about cleaning up the Pacific Garbage Patch, which is now twice as big as Texas. The technology used, and the practical implementation has been quite startling to me. I had no idea of the great advancements that are currently underway.

      1. There are plans to expand the clean up to the waterways in the city as well. Some people just don’t seem to care where they throw rubbish, but others are so poor they have no choice. It’s a sad reality.

  5. My childhood centre and many others in NSW are going plastic free, as much as possible. We are asking children to purchase/ get wet bags so their wet clothing can go home in these instead of plastic bags. We are concentrating on natural resources, be it toys or storage; as well as researching and looking at our impact on our environment with the children. A few of our families last year informed me that their children would tell adults that they were recycling incorrectly and would demand that they put the items in the correct bin.
    Change may be slow, but with education comes a ripple effect…

  6. Great writing of Resa. It’s heartbreaking to see how many creatures has to suffer on this problem and still humans don’t want to know…. Hopefully they get aware of what they do with our planet. Maybe now they found 9 different kinds of plastic also in the human bodies, they are more willing to do something about it. Purraying for that🙇‍♀️Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend and a better world🐾😽💞

          1. So good to know, Resa… 🙂
            I have been so impressed with the majority of those involved/participating in such endeavours as The Ocean Cleanup. I hear their calm and realistic/practical approach with a ‘can do’ attitude defeating each testing setback, and can only admire their mindset. Light Workers all the way… We are in good hands, so to speak..
            However, as you say, there comes the need for ‘personal’ involvement at a ground zero basis. Looking about my home I’m now contemplating many small initiatives/changes.
            Awareness is everything!!! 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, SD, there is a huge amount to be achieved to improve our world. It will be done – purely because now it is affecting man! We are a stubborn lot, however, this work will gather momentum as education and awareness take hold…

    1. Yes, Megala, it is very sad. We have quite a way to go, personally and collectively to decrease and overcome the destruction of our world from this material. As Resa has pointed out: Cleaning up our mess is only one prong of many we need in our armour. Stopping the use of plastics will be quite a battle, I’m sure; for us as individuals and for the multitude of manufacturers creating and utilising this once valued commodity.
      I’m now looking forward to seeing the ‘protestations’ against its use as more and more become aware of the dangers.
      An interesting time ahead, no doubt…

  7. Thank you, Resa, for talking about a subject that is so relevant for us. And as always, being aware of a problem, will help us find solutions and people that are doing the best they can to change this sad reality. And in time it will change our consumer’s behavior because we will care more about the planet and what we leave behind for our children and our children’s children…
    Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing such an eye-opening and in the same time heart-breaking post.
    You do a wonderful job, ladies!
    Wishing you, both, a beautiful and blessed Sunday!

    1. Thank You, dear Mihaela. Your comment is so very welcome.
      Today I happened to speak to a number of individuals regarding this issue. I was surprised that they had no idea of the harm being done! Thankfully, there are, as you’ve said, “people that are doing the best they can to change this sad reality.”
      I believe I’ll be updating this information as I am inspired to. I have no doubt that, in time, this issue will be only a dark memory as the Light Workers of the World (those whose goal is to ‘improve’ life upon Earth) slowly and methodically change this, and many other harmful issues currently creating harm.
      Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! Many Blessings to you…

      1. Thank you, dear Carolyn, for raising our awareness on these environmental issues. And I also hope that one day these concerns will be a dark memory from the past.
        Thank you also for the good vibes that you bring into the world.
        Have a beautiful and inspired day! Many Blessings to you too…

  8. Charlee: “Our dada says there was just an article in the New Yorker about one of the people who’s trying to help clean plastic out of the ocean, some kid from Holland.”
    Chaplin: “We sure hope that people learn from videos and articles like this that plastic isn’t something that should just be tossed away, because it never goes away.”

    1. Charlee & Chaplin, I think dada may be referring to Boyan Slat. He began this particular mission when about 14 with a view to cleaning up the oceans. He is now just 24 and has an incredible team working with him. I placed a video, at the end of Resa’s post, that highlights their work.

      And yes, how awful… Plastics don’t ‘go away’, they just disintegrate into millions and trillions of tiny bits. The poor marine life eat them and get sick and sometimes die. And this could be our experience too! Scientists are discovering plastic in the stools of humans – eek!

    1. “Alarming, but needed.” True words, Brendan.
      A ‘reminder’ is needed occasionally, I believe, to keep us all aware of our own contribution to this problem. I have, since posting Resa’s insights, bought a reusable coffee cup for ‘take-aways’ – I now use a reusable bag for all my purchases; not just groceries; and have a glass for drinking water instead of using the polystyrene (foam) cups to be found at all the social dances I attend. I also buy some great salads from a fabulous store in our local mall. However, they use polystyrene containers. Next time I visit them I will be taking a small glass container similar in size to their polystyrene product. I’m hoping they will accommodate me. I’m sure they will.
      I’m sure there are many more practical ways I can opt out of being a part of the problem; little steps, I’m sure, will become obvious as I move forward…
      Thank You for your comment. It’s great to meet you! 🙂

  9. This is a great reflection – and close to my heart. Thank you, Resa. Change is needed asap, but unfortunately it will be slow….people have grown to love plastic…in everything. Even some people packing groceries show their dislike when they cannot just throw everything in a zillion plastic bags, but have to pack my stuff in a real bag…it is time for serious reflection on how we (do not) take care of the planet.

    1. Yes indeed, Helen. Resa’s reflection has caused that ‘butterfly effect’ for me and my behaviour!
      I now carry two glass (with rubber! grips) take-away coffee mugs to our social dances where ‘foam’ cups are used. I’ve even commenced to say, when asked “I want to be a part of the solution – not the problem.” The response is happily quite surprising. It (the conversation) generally escalates to the world problem of plastics.
      A lovely young woman in a dress shop I love to visit told me, as she placed my purchases into my cotton bag, that every piece of clothing comes into the store wrapped individually in plastic. She and other young folk I’ve spoken to are genuinely concerned for the future. It has been quite an eye opener to see/experience the young and their concerns.
      I’m hoping that my little effort (re the coffee/drink mug) will begin more conversations with those of a more ‘mature’ age, too… One woman said she had one similar at work and would pop it into her shoe bag. Perhaps she may encourage another to do the same. And this is how it works; one person at a time!
      As you say, change is/will be slow. I’m so pleased, though, to now be very conscious of my thoughts and actions in this regard. It, as with everything, begins with ourselves.. A long way to go…

  10. Thank you for this wonderful article. I hope it brings awareness. If I can help by eliminating plastic bottles or using single-use items, I hope to reduce my impact when I was ignorant of this issue. Thank you Carolyn for this much-needed message!

    1. Hi Joan,
      Yes, this continues to be an important issue; one that has certainly raised my consciousness. Every little bit helps. I’ve now been using the same shopping bags for over a year. Every little piece of recycled material goes in the recycle bin, and I now compost most of our paper waste and all kitchen scraps (the garden is benefiting enormously). Lowering our ‘footprint’ on Earth has been a joy. However, I still have a way to go before I can truly say I don’t add to the problem. Slowly, but surely!

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