Early Morning Walk Thoughts

Whilst out walking this morning I remembered my spiritual counselling days back in the 90s and early noughties. Specifically, I remembered Soul Friend and his wonderful teachings. Michael, as he was known to me, gave me understandings about the brain of man, and helped me to appreciate the mischief of its ways. (Just as a little aside: Michael/Soul Friend was one of the guises used by The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) to communicate with me until 2005 when they advised me of the work I now do.)

One of the invaluable advices was in regard to the energy of fear. He taught me that fear is not to be feared. It is but an emotion; one that, when looked squarely in the eye will dissipate into the nothingness from which it came.

I smile as I write these words; for, Soul Friend had been a constant companion for over a decade; a companion that gave me great instruction, love and friendship. Yes; he was a thought transference only. However, it was as real to me as you are reading my writings.

He advised me to sit with a fear. This advice scared me silly. However, the trust I had in him allowed me to follow his word.

There I sat with a fear. The energy was horrendous. He asked me to let it do its worst. The energy became all pervading, making me feel quite queasy and shaky. He said I should let it continue. I did. He then said it would begin to dissipate; it was only energy; energy that, once it had had its way, would slowly decrease and be gone.

And this was the understanding I began to appreciate in regard to any emotion/energy. Energy, of any kind, needs to be acknowledged, respected and allowed to present itself, in whatever way is appropriate. The more we try to hide from it; pretend it doesn’t exist, the more affected by it we will be.

I, especially, used this method to show myself, and others, of the need not to fear, fear.

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29 thoughts on “Early Morning Walk Thoughts

  1. Neighaway

    Dear CCC,

    This happened to me just yesterday (shaking, dizzy & sick) from fear.The fear was scary because of my bodies reaction.I sat and felt it and then it left. 🙂

    1. Barbara, that’s a great analogy. Now if only we can extend that ‘down to earth’ attitude, and practise, to all spheres of our lives we’ll be in really good shape.
      There is nothing to fear when we squarely look at life through this lens.
      Well done, you…

  2. fear of the un known and fear of the here after. How to get rid of these. Try to be good for the later, but the former is a challange.
    Ghalib, a Urdu poet, says: mushkilen itni paRin mujh par ke aasaN ho gayeen.
    I received so many hardships that they became easy (I became used to. So to say).

    1. Hahah, Shakil; you’ve mentioned two fears that most suffer. Perhaps the little method I speak of in the post – ‘sitting with and allowing the fear to ‘have its way’ could help! Yes, a little courage is needed, but, the rewards could be worth it!
      I enjoyed the poet, Ghalib’s reading.
      Perhaps, in facing the hardships (looking them squarely in the eye) he gained command over them, and himself. This is indeed the highest accolade I believe there is to find – mastery over ourselves.

    1. Hahaah.. That’s not so bad; a second cuppa, I mean! 😉 😉
      A little ‘heads up’ – Stay with it until it begins to dissipate. This may take seconds or minutes. The main thing is to allow yourself to feel the fear, knowing it can’t hurt you; it just ‘feels’ awful.
      Then, as The C.C. say; ask for help when the need arises; and/or go through this procedure as often as is needed. 🙂
      All the best to you, dear Resa..
      You’ve got a friend in me..


          1. I chuckled when I read Ste J’s comment…. about poking fear with a stick.
            Makes me feel like going outside (except it’s -10C) and getting a stick.
            Adore you! xoxoxo

  3. I think this method of dealing with fear is of the same principle as vaccinations against certain diseases. Since it is scientifically proven, it should work here as well.
    Thanks for suggesting a wonderful technique to deal with fears.

    1. That’s a very interesting thought, Megala. I can truly see your point.
      Yes, we need to vaccinate ourselves against fear.
      We must remember, though, that fear will return, albeit less and less powerfully as we learn to take more command of it. We need to be ever mindful of its ability to ‘surprise’ us. Just when we think we have mastered it, another situation, another challenge comes along and there again we may find ourselves fearful.
      Hahah… Another vaccination required! 🙂

  4. This is a fascinating read, Carolyn! I’m intrigued to know what instigated the fear / under what circumstances you did this sitting with fear. It is something that I am trying to push myself towards more often but it can be extremely difficult!

    1. Hi Dan, that’s a tall order you’ve asked… 🙂
      Life was, back then, a bumpy ride. I’ve suffered quite a few health problems over the years, both physical and mental. Agoraphobia was a constant companion for over a decade; and, as a single mum the financial arena had its challenges, too. Suffice to say, Dan, I had plenty of fears from which to choose!

      The setting for these sessions was always in my home when the inspiration took me; and, instigated by my desire to be free of fear. I would sit and allow the fear, that held the most prominence, to rise, so to speak. Then the process began (written in the post). A very simple, but effective practice, for me!

      1. Wow, that’s some powerful stuff. I appreciate you opening up like that and I’m extremely pleased that you’ve found a method to deal with it effectively! I don’t have fear to the same extent but it still rises up from time to time so this information that you have provided is invaluable to me! Thank you as always.

        1. Dan, my life is an ‘open book’. 🙂
          I have always believed that only those things that remain hidden can have power over us; and I abhor anything with the potential to harm me! To this end, when I first began blogging, I wrote a number of posts outlining my life. As someone who has lived a somewhat ‘different’ life with a different set of rules, so to speak, I thought it important to begin my journey on WP by allowing, those who chose to, to know me in the way I love to live – openly and without fear! https://abcofspiritalk.net/2012/02/16/spiritual-insights-day-1/
          There are 21 altogether; the first 20 being written during 2012; the last in 2016.

    1. I’ve been walking in the morning rather than the evening, SD, because we are currently having heat wave conditions. It is now 5:15pm and 38.2C – very hot indeed. Tomorrow will reach 43C. Uggg. The mornings are somewhat more comfortable – 20C. 🙂

  5. It’s such a relaxing and impressive experience to just listen to your beautiful voice, my dear Carolyn! And the message your are conveying is such an empowering one: “He taught me that fear is not to be feared. It is but an emotion; one that, when looked squarely in the eye will dissipate into the nothingness from which it came.” It’s so true. Thank you, my dear friend, for the message of courage that you bring into the world!
    Have a beautiful and inspired day!

    1. And that’s a two way street, my dear Mihaela. I love to listen to your beautiful voice detailing the tutorials for your wonderful Polymer Clay creations. I find them a wonderfully relaxing and energising experience!
      Much Love to You…

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