Queen Conch Reflection – A Guest Post by Resa McConaghy

© Resa McConaghy

Our Dear Resa of:

Art Gowns.comGraffiti Lux & Murals – Queen’s End & Author of ‘Nine Black Lives’ has offered the following reflection – one very close to her heart.

The Queen Conch Reflection

I am the Queen Conch, and I am very loved. So many have loved me over the centuries, that I am now, endangered.


Humans have adorned themselves with my pearls, with cameos & wedding bracelets made of me. I’ve been used as a trumpet to announce funerals, dawns and festivals, as building material, as a jagged razor addition to the top of walls to protect homes.


I have come to speak up before it’s too late, before I’m loved to death, all used up.

I say, it is now your time to listen. With an ear to me, many hear the ocean, some hear divine words. With an ear to your own heart, to your soul you will find direction, answers and more. Perhaps you will hear the Light? Perhaps I won’t have to be loved to death; just loved?

It’s time to listen!




© 2018 Resa McConaghy Image & Intellectual Property

Dear Kitty offered an article with video (see the comment section below). I feel inspired to add the video here for those who would like to learn more about the current conservation efforts – Florida Keys – Queen Conch Transplant Part 1 – WATERWAYS

(The video covers both the Queen Conch – first 16 mins, and the remainder – the Gulf Pipefish.)


25 thoughts on “Queen Conch Reflection – A Guest Post by Resa McConaghy

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    1. This was a thoroughly informative article, Dear Kitty; Thank You so much. I totally enjoyed watching the video, which is divided into the first 16 mins on the Conch and the remainder on the Gulf Pipefish.
      I am going to add the video to the bottom of Resa’s Reflection. It adds so much ‘science’ to the ongoing conservation efforts.

    1. I was unaware of their struggle, Megala, until Resa offered her Reflection. I then began researching and was conflicted as to what to do. I decided to just publish the Reflection and allow things to happen – without my interference.
      I was so pleased to receive Dear Kitty’s (Petrel41) comment above with a valuable article and video. You may care to visit Dear Kitty’s blog, and or view the video, which I’ve added to Resa’s Reflection.
      It seems there are conservation efforts ongoing.

    1. Frank! Have you heard a conch shell recently? I’m going on memory, and still I seem to remember hearing waves and wind. I’m so happy I have met you!
      It is an important message. It is among the many important messages crying out from the maws of nature.

    1. I love its little ‘eyes’… It is such a sweet creature! I’m so happy that Resa opened my eyes to this glorious little creature.
      As Resa has said: “it is now your time to listen. With an ear to me, many hear the ocean, some hear divine words. With an ear to your own heart, to your soul you will find direction, answers and more.”

    1. Hi Beatrice, Loving your new blog!
      Yes, it is a problem, though, thank goodness, there are a lot of conservation efforts happening particularly around the Florida Keys. I was interested to view the video above. It shows great work in the Florida Keys where they are having some success.

  2. My heart is full with love and perfection as our dear Carolyn posts my reflection.
    Thank you, dear Carolyn for making my reflection available to our friends!
    To all animals, insects & dear Kitty,
    To all of our friends, I love you.

    Love.. perfection

  3. I’m not sure if I answered all… technically properly within comments of WP.
    Nonetheless, this topic impales me with its pointed reality, a reality that points at all humans.
    We are all guilty. We are all sucking up the planet’s resources without thinking.
    Love and perfection is at our fingertips. Even so, we are missing the point.

    1. Living consciously is my goal… As I work upon myself to achieve this state, I find the goal post spiralling upward and, seemingly, getting even further away… Just means I have a goal that will last a lifetime… And that’s what I have… A lifetime!
      You too, my Dear Friend… We both have our lifetime to achieve our goals – surely and slowly ❤

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