Coffee & Conversation – Money, Land and Travel

Our dearest has asked if there is something we wish to say; yes indeed she has. We say, dearest; it will not be long before you are in receipt of the monies to begin the projects before you.

© McDonald Jones Homes

Project one, dearest, is the finding of the land upon which to build the house which you and your Dear Heart, Keith, will occupy for many years. With this in mind, dearest, a thorough investigation will be required to find the perfect block of land.

Yes, dearest, this is always the beginning of any project; i.e., the ‘thorough’ investigation of the land upon which to build; whether this be to build a house, or thoughts upon which to build a strong foundation. Yes? Yes indeed, dearest, all strong foundations are built upon strong investigation; to be sure.


Project two, dearest, will become a rather delightful event. Indeed dearest, you will be quite excited by the prospect of spending many days and weeks in the pursuit of good company, happiness and pleasantries. Yes indeed, dearest. Do not underestimate the delights before you; they will come with rapid succession, indeed.

We speak of your travels to come, dearest, indeed we do. They will begin, as we have spoken, within the land of the United States. Here you will meet with those who choose to be met, so to speak. Yes, dearest, we are open to one and all. We expect many to come forward, once your itinerary is known. You, dearest, will be journeying here and there meeting, laughing, and enjoying good company, indeed.

We shall leave this here for now

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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16 thoughts on “Coffee & Conversation – Money, Land and Travel

    1. Now, Charlie, that sounds like a great idea. However, it takes quite a few months, (4 – 12) here in Oz, once all the details are locked in, so to speak. So your guess, at this point, is as good as mine.
      As always, with The C.C.; it’s a matter of a little info here and there – hahah…
      I know the house, and the builders. Now to look for land.. It’s quite exciting. I’ve never ‘built’ before…

  1. Will you be looking for land in the area you now reside in, or will you be looking in a different part of Australia? Is the picture of that gorgeous house like the one you will build? It seems a huge, but satisfying undertaking.

    1. Resa, I believe the land is not far away from where we are living now. I do love this area; it’s a mixture of the early settlers (early 1800s) and the very modern landscape that has developed, particularly over the past few decades. We are expanding with many coming to settle in this part of the Hunter Valley. My only complaint is the heat, though, this can be modified with insulation/air conditioning and a great solar system with batteries to offset cost – electricity is shamefully high in Oz.
      Yes, the house is very similar to the one chosen. There are always surprises. However, if it is this one I’ll be more than happy! 🙂

    1. “starting by setting the right foundations is key.”
      So important, Christy; I’m being very ‘investigatingly’ superior.. Hahah.. 🙂
      There are a number of new estates, with impressive land blocks, here in our area. My man K reminded me last night of another estate currently being created. It’s such an important foundation, though, I know I won’t be able to ‘settle’ any deal unless it is the perfect one. That is a given for me – I get the nudge if it is right, and the opposite is true if something isn’t perfect. So I’m quite confident the ‘right’ and perfect block will come along at the right time.
      The C.C. have always spoken about doing 51% of the leg work, then; surprise, surprise; all falls into place… I believe I have a way to go yet in my 51%.. Hahah.. But, I’m more than willing to put in the effort… ❤

  2. Yes indeed, Leyla; I’m in the middle of a number more as well. The saying ‘it doesn’t rain but it pours’ seems to be playing out for me at the moment. However, I’m taking them all in my stride, as they say. Life’s like that for me usually: It’s either a famine or a feast… Hahaaaa
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, Dear Binky, it is quite an adventure, and a pleasant prospect… ❤
      I am hoping that, one day, I shall be in the country where you live and we, you and I (and Granny, of course) will be able to meet and have tea together. Well; Granny and I could have tea (or coffee or cocoa) and you could entertain us with your beautiful antics; like posing for the camera, sniffing the catnip, curling up for cuddles; you know what I mean!
      So yes, I am quite busily looking for the purfect land upon which to build a super duper house; yes siree. If you see one you think is purfect, please let me know… ❤
      Have a hopping great weekend, too…

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