Waiting with Patience

Is there something for us to write?

Indeed there is, dearest. We would like to write about something close to your heart.

Please go ahead.

Right, dearest, we will. There is a need to investigate the inner workings once again; indeed there is.

Such as?

Investigations that have already been underway for some time, dearest.

You are being a little vague.

Yes indeed, dearest; we may sound this way. However, we shall come to the point. Yes?

Yes please.

Right, dearest, we shall…………….

I’m waiting!

Indeed you are, dearest; indeed you are…….. You are getting the drift, dearest?

Yes, I believe I am. I am waiting. It seems I do a lot of this.

Yes indeed, dearest; you spend a lot of time waiting. Do you not?

Yes, this is certainly true.

And how do you cope, dearest?

I’ve had to learn self discipline including the virtue of patience.

We know this is true for you; indeed we do. And what are you presently waiting for, dearest?

Presently I’m waiting to begin to record the audio for our three books.

And why do you wait, dearest?

Basically, I am waiting to be inspired to begin.

And what is wrong with the present, dearest?

I don’t feel inspired.

This is so, dearest. Until you feel inspired it is better to wait. Yes?

Yes. This is true for me in all things.

Indeed dearest. You will feel inspired very soon.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

11 thoughts on “Waiting with Patience

  1. But doesn’t inspiration sometimes come once you make a start? I used to wait for inspiration, but having waited 50 years, I thought I had better make a start. 🙂
    Really thought provoking post though, Thank you 😉

    1. Indeed we hear you, Dear One. Yes and no is the answer.
      Our dearest is clairaudient. That is, Dear Heart, she hears us, The Collective Consciousness. Add to this her agreement to do a particular set of arrangements, hers is a lifetime of doing as pre-arranged and at a specific time. She has foregone the usual experiences of others in the sense of a ‘normal’ life; particularly so over the past three decades; being content (at most times) to await our voice.
      However, Dear One, for those having the experience of ‘seemingly’ aloneness/separation from us, spirit so-called, comes confusion in the form of a mishmash of ideas, deliberations and ad hoc experiences. This, Dear Heart, is the experience you have chosen; an experience that, although satisfying to the spirit, remains bound with endless inner turmoil as to which road is best travelled.
      We would ask that you offer this question, which, if you agree, we shall attempt to cover ‘all points’ within a post; the question containing many variances depending upon the experience agreed upon.
      We await your response, Dear Heart.

        1. We’ll take that as a ‘yes’, Charlie, to create a post, as The C.C. say, to cover ‘all points’. 🙂
          Should prove interesting! 🙂
          Indeed we shall, Dear Heart; indeed we shall.
          Many Blessings

  2. Inspiration is like a sunrise. You know it is coming, but you never know its beauty until it arrives.
    Dear Carolyn,
    The words above just spewed out of me. I think they make sense, even though I didn’t make an effort to think. ?

    1. Oh Resa; that is exactly what it can be like!
      It is above anything the mind can think, which is why it seems to just ‘spew out’… hahaaaa…
      Until you’ve had this experience, it is hard to imagine it actually happens. However, once we’ve connected with our soul in this way it is unmistakable…
      Congratulations…. 😀 😀
      More to come, Dear One; much more!
      Many Blessings shall be yours, Dear Heart, Many Blessings.

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