A Guest Post by Resa McConaghy

Whale Reflection (General)  (Listen while you read) 

rg13250Introduction:  Our Dear Resa of :

Art Gowns.com / Graffiti Lux & Murals.com and Queen’s End.com has honoured ABC of Spirit Talk with a Reflection of those wonderful sea creatures: The Whale


We hear your voice, Dear Heart, and rejoice with your newfound creativity. May your voice carry ever wider, the message of Love and Perfection.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart


Whale Reflection (General)

We are the largest. We are the greatest. Can you hear our whale song? We are singing, as we vanish.

We Love You!

Howdy! Always good to sea you. I’m having a whale of a time, and hope you are, too.

I know, I kid you as I spout off, but what’s a whale to do? I’m just trying to keep up a sense of humour in these difficult times.

Understand, no matter how large you are, and perhaps you are the biggest of all, have the most money, and even power; you are vulnerable.

Just look at me! Am I not massive? Yet, I hide beneath the deep, hoping to avoid the unhealthy trappings of coming up for air.

Unfortunately, we must all breathe. Every one of us will come up for air at some point. Great caution is advised!

My family, once a very large family, is quite small now. You see, although we mean no harm, even love with all our hearts, we are not always loved back. Worse, there are those that want to harm us.

We seek love, but love does not seek us. We find peace and security when and where we can. Until I find all that, and while I dodge danger, I’m having the very best time available to me.

Sea you later!


Please note: It has been Resa’s request that I, Carolyn, voice the Reflection. Delighted to..

© 2017 Whale Reflection – Intellectual Property of Resa McConaghy + Image

© 2017 Carolyn Page (Audio) 

Whale & Musical notes ~ Public Domain Images

18 thoughts on “A Guest Post by Resa McConaghy

    1. They are magnificent creatures. I’ve seen them when they migrate our Australian coastline; incredible majesty in the water!
      Resa has done a great job with the reflection. Talk about the canary in the mine. The whale is the canary in the ocean, in more ways than one! 🙂

  1. Carolyn,
    Thank you for the opportunity to do this Guest Reflection. It is amazing what comes to mind when one channels an animal. I feel very lucky, indeed, to have the Whale be my first reflection.
    Thank you for the fab intros, and for reading the reflection. It sounded so much better than alone in my head. 😀
    A very exciting moment for me. I wish it could be so good for the whales! (and elephants, and tigers and, well, you know)

    1. It’s a beautiful reflection, Resa; straight from your heart. In time, and with individuals such as you, there will come balance for our cousins of the sea/air/and earth. Well done to you; it’s such a pleasure to know you.
      Indeed, Dear Heart, as our dearest reports; it is a pleasure to watch you grow. Many hear your voice; many know your voice, and many will ‘take to heart’ your messages of Love.
      Many Blessings await, Dear One

    1. Yes, Charlie, I agree wholeheartedly!
      Resa’s humour and sincerity shines through in all she does; and that dress is an incredible expression of her light heartedness/glamour/creativity/aplomb.
      Hmmmm…. wondering if the colours are you?! 🙂

    2. Thank you! Sincerity and humour are desirable in life. Hey, everyone wants to wear that dress, and any one who does, looks fab! 😀 Have a great weekend, Charlie!

  2. So beautiful and powerful… I like how Resa raises awareness on the issue of Whales and how these massive creatures are threatened by Human Beings. The 3rd person perspective (i.e the whale) in this brief story is very well achieved … Sweet, clever and accurate at the same time… Great post!… Love & best wishes 🙂 ❤

    1. Indeed, Aquileana; Resa’s voice is strong and powerful; as is her spirit. Intermingle these characteristics with a fun sense of humour, and the package is complete.
      It has been such an honour to showcase Resa’s inner thoughts and the wonderful workings of her mind.
      And, Thank You so much for your thoughtful comment; I know Resa will be so pleased… 🙂

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