Am I to Do a Video for This Month?

You have said that all Light Workers will go through this process of wanting independence. I feel quite separate and can’t seem to feel united with anyone; not even the dogs. This doesn’t seem right to me. Being 100% there for others and feeling completely separated from others seems just as unbalanced as each other.

Here, here, dearest. Yes indeed, they are two sides of the one coin; yes indeed.

So obviously there is a balance.

Indeed there is, dearest.

And am I to find this balance?

Undoubtedly so, dearest; you will find the balance.

Can you explain the balance to me?

The balance, dearest, is being neither 100% there for others yet not being separate from others. Yes indeed, dearest, it is a simple equation. Is it not?

Yes; though, in everyday language. How is this achieved?

Ah, dearest, when this is known all will be known. We envisage, dearest, all Light Workers having this opportunity to create balance within their lives as they progress through the process toward Love and Perfection. However, dearest, we know you are enquiring for yourself. As the leader of many Light Workers to follow, we can assure you, dearest, you will find the way. Have you not already discovered changes occurring?

Yes I’ve experienced many changes. Are you referring to the latest changes?

Indeed, dearest, we are referring to your changed state of mind; a mind that, as of recently, does not want to live purely for others. Yes?

Yes, that is definitely the case. I have tried, for instance, to create a backwards aging video for this month (October 2017) and can’t bring myself to do it.

The reason being, dearest?

I watched last month’s video and saw someone who wholeheartedly was there for others; it showed in my every word, and in my eyes. This month I can’t recreate that feeling. I am not 100% for others anymore. To say I am would be a lie. This is not to say I don’t want the very best for others; I most certainly want all Light Workers to achieve their goals in the process toward Love and Perfection, and receive all the wonderful rewards, such as backwards aging, throughout their progress. But I now lack the motivation I believe it takes to present this to others. I now really want a more balanced life holding, not only others, but also myself in my loving arms and thoughts.

We know this to be true for you, dearest. This will be the case for the multitude of Light Workers who will follow your example. You have played your part, dearest; your example will continue, in various forms, to inspire and lead.

Many Blessings, dearest ~ Many Blessings

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

11 thoughts on “Am I to Do a Video for This Month?

    1. Yes, I’m certain of it, Helen; it is a journey, and one I’m very pleased to be taking!
      Your voice is one of reason and calm; a voice I enjoy hearing very much. Thank You ❤

  1. You have done much for many, beginning with your “Reflections”.
    Many needy came to your “Reflections” to understand something of themselves, for themselves. I know, because I was one.
    These many words of wisdom were, and still are from you. You gave lots of yourself to others.
    Outside of the CC, did anyone reflect for you? I know you weren’t asking, but now “it’s time to let someone else do some giving”. It appears that that is you giving to yourself.
    Of course, I speak here only of your work on-line, and from reading your books. From what I understand, there has been much more giving in your family/personal life.
    I was intrigued by your last post “Making Money”. We are both crossing a same intersection, although from different directions. This is something we are each doing for ourselves. I know we will succeed. Even though spirituality and creativity don’t measure success by materialism, it is nice to have some independence within the Earth Fantasy.
    At this point, addressing achieving that independence is about something other than giving us all Backwards Aging videos.
    “Don’t worry, be happy”, thereby, your answers will flow to you.
    At this point, I will take some of my advice to you, for me. xoxoxo

    1. Well said, Dear Heart, our dearest beams at your words.
      We must advise, Dear One, our dearest is moving swiftly through the various changes that must occur for the production of Love and Perfection to become the norm.

      Light Workers, Dear Heart, are geared toward thinking of the ‘material’ aspects of life to be secondary to the so-called ‘spiritual’. However, Dear One, this is a fantasy; as such ‘the material’ is also a fantasy. It is only a perception we are living within, when we enter The Fantasy; just as those who are not enjoying the fantasy of being a Light Worker, enjoy ‘the material’ (for most) and have a perception (generally) of the opposite value subscribed to the Light Worker; theirs is a perception of foolhardiness in regard to the Light Worker. Yes, Dear Heart; all is perception!

      Our dearest’s perceptions are changing. Indeed, they are coming to a balance. This, above all else, Dear One, will produce Love and Perfection. Yes, Dear Heart; balance in all things will produce Love and Perfection.

      Many Blessings to you, Dear Heart. We rejoice with you as you manoeuvre through the many perceptions toward balance.
      I am beaming, Resa, my dear sweet woman.
      You are such a breath of fresh air, Resa. I love your insights; and I too know we shall succeed.

        1. Indeed, Dear Heart; our aim is to bring peace of mind, as you’ve said, to the mind. It, Dear Heart, can be troublesome indeed. Yes, Dear One, it is the mind of man that causes upset.

          A simple equation is to be aware of the preponderance of the mind to behave in a fashion to cause upset. This, above all, will assist you, Dear One, to remain at peace.

          Each is journeying along their individual road. What can assist you, Dear Heart, will be different to your brother/sister. Allow the differences; remaining true to that which is true for you. This, more than anything, will bring peace to you, Dear One, at this point in your journeying.

          Many Blessings to you

    1. Greetings to you, dear Leyla; it’s lovely to see your beautiful face upon my post.
      Indeed, Dear One; greetings.
      We ask that you wander through the pages to see if, indeed, there is cause for alarm. We do not mean to cause dissatisfaction, Dear One; however, we need to warn you of the ‘ghosts of your past’. They do indeed, haunt, Dear One. Do they not?
      As you wander we shall disclose secrets of the past to you; secrets that have remained so for many a year. It is time,Dear One, to unearth those things that trouble you from the long distant past. Is it not?
      Indeed, Dear Heart, once unearthed they will cease to be troubling, leaving you free to wander the present and the future willingly and unbound.
      Many Blessings, Dear Heart

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