Blockages Removed

“I want independence. I want freedom from constraint. I want recognition. I want self determination.”

Yes indeed; these are the words our dearest has written. In a brief moment of time, some three weeks to be exact; our dearest has obliterated years of mental torment. We shall relay a story, Dear Hearts:

Our dearest, as we have written, has been kept apart from many opportunities; opportunities of advancement in the normal sense of life upon Earth. We have deliberately prevented our dearest from creating independence. By this we mean; we have thwarted our dearest’s every intention of self determination; this is so, Dear Hearts. This has been achieved at a cost to our dearest. And what cost is that?

The cost has weighed heavily upon our dearest. The cost of requiring charity in regards her upkeep. Yes, Dear Ones, we have kept her reliant upon others.

Over the past three short weeks our dearest has become quite vocal in this regard. She no longer wishes to remain in the status quo, so to speak, of her previous life’s tread. No, Dear Hearts, our dearest now wishes to be self determining, as she puts it. And this is to be the case for our dearest; her lifetime quest to be independent, self determining and self reliant has begun. We will no longer, as we have written, restrain her from this quest.

“And what, in everyday language, does this mean?” asks our dearest.

What this means, dearest, is the beginning of, not only financial independence, but, also independence of thought; creating a life solely to suit you. The road is now clear, dearest; the blockages have been removed. All that is left for you to do is sit, contemplate the possibilities and allow your thoughts to expand into depths you have not, to date, explored. Oh yes, dearest, there are a multitude of possibilities open to you; not only those you’ve pondered thus far, but, as we have spoken, a multitude of possibilities. We invite you now, dearest, to sit and ponder, then return to continue writing.

Our dearest has returned; indeed she has. And what possibilities did you ponder, dearest?

There were a few possibilities that came to me; however, one remains, above all others.

And what, pray tell dearest, is that?

I believe I should keep this to myself until it is happily becoming reality for me, else the negatives, from others, prove intrusive.

Indeed so, dearest; yes, the thoughts of others often do harm, particularly at the beginning of a venture. Yes?

Yes; this is indeed true.

And when, dearest, will you begin this new venture?

As soon as possible.

We shall assist, dearest.

Thank You. I believe I’ll need a little assistance.

You have it, dearest.

Many Blessings

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

11 thoughts on “Blockages Removed

    1. Just like you of late with your new Laptop; I’ve been very busy with the ‘new’, too. It has a deep breath, stable and comforting feel about it.
      Today I have been investigating this new project to obtain independence, and I’m quite surprised by the calm and naturalness of it. It feels good, and it is flowing.
      Bon Voyage, indeed…. Love You 🙂

        1. It takes ‘work’ to get here, Elsie, but the rewards sure are good…
          Do let us know if you need assistance, or have a question. No matter how trivial it may sound to you, we need to keep on top of everything else we falter!
          Here’s to even better to come.. 🙂

  1. Very good advice and keeping plans to yourself until you are ready is a great idea. Interesting that you should write this as I am in the process of leaving teaching and returning to industry. Once I had made that decision I felt a bit better, but now I have to send some positive thoughts out into the universe to make it happen. Of course I’m not telling anyone of my plans…..oops 🙂 .

    1. Yes indeed, Dear One; keeping our plans safe until they are secure is definitely a wise action. However, Dear Heart, this is not always possible. There are times when friends are required for companionship, advice and networking. Yes indeed, Dear One, networking can be a complimentary agreement able to assist us in the making of our changes. Yes indeed.

    1. Thank You so much, Helen… ❤
      Yes, it is indeed interesting, and yet with a calm that bespeaks of 'rightness'. It has been a long time coming, and I'm sitting in the new energies knowing the future will be almost the opposite of the past (with a comforting smile).
      Yes indeed, Dear Heart; our dearest is quietly contemplating a future bright with possibilities. One of the possibilities is seeing you, Dear One, in the flesh, so to speak.
      Many Blessings to come for you, Dear Heart

  2. She no longer wishes to remain in the status quo, so to speak, of her previous life’s tread. No, Dear Hearts, our dearest now wishes to be self determining, as she puts it. And this is to be the case for our dearest; her lifetime quest to be independent, self determining and self reliant has begun…

    I absolutely like the sound of it dear Carolyn….
    It is a sure way to find our inner core and truth: to be free and independent.
    I am starting to learn the tarot cards and their meanings… It is fascinating, by the way. This post resonated with me and reminded me of The High Priestess and the Magician 😀 xx Hugs

  3. Yes, Aquileana, it has certainly been a very interesting ride of late! 🙂
    I have a basic knowledge of Tarot and occasionally, when inspired, I visit this site ~Facade ~ it offers me help when I’m mentally blocked. Though, over the years I’ve discovered, with any divination tool, it will give understandings for the thing most needed, and not always the specific thing you have in mind. Heaps of fun and learning, and especially in regard to understanding ourselves.
    Indeed, Dear Heart; this is true. As our dearest has stated: Beware seeking specifics. Until you have mastered the tool, allow it to be the master; yes indeed.
    Many Blessings, Dear One

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