Bengali Warrior ~ Sharmishtha Basu

Bengali Warrior (Sharmishtha Basu)  (Listen while you read)


Sharmishtha (Trisha) is a warrior of high esteem. Her role is to bring truth to the fore.

Being afraid is not a part of Trisha’s personality; time and experience have moulded her character to one of strength, determination, and grit.

Shall she succeed? Indeed she shall. And what will she succeed in bringing to the fore?

~ Absolute truth and justice ~ is to be her watchword.

Will others allow her truth? Not always; no.

However, Trisha’s personality will garner strength from her adversaries. Not only will she garner strength from her opposition, she will bring their strength to a decline by usurping their power and presenting it to them in a fashion they will not match; no, dear friends.

To her adversaries ~ Know that Trisha will not only utilise your energies for the good, she will also drain you of the energy you may try to use against her.

This is the strength of the Warrior. And what is a Warrior?

Sharmishtha Basu is a Warrior: One whose purpose is to bring truth and justice to the fore.

May we herald Trisha’s courage as she sets about to change the status quo from one of atrophy to one of great reward for the many who shall come to know the Bengali Warrior ~

Sharmishtha Basu


© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

48 thoughts on “Bengali Warrior ~ Sharmishtha Basu

  1. Genie

    👏 Bravo! It’s exactly as you say, I’ve known Trisha for quite a few years now and your channeling was spot on.
    Well done, Carolyn.

    1. Bowing before you, Dear Genie… Thank You; and yes,
      Trisha is a fierce warrior, like you.
      We each have a purpose; each bringing truth and justice to the fore;
      each in our own unique way! ❤

  2. L. M. B.

    Nice Carolyn! … I too liked ( Just ) listening, I was once looking for a good night story I could listen to … and then fall asleep …. apart from music and Children stories … I didn’t find nothing …
    A fantasy full thought … if I may? …
    What it would be worth … to have it as Mom used to tell them …
    ( I never had the chance!)
    My grandchild does now!
    Great post!
    Yours sincerely.

    1. Thank You, Luigi, for your lovely compliment; it’s nice to see you… 🙂
      I used to read to my daughter, particularly at bedtime, when she was little. Yes, I understand. It is a magical time for a child, and a parent, guardian or grandparent.
      We have the opportunity now that we may not have had as little ones…
      Never too late! ❤

      1. L. M. B.

        Never too late…magic words! Death is the final curtain … not a moment before. Thank you for your thoughts and I too am happy to “see you” … one day we will all meet.

  3. Yes you have put it nicely, Carolyn. I know her for quite some time through FB and since I am no writer or poet, as she is no doubt, I have been unable to participate in her adventures, Her latest e-zine for example. I like her poems since she first started. and she can draw too.

    1. My little heart is singing, Trisha…
      You are an amazing individual; and I am truly overjoyed for you!

      A warrior’s life takes effort; though the rewards are great.
      Many rewards for you, Dear Trisha, indeed…

  4. Idealism is phonetic-linguistic-philosophical construct, But yes, it can be used creatively to portray radical inconsistencies and injustices. I admire your zealous spirit. Anand Bose from Kerala.

    1. Thank You for your comment, Anand; and welcome. 🙂
      I would reciprocate by visiting your blog; however, I receive the message ~
      ‘This page can’t be displayed’….
      I shall try again later… 🙂

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