Resa of Queen’s End ~ Ballroom Lux

Resa of ‘Queen’s End’ is a designer extraordinaire. Her talents are vast, as is her heart. Enjoy her creativity…


Resa said:

Did you ever design a magic gown that seemed to light itself?

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Well, this “Art Gown” inspired by Carolyn from ABC of Spirit Talk turned out to do just that.

I love Carolyn’s “Reflections” and she has been a joy to me for almost a year now.

When I realized she enjoys Ballroom Dancing and loves a Waltz, I saw flowing white swans.

After she told me gold was a favorite color, I saw this modern fabric called Liquid Lamé. I decided to combine it with the most delicate of traditional white netting, shimmered and dotted with gold. Would these diametrically opposed fabrics work together?


Visiting Resa’s  ‘Queen’s End’ will be a delight for you. There you will find the most fabulous creations.


38 thoughts on “Resa of Queen’s End ~ Ballroom Lux

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is a great reblog, Carolyn – and fancy being the inspiration 🙂

    Gold is your favourite colour, hey? You know, I never really thought of gold as a colour but, yes, of course, it is. It’s a magic dress.

    1. Indeed, Noeleen; I feel very honoured that Resa has done such a wonderful thing with my dancing as the inspiration… In fact, I’m tickled pink (or should that be ‘gold’)….! 😉

      Yes, gold is my favourite colour. I hadn’t thought of it as a ‘colour’ either until I had a ballroom gown made from a gold coloured fabric. Indeed, it is magic; as you said.

      Since creating her gowns (now 4 in total) she has linked each one to a specific charity organisation… She is one very creative girl….. 🙂

    1. Stunning is a wonderful description, Aina…. Stunning indeed..
      Our Resa deserves all the accolades for being a wonderful designer. I believe it suits ‘the Waltz’ perfectly….. 🙂

  2. Yaz

    This is the comment I left for Resa..’This gown is unbelievably lovely, and I totally understand that you are inspired by Carolyn’s words. I would love to see her in it, dancing, in one of her videos that she puts out.’

    So Carolyn, when you do the video, don’t forget to include your dancing horses and singing dogs! Do you have photos of you in your ballgowns? That would truly be a lovely post. Pleeeeeeez!

      1. Yaz

        I really enjoyed your links, Carolyn, and seeing you actually dance was lovely. Please give us more videos to watch of you dancing. And close-ups of the dresses! So grand!

        1. We shall be competing in the first comp for the year in a few weeks. We are so looking forward to it. We have new routines for our Waltz, Slow-fox, Tango and Quickstep and are madly practicing as much as we can.
          Hopefully I’ll have some pics and maybe a video to post next month… I do so love to dance, Yaz… It transports me to another world, another time…! 🙂

  3. Now we just need the orchestra playing a Strauss waltz – perhaps The Blue Danube. And of course a mirrored ballroom reflecting a million candles – and you in this gorgeous Resa designed gown. Virginia

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