Elvis Presley Reflection

Elvis Presley   (Listen while you read)
Elvis Presley
Promoting Jailhouse Rock 1957
What can be said about a man whose life is on show for all to see? What indeed. There is much known about this personable character who danced with life. Yes, my friends; he ‘danced’ with life. In other words, he didn’t take life seriously. No, he didn’t think that life was worth taking seriously, and this is one of the reasons for his demise. He thought that he could ‘beat the odds’; that he did. He thought that he could ‘get away’ with taking life with a grain of salt; as the saying goes.
Woe betide anyone who does this. For those whose life mission is to become famous, a certain degree of this substance is required in order for them to perform the things that this experience decrees of them. That is right, my friends. For those whose lives are to be ‘on show’ there is a need not to take oneself too seriously; else doom and damnation take hold. However; there is also a degree to which this can become a problem; as indeed it became for this personality.
Too soon – This is chanted quite frequently when a personable character such as Elvis Presley leaves the physical body. Too soon indeed. Were it not for this nonchalant attitude, the saying ‘too soon’ would not be heard as frequently as it is. Yes, my friends; this can also be attributed to many of today’s (and yesterday’s) personalities who grace our entertainment world. Too soon; too soon.
Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

2 thoughts on “Elvis Presley Reflection

  1. Elvis was such a tragic figure in that he was talented, loved and yet died so young (relatively, speaking, anyway–he should still be alive, given a normal male lifespan). No one is immune, but reaching a certain level of success might help someone believe that.

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