Maurice Chevalier Reflection

Maurice Chevalier

Maurice Chevalier
French Actor Singer Entertainer (1888-1972)

Darn, darn and darn again. Why do you constantly repeat the same old things over and over again?

(Yes, Maurice Chevalier was indeed an impatient being. He addressed this issue in a rather obstinate fashion. He would seem to be patient when, inside, he may have been fuming.
There was an air of inconsistency to his personality. He would loathe something one moment, and embrace it the next. He was (at times) rather unsure of his footing, so to speak. Then came the moments when all of those traits would find their way into the background and he would become the epitome of love and all things good and kind.

Yes, my friends, the personality of this well admired man would send many a friend running for cover.

It would appear that this man also loved his friends to the degree of mothering them. His nature was as diverse as the ocean. He would hold those he loved within his mind, as a teacher adoring his pupils. Yes, this man also thought of himself as a wise teacher with the capacity of giving, known only to a few. He was indeed a very generous personality with a bent toward philosophising. He, indeed, had a clairvoyant ability known only to a few. He could ascertain the future success, or otherwise, of adventures, and neatly and methodically plan his path. Indeed, he could do this for others. However, his all too direct manner was (at times) something that meant his all too good intentions went unnoticed; not due to their possible ineptitude. No; they were not accepted (as a rule) because of the abrupt manner in which he delivered them.

It is wise to take note that this man’s personality was indeed a huge one, full of promise, and yet, without tact much of his inner talent for understanding others went unnoticed. A great shame because he had a great deal to offer in this arena.)


 © Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

10 thoughts on “Maurice Chevalier Reflection

    1. Yes Resa, an interesting man, no doubt. I know, from experience, that a personality like this is so ‘full-on’; it can be very difficult to remain yourself whilst in their company. Their personality, being sooooo big, can swamp all others… I’ve yet to do the audio…. I’m not at my usual desk…! 😉

    1. Yes, Jalal, he was certainly unique, as you say. I think I saw most of his movies on the television when I was very young. He was the actor you couldn’t take your eyes off. Very charismatic!

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