Edith Piaf Reflection

Edith Piaf  (The Sparrow)   (Listen while you read) 
Edith Piaf
Edith Piaf – Columbia Posters.
Copyright: Since no non-free image of the poster exists,
having a low-resolution copy of the poster is considered fair usage.
I was a child forsaken. I had no parents. They were cruel. They left me to my own devices. They tormented and abused me. The less said of them, the better.
My life was full of mistakes. It took a million mistakes before I realized that I had to change. My personality was very stubborn. I reached maturity at a very old age. Some would say that I never did. I am/was very critical of myself and of others. I didn’t forgive and forget; more the point, I didn’t forgive and I never did forget.
My personality was raw. I had no friends and not many acquaintances; I didn’t want any and I didn’t look for them. Life was hard. Life was a battle. When you have a heart that is ‘cut off’ from others it is very hard to form relationships. Not saying that I didn’t have relationships; no, I had many a relationship however; I did not have any intimate relationships. No one would have been game enough to do that. I would be like the black widow spider and eat anyone who dared to come too close; including both sexes. I was not afraid of intimate relationships; I just didn’t have need of them. I was enough on my own. In fact; I reveled in my own company. I had no need of someone to be with. They would want my company and I would not want theirs. That was the way it was. That was my life.
Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

9 thoughts on “Edith Piaf Reflection

    1. This was her energy…. I no longer speak to those who have passed over (as I’ve written – my guidance have given me other understandings that we are a ‘consciousness’ only and, as such, we are not a ‘personality’. However, this was her ‘energy’ or her ‘personality’ when her consciousness was experiencing being Edith Piaf…. 😉

    1. Apparently Kim…. Outward success doesn’t always mean inward success..!!
      I was struck by the words – (When you have a heart that is ‘cut off’ from others it is very hard to form relationships.) – How true…!

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