Snake (General) Reflection

Snake   (General)   (Listen while you read)

Snake Picture
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What ya doin’? Time for a change.

Time to let everything go.

Time to begin again.

(How very beautiful are snakes!

Each species has a unique energy however, underneath this energy is a general energy that all snakes (all species) possess.

This energy is the energy of change. Yes, my friends, when we are attracted to the snake world we are being attracted to constant change within our lives; within our minds; within our attitudes; within our hobbies; within our circle of friends; within and within and within goes the energy of constant change. Upgrading; one may say, to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

When we are constantly changing there is a need for us to realise that ‘what we were’ before the change is ‘still with us’; still with us in the sense of ‘energy’; and, this energy needs to be released else it do us harm.

When we release old energies such as old attitudes; old patterns of behaviour; old friends, etc., etc., there comes a need to grieve.

Yes, even when the releasement is for the better there is still a time to grieve. We must allow grieving to occur else we suffer the pain of undiagnosed emotional hurt remaining within us.

Too many of us are burdened with the pain of old energies. They may be stuck in our tummies, our backs, our hearts and indeed, in many a nook and cranny.

Yes, my friends, we each harbour old energies within if we do not recognise that old energies linger, and need to be released.

Yes, constant change is what we shall experience when we are attracted to the snake world.

And, isn’t ‘life’ constant change; if we allow it to be?

Life; constant change; life.

Are we going to allow ourselves to ‘love’ or ‘fear’ change?

Are we going to allow ourselves to release the old energies?

Are we going to ‘live’ life to its full?

These are some of the questions we may care to ask ourselves when we are attracted to the ever changing snake family.)

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

11 thoughts on “Snake (General) Reflection

  1. Reblogged this on Art and all that and commented:
    I really like the way Carolyn writes about animal reflections. It sounds convincing when you read it. Just came across this article of her’s and thought of sharing it with you all 🙂

    P.S. I’m immensely attracted to snakes. They visit my dreams weekly for sure.

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