American Paint Horse Reflection

American Paint Horse   (Listen while you read)

A prancing we will go

A prancing we will go

High Ho the Dairy’o

A prancing we will go.


The farmer takes a wife

The farmer takes a wife

High Ho the Dairy’o

The farmer takes a wife.


And what does it matter if the farmer takes a wife?

It matters only to the farmer.

And this is what the American Paint Horse reminds us.

Allow yourself to be free; free from opinions.

Yes, that’s right. When we are ‘free from opinions’ we allow others the right to be free.

Simple, yes?  Yes, simple.

Too many burden themselves with opinions; opinions that hide their need to be heard and understood.

Indeed, my friends; it is our opinions that ‘give us away’; is it not?

Yes?  No?

Indeed, dear ones; our opinions showcase our knowledge, our lack, our misconceptions.

Were we to allow others the right to do as they wish without offering our opinion; what would be the outcome?

That’s right. The outcome would, in most cases, not change.

The farmer would still ‘take a wife’.

That’s right.

And we would be safe in the confines of our silence.

Carolyn Page  -  ABC of  Spirit Talk

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  1. Dear Carolyn,
    Now that we are in spring mode, it’s hard to feel burdened with opinions or anything! (Although I could say lots about some of the spring outfits people are wearing out there) “lol” :-) Thanks for the Painted Horse reflection, he/she’s a beauty! So are you. xoxo

    • Haha, dear Resa. Yes, Spring has a way of ‘lightening’ our minds, as well as the atmosphere…!
      It (the Paint Horse) is a beauty; I agree. And you too are a beauty, my sweet…
      Have a great weekend.. xoxoxo :)

  2. Whenever I see the beautiful paint horses in their nearby pasture, I will think of your words here about choosing our words and opinions very carefully, including choosing to keep our opinions in “the confines of our silence.” We too often worry about our own freedom, but not enough about others’.

    Thanks for another beautiful reflection!

    • Well said, Catherine… “We too often worry about our own freedom, but not enough about others’.” That is so true, as you say, we seldom consider ‘freedom’ in this manner…
      I love the reflections; they are a great reminder to me too…

  3. I Nominate for you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award
    please accept it and oblige

    • My dear Ajay,
      I am embarrassed by your generosity; I haven’t responded to the many awards I’ve received of late, including yours. Do forgive me; I shall ‘make time’ to do so very soon.
      Thank You again, you are so very sweet, my dear one…

      • no problems dear take your own time

        infact you have accepted the award is more than enough for me

  4. “safe in our silence” is such an oxymoron sometimes. Because sometimes, silence is violence, silence is no voice — lol — it’s spring. You’ve got my mind a wondering with your beautiful words and photo and voice.


    • I understand completely what you mean, Louise… “sometimes, silence is violence, silence is no voice.”
      This little reflection is not to be confused with the personality that is unable to speak its truth due to a lack of confidence or self esteem… Sometimes I rejoice when this personality type screams an opinion at the top of their voice; it can mean they are ‘finding themselves’, and will modify their behaviour as they grow and mature….
      The reflection is directed to the masses in general… I believe that Catherine said it best, so I’ll quote from her comment above -
      “Whenever I see the beautiful paint horses in their nearby pasture, I will think of your words here about choosing our words and opinions very carefully, including choosing to keep our opinions in “the confines of our silence.” We too often worry about our own freedom, but not enough about others’.”
      I believe she summed it up so very well, Louise… I couldn’t say it any better… :)

  5. Been a long time since I “pranced!” but enjoyed prancing through this post. All smiles … just lovely. Much enamoured of horses in general and Paints and Arabs most especially.

    • Haha, Jamie… So happy to enable a little ‘prancing’; such fun..!
      They are incredible creatures; such elegance and beauty.
      I love your visits. Here’s hoping you are well…

      • In the lightness of my response, I did not mean to ignore the valuable message here. Be well, Carolyn, and happy weekend.

        • ‘Lightness’ is a wonderful commodity, Jamie, which I’m happy to accept regardless of topic.. ;)
          In truth, your comment was taken in the sincerity of your nature; wholesome and well meaning – which is one reason why I enjoy your visits so much.
          And to you – a happy weekend… ;)

  6. Hi Carolyn, Understand what you mean in this post. We form our opinions based on what happens in our acquaintances’ lives. But agree that it is not okay to impose them on anybody or undermine the other point of view. In some issues, there is no right or wrong. To each his own. And a beautiful pic of the horse:)

  7. that’s one personality! truly enviable!

  8. Quite right – often holding your tongue is much better than voicing an opinion.
    At least until after you’ve Google’d it ;-)

  9. Absolutely! Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking and lovely post! :)

  10. You know what they say about opinions. . . .we all have one. Whether wrong or right we’re all entitled to our own opinion. But you’re right who really cares. Good opinion you shared here. :-)

  11. I tried hard to stay neutral, to stay free, to stay safe inside my Cone Of Silence– I really did!! But I can’t help it– an opinion is forming!! It’s bursting thru!! And that opinion is… you are a dear, sensitive soul with a unique prose style. You, yes you, Carolyn Page– you are unique!!

    I, uh… hope you didn’t mind my sharing that… : )

    • Nope; don’t mind that one, Mark; that’s one opinion I’ll treasure forever; to be sure…! ;)

      And you, my dear, dear Mark; are thought of in much the same way, indeed… You are one heck of a unique and sweet, clever and valued man of grit and determination (which showcases in your inimitable humourous style ‘with punch’) whose posts I hold in the highest of esteem.

      Now, what was that reflection saying..!?! ;) Somehow, I think we are both ‘safe’.. ;)

  12. I love the way you write your thoughts !! Nice blog.
    Please do check me at

  1. Super Sweet Blogging Award – 3 Nominations | Ajaytao 2010

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