Friday Fictioneers – One More Story

Friday Fictioneers:   Every Wednesday, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts a photo prompt. The rules include maintaining (as near as possible) a 100 word fictional piece pertaining to the image. For more information, and to share your writings please use this link.


Copyright - Kent Bonham

Copyright – Kent Bonham

Looking up, she was reminded of fairy tales.

They’d had a certain twinge of doubt as they stood admiring the structure before them.

She couldn’t help but see Rapunzel offering her locks.

He implied the meeting had to take place on the morrow.

She engaged in magical moments of youth.

He admonished her for not listening.

She reminisced of a time long, long ago.

He drove his point forward with a resounding implosion of anger. “Tomorrow, it must be tomorrow.”

She revelled in moonlit nights, and mother’s voice.

He stormed off, unaware.

She lingered, hoping for yet one more story.

Carolyn Page

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  1. Wow !
    It is an unusual ? hotel? Almost like those of Gaudy in Barcelona. Except this is not gaudy :)

  2. Great story, Carolyn! The balconies look like masks, very impressive building :)

    • I’ve been reading a number of other ‘Friday Fictioneers’, and the variety is quite mind blowing. It is so interesting that we all see something so different from the next…
      I take your point about the balconies- They would be just the thing for a masked ball…. ;)

  3. Wow! Looks like gaudi

  4. I don’t think they’re compatible, at all. Great take on the prompt.

  5. Strange mismatch of characters. Good tension between the two worldviews. You can see a young woman married off to a sterner older man, maybe an arranged marriage. Or a scrooge-like story, where time had changed him, but not her. Gives the sense that she’s increasingly disconnected from her unpleasant life, and finds refuge in fantasy.

    • I love your take on the story; your imagination is just what it needs…!
      Thank You so much for a delightful comment..! :)

  6. Dear Carolyn,
    Nothing like a good fantasy. Nice take on the prompt.

  7. I like this back and forth from the woman and man’s perspectives. I can see how the Gaudi building would inspire thoughts of fairy tales… and then you can get lost in those thoughts.

    • That’s how I saw it, too… getting lost in thought…!
      Well said… Thank You so much for your visit… :)

  8. I liked this a lot. The two very different personalities clearly outlined.

    • Thank You; I’m so pleased you find them ‘clear’.
      And Thank You for dropping by and commenting.. Very appreciated.. :)

  9. Interesting approach to this Carolyn. It is so interesting to see the different perspectives on the same image. :)

    • It is LuAnn, very interesting….!
      I’m really enjoying doing these for that reason (well, that’s one reason anyway).
      I really enjoy seeing the difference. Everyone’s imagination is so unique… :)

  10. I love architecture and buildings….. this one is incredible. Your interpretation is so original with two perspectives. :)

  11. I definitely don’t see this relationship going anywhere. They’re too different. Nice take on the picture!


  12. liked ur take on the story :)

  13. That’s a cool building! I’d live there! :) Great story, btw! You are a talented woman!!

    • Isn’t it cool; indeed. I’m absolutely fascinated by it. :)
      Good to see you, and Thank You for your kind words… :)

  14. This is beautifully crafted Carolyn. I especially love “She revelled in moonlit nights, and mother’s voice.” :D

    • Thank You, Linda… When my daughter was young I read to her at bedtime. I can recall how wonderful that was (as a mother). My daughter now has wonderful memories of our togetherness, tinged with memories of my voice…. It seemed to ‘find its way’ into my little story… ;)

  15. They have some serious compatibility issues!
    She is like Alice in wonderland and he like some random lead character of any of those urban novels. Worlds apart!
    Interesting take on the prompt

  16. I enjoyed reading your words. Several different levels here, I believe. All presented in a manner that gives the reader food for thought! Nicely done!

  17. That is such a magnificent building!
    I can see myself dreaming up all kinds of stories as I stand there ;-)

  18. Ohh, good for her! ♥ The soul needs to be fed time to time, and beautiful memories are very tasty. Anyway, tomorrow’s not here yet, there’s time for 1 more story and to make the meeting! “lol” Thanks for the “fiction”. It’s as wonderful as always. ;-) xoxo

    • Haha, Resa; indeed there’s always time for ‘one more story’, especially when we are young and sleep beckons….! xoxoxo :)

  19. It looks like he was trying to say something important.. but she is lost in her fantasy world. Really enjoyed reading this, Carolyn:)

  20. A really enjoyable take on this. Thanks for the story! :)

  21. Wow, this gal is really living in a fantasy world!

  22. Isn’t it strange, how buried we can become in our own thought, with no pre-planning, no intent, and only one little (or rather large) thing being required to spark the whole thing off?

    • Guilty as charged..!
      Yes, I can be taken into ‘reverie’ by so many things; a wonderful sunset, a child enjoying a toy, the stillness of mountains. Indeed, life holds so many wonderful moments, if we can be still enough to see and hear them.
      Thank You for such a wonderful comment, and for visiting…!

  23. I think the man is missing out on the good things in life. The woman: living right in the happy spot where something beautiful can take her to a faraway place. It’s cool that even his sour mood cannot muck up her happy visions.

    • Your insight is powerful indeed.! Perhaps he needs a little of her ability to see and feel the beauty in everyday moments, and ‘slow down’ somewhat.
      As I was writing this piece, I felt inspired to give her personality the ability of becoming engrossed in her own thought processes (both present and past) as a way to remain ‘untouched’ by his agitations and lack of stillness….
      Thank You for visiting, and for leaving your very appreciated comment…

  24. That’s a very interesting look at a real disconnect of thought processes. I’m sure if we could see into people’s minds, it wouldn’t be that uncommon. :)

    • To be sure, David… There are always very ‘real’ reasons for any behaviour. The trick is not to be fooled by them… Now there’s a challenge… :)

  25. Sometimes relationships are doomed… this just might be such a case.

  26. How apropos – One More ‘Story’… I kept thinking that with her own imagination the building did indeed get taller as it beamed delightfully with her imagination and rewarded her with her mother’s comforting voice. And the man…What man…for in the end neither cared for his selfish rigid demanding…

    Thank you for your visit. It is delightful to see the many directions we all take.

    • I love your connection – ‘Story’, and the building seemingly getter taller; very clever and appropriate…
      Yes, I agree… I really enjoy reading the FF stories; particularly this week’s; there has been such a variance of thought…
      Thank You for your comment, and your visit. It’s been a pleasure to connect…

  27. kdillmanjones

     /  May 5, 2013

    So well written! I felt drawn into it lyrically. I love the line about magical moments of youth.

    • Thank You… I love your description – ‘lyrically’ – very appreciated.!
      You made the comment (on your reply to my comment on your post) that you were interested to read other’s interpretations of this fascinating building (I’d commented I thought yours was indeed ‘fascinating’. I don’t think either of us have been disappointed. The responses have been marvelously varied and colourful… :)

  28. Nicely poetic Carolyn.

  29. Original and leaves the reader with questions, love the characters revealing small parts of themselves. Will you write more?

    • Thank You so much; I love being ‘left with questions’ too…!
      About writing more..! No, probably not, and yet you never know what is going to ‘tickle your fancy’, so one should never say ‘never’…. ;) ;)

  30. kz

     /  May 6, 2013

    this take is certainly unique, the story very real for some. it really says so much. one has the inability to see reality, while one has the inability to enjoy fantasy :) well done ^^

    • Thank You, kz… Yes, sadly it is a reflection of reality for some… There is a little of me in there, back when I was an unassertive captive in a very bad relationship… Yikes, hard to believe these days…. ;)

  31. She did the right thing– the guy was clearly a loser!! : P

    • Haha, Mark..! ;) Your opinion means the world to me. If you say so, then it is a definite; I’d certainly put money on it..! :)


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