Pixie-Bob Reflection

Pixie-Bob Reflection   (Listen while you read)  

What would you like to know about the impeccable Pixie-Bob?

Would you like to know it has a twinkle in its eye and a stride to its step?

Would you like to know that whomsoever enjoys the company of the Pixie-Bob is in for more treats than meet the eye.

Indeed, dear friends. We would like to introduce you to the ‘now’ famous Pixie-Bob; a delight in a box.

Not a four sided box; oh no, dear friends. Not four sides with a top and a bottom. Oh no, dear friends. The box of which we speak is one that holds a myriad forms. It has many sides, many tops and many bottoms.

You would do well, my friends, to understand the gravity of this box. It will hold all your dreams, should you allow. It will succour your dearest intentions; if you will but trust. It will cherish you as a mother cherishes her babe.

Indeed, my friends. Do not take lightly the qualities of the Pixie-Bob. To do so, would be folly, dear hearts.

Indeed, the Pixie-Bob has another quality possessed by few.

And what is that, pray tell?

The quality possessed by few, my friends, is the ability to appreciate love, generosity and warmth of nature in those with whom it dwells. For you see, dear ones; only those with these qualities has the ability to attract the very sincere, the very intelligent, the very warm of heart; Pixie-Bob.

Carolyn Page  -  ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. Fascinating, Carolyn. I had to Google this cat to see if it really was from the bobcat family, and it is. They are beautiful cats, and it’s nice to know more about them.

    • Maddie, I have just been introduced to them myself this day by Ned, (Gigoid)
      who is minding a Pixie-Bob for his daughter; sadly, he must part with her soon.
      I was so intrigued, having not heard of this cat I immediately googled to find out if it actually existed. I was then inspired to do the reflection.
      What a wonderful cat…! I now want one…! :)

  2. Your beautiful kitties and your wonderful praise of them is great. As always I enjoyed reading.

    • Thank You, Kim… They really are wonderful cats. I enjoyed doing the reflection so much. As I mentioned to Maddie; I want one….! :)

  3. There is something about a kitten……

    • There sure is..! :)
      They melt my heart… I was really surprised by this reflection. They are such a ‘strong’ looking breed, and yet they are so soft and gentle… Quite adorable… :)

      • I would love a kitten but we have 4 dogs and I would fear for kitten’s life.My dogs are nor used to cats, in fact they are not even used to other dogs, if they see through their hole in the wall people walking dogs they really make a noise. :)

  4. loved them! they look adorable!

  5. I must confess, Carolyn, that cats give me the heebies a little. Kittens are cute, but for some reason I just don’t relate to their moms and dads!

    • We’ll have to discover/invent one that remains a kitty forever; just for you, Yaz…! ;) ;)
      Come to think of it; I think I’d want one too…! :)

  6. Lovely!!

  7. Carolyn…. very excellent…. I only discovered the breed a few years ago when I was living with a woman who got one from a shelter as a kitten…. He (Tony) was much like Sadie in his behaviors, though without the Siamese input… He was a big cat, about 16 lbs. and I trained him to sit, speak, for his treats, and to come inside when I called him, not a usual skill for a cat… They’re great cats, for sure, great company and great personality… Loved the reflection…. :-D

    • Sounds fabulous, Ned… I know I’d adore this one..!
      I’d love to ‘train’ a cat; and this one loves the sociability aspect of human contact. It seems incongruous for a cat of its heritage (partly Bobcat) to have these traits, and yet it has… I’m definitely intrigued. ;)
      Have a good one, Ned… xoxoxo :)

  8. My cats are literally life savers to me. They eat the mice that the snakes like to eat. That means they are life savers, because if I see a snake, I am as good as dead. I LOVE my cats, especially my black fluffy female cat named Coal. She is the best mouse catcher in the world. Though food is out for her in the barn she refuses to eat it. For her a live mouse is a great meal. I am grateful to her.

    • My goodness, good for Coal; a life saver indeed…!
      Here’s hoping that Coal continues to enjoy her morsels that protect you. This is nature at its best; one species looking after another, and the circle of life continues…
      What a great story…! :)

  9. I love the Pixie Bob!! Oh Carolyn where did you find these gorgeous all appealing pussy cats? I never heard of them. They’re soooo cute! Thank you, as always for an amazing reflection. – xoxoxo

    • Neither had I, Resa, until I read Ned’s post yesterday….
      He is looking after his daughter’s cat, Sadie, and sadly must part with her soon… He is totally smitten by her, and no wonder. What a delightful cat.!!!

      I was inspired to do the reflection, which is quite extraordinary because I generally must have a ‘request’ for an animal/plant, etc., before being given the understanding to proceed… I’m so pleased I was inspired, because this cat has really touched me with its softness, gentle nature, with great intelligence and sociability…. I just love it..!
      xoxoxo :)

  10. a fine post, Carolyn. To appreciate the finer qualities of people living with us is indeed very important. Adorable cats:)

  11. Wow beautiful moggies xxx

  12. beautiful image and your thoughts on this sure made me smile…

    • It is a gorgeous image. I found it in ‘Wikipedia’ and cropped it a little to show more of their sweet little faces… ;)
      So happy to ‘make you smile’… They are such precious little creatures..! :)

  13. oh, Carolyn!
    “…the ability to appreciate love, generosity and warmth of nature in those with whom it dwells. For you see, dear ones; only those with these qualities has the ability to attract the very sincere, the very intelligent, the very warm of heart…”

    It is so true. You attract those who seek what you have to give and those who are capable of understanding of what they receive.

    As always, you just sweep me off my feet with your words and reach as deep as one can reach

    • “As always, you just sweep me off my feet with your words and reach as deep as one can reach.”

      That’s ’cause you are one of those of whom you speak, my dear Dace..! “You attract those who seek what you have to give and those who are capable of understanding of what they receive.”

      I’m so glad there is you….! xoxoxo :)

  14. beautiful…eager to know more about them! :-)

  15. Thank you for enlightening me, Carolyn – again!

    • This one’s a beauty, my dear Hook… I’m seriously thinking – when my Sweetie Dog leaves for that big holiday in the sky – there very well may be a Pixie-Bob taking up residence… ;)

  16. I had never heard of the Pixie-Bob either before this post. What a beautiful creature! :)

    • Isn’t it, LuAnn… Apparently he is quite large (being part Bob-cat); about 1/3 larger than the average large domestic cat. I can’t now however, if it’s in my cards I’d love to have one at some future time… I’m definitely smitten…! :)

  17. WordsFallFromMyEyes

     /  April 13, 2013

    Gorgeous, and as usual I love your reading. Great, Carolyn :) Now-famous indeed!

  18. Gorgeous, tough cats. Love the picture and your reflection :)

    • Yes, I believe they are gorgeous and tough, but with a heart of pure gold… ;)
      Good to see you up and feeling better…. :)

  19. thank you for this lovely post…
    take care


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